Sharing is Caring! Best Vibrators for Couples

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Sharing is Caring! Best Vibrators for Couples


We truly hope that the person who coined the phrase we’re about to share isn’t reading this, but we REALLY hate the term ‘spice up your sex life.’ First of all, it makes no literary sense. ‘Hey folks, sprinkle a little marjoram and thyme on your sex and all your boring bedroom problems will be solved!’ We get it; it’s a cutesy way to encourage people to be more adventurous in bed, and we 100% support that sentiment (obviously!). But here’s the thing. Having a well-meaning someone telling you that you need to ‘spice up your sex life’ implies that your sex life is bland, and that could be completely untrue! Okay, maybe things have become a tiny bit predictable and you are, in fact, looking to add some metaphorical flavor (read on for some actual flavors!), but we still do not recommend adding spice – especially not cayenne, because it’ll burn! Maybe, though, your sex life is grand and you just want to make a great thing even better. Maybe you’d like to try something new together, perhaps a sex toy? In which case, hi! We know some stuff about that particular topic!

In this edition of the PinkCherry blog, we’re going to be talking about some of the best vibrating sex toys for couples. We’ll give you some options and a few tips on how to choose your first or next vibrating toy to share. Sound good? Great!

We want to start off by letting you know that there aren’t a whole lot of adult toys that can’t be used with a partner. A vibrator can most definitely be used by two – just hand it off to your object of desire, or use it to stimulate them. The right dildo (vibrating or otherwise) can be used with a harness to penetrate (pegging, anyone?) a playmate, or you or your partner can simply control it manually. As for the masturbator - or stroker, if you prefer - that’s easy. The perfect stroker can give your hand a break, or add extra stimulation during oral sex. That being said, certain vibrating sex toys were specifically designed to enjoy with a sexual partner, and those toys are first up on our list.


Vibrating Cock Rings

The vibrating cock ring will be stop #1 on our toy tour. A cock ring is already a couple’s toy if you think about it. Designed to help support and enhance erection, a cock ring constricts the base of the penis to prevent boner-building blood from leaving too soon. A harder erection is a win for both of you, but a vibrating cock doubles down on shared pleasure. Sometimes removable but sometimes built-in, the vibrator portion of a vibrating cock ring can sit above, below, or above and below the ring. As the ring works at keeping the penis hard, the vibrator(s) buzz and throb in the path of a partner’s outer sweet spots – think clitoris, perineum, or outer anal area. Of course, the wearer will be able to feel vibration, too. Some vibrating cock rings are remote controlled, others manual, some are firmer silicone and others a stretchier ABS Plastic. Regardless of specific features or materials, the vibrating cock ring is a perfect sex toy for couples. Beginners may want to start out with a simpler version, like the Duo-Vibrating Super Ring, and partners with a little cock ring experience under the belt can try out our We-Vibe’s Ring. 


We-Vibe & Remote Vibrators for Couples

Speaking of the We-Vibe (look how nicely that worked out!), it’s the second perfect vibrators for couples toy we’re going to look at. Born in 2008, the original We-Vibe was created by husband and wife Bruce and Melody Murison. Their vision was to provide (vagina and penis owning) couples with a vibrator that could be worn during sex, letting both partners reap the benefit of vibration. Shaped into a ‘U’ curve, the first We-Vibe (and those that came after) featured two vibrating ends. One curved up to nestle against the g-spot when inserted, while the other snuggled over the clitoris. Here’s the genius part though: the insertable side was sleek enough to allow a partner’s penis (or dildo) to move and thrust alongside it during sex. The We-Vibe was a hit from day one, and there are now several variations to choose from. The most notable addition to the original would probably be the We-Connect app. Made for use with certain We-Vibe models, the mobile We-Connect app lets partners control the We-Vibe using Bluetooth and WiFi. Partners can be miles (even countries) apart and still play together. Yes, there’s a webcam option!

Of course, the We-Vibe isn’t the only remote controlled vibrator available, there are many. Any remote controlled vibrator is a perfect sex toy for couples to share, just hand the remote off to your mate and have them activate or vary vibration whenever the mood should strike. A wearable remote vibe, for instance, could be a lot of fun on a night out. Let’s set the scene! You’re at a dinner party or maybe the movies. Under your favorite dress or jeans, you’ve got on a pair of vibrating panties. Scandalous! Slip the remote into your date’s hand and whisper its purpose into their ear. Fair warning: this tactic could possibly cut date night short because you both might be a bit distracted! Our Wearable Butterfly is another great remote option, with mobile app connection!


The Best Lubes for Couples

Okay, so it’s not technically a sex toy, but a good slippery lubricant can be the perfect accessory to a vibrator for couples. Lube eliminates friction, makes for smoother penetration and helps support, enhance or take over completely for the body’s natural lubrication. Lube is EXTREMELY important if you’re going to be getting into any anal play, and this goes for pegging toys, plugs, beads, fingers – penetration of any kind. We always recommend a great water-based formula as a go-to; water-based lubes are compatible with all toy materials and condoms. Oh! We mentioned flavors in our opening paragraph, after a spicy little anecdote about cayenne. This was a reference to flavored lube, which we’ll segue into now! We want to say, first off, that flavored lubes have come a very long way from the fake cherry and artificial banana versions of the past. These days, you can drizzle some Watermelon or Mint lips flavored deliciousness over a playmate to sweeten sex – oral or otherwise.


Finding Sex Toys for You and Your Partner

So, you’ve done your research. You’ve read all about our top vibrators for couples recommendations and maybe you’ve headed over to the PinkCherry site and done a bit of browsing. Perfect! You’ve probably got a vibrator or three in mind by now, but if not, that’s what we’re here for! From thrusting vibrators to BDSM toys, we’ve got a whole section of our site dedicated to making your choice easier. Our Sex Toys for Couples category contains the best of the best, top rated, most user-friendly toys and tools for sharing. Along with the vibrating toys we’ve talked about already, you’ll be able to find brand new and totally innovative The Ultimate Lover Couples Vibe (one of the most versatile adult toys we’ve ever seen), classic favorites like our PinkCherry Hide My Vibe Bullet Vibe and strap-on must-haves like the Strap-On and Silicone Dildo Kit and Strapless Strap-On. If this will be your very first shared toy, we highly recommend the classic bullet. Bullet vibes are tiny and non-threatening, they won’t get in the way of anything, and they can add just a little extra something to foreplay and sex. If you and your playmate like what the bullet does for you, you can use it as a building block to a fully stocked sex toy collection!


One Last Recommendation

We wanted to end this edition of the PinkCherry blog with a bang (yup, pun intended!), so we saved a really good one for last. May we introduce the Clone-A-Willy? This much-loved molding kit lets you and a penis-owning partner make an exact replica of said penis. The true-to-life result can be used as a vibrator or just some sexy décor! We’ve fielded more than a few concerns from customers who are worried about their partner’s reaction to a vibrator in the bedroom. Some are concerned that a partner may think that their penis isn’t satisfying or enjoyable enough. For anyone stressing about the same thing, the Clone-A-Willy is perfect, plus, it’s a fun and super-sexy activity for a rainy day!

So, there you have it. Whether you’re planning on molding your favorite penis into a vibrator, cuffing up a playmate, strapping one on, or getting ready for some shared We-Vibe time, when you’re getting ready to introduce the very first toy to the bedroom or adding something new to your collection, we’re happy to help you and your partner along your sexy merry way. As always, we wish you safe and happy playtimes!

XO, PinkCherry



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Written By: Melanie Pollock

Melanie Pollock is a writer, photographer, researcher and long-time content contributor to PinkCherry. She’s been involved in the adult toy industry for over fifteen years, but her passion for all things sexually positive, inclusive and accesible goes back much further than that. Thanks to a background in journalism, getting to the truth of the matter is always a top priority for her.