Black Furry Hand Cuffs

Based On 100 Reviews

Black Furry Hand Cuffs

Based On 100 Reviews


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Cute and Amazing (Anonymous)

I love these, i bought them on my last order and I love how strong they are.

moveslikeswagger (Anonymous)

solid and well made - will bring many hours of fun ;)

Nice!!! (Patricia)

Love these cuffs.

They are so much more comfortable with the fur.

Great for a fun-filled evening!

Product description

pack helps the environment

To save on packaging, this product does not include a box.

A beautiful set of classic cuffs suitable for all levels of rapturous bondage experience, the fur-lined cuffs, despite their soft, delicately fuzzy surface, are certainly sturdy and wonderfully escape-proof, setting the scene for literally hundreds of possible trussed-up fantasies.

Completely adjustable, the core metal clicks easily into place as the cuffs are positioned around the wrists (or ankles), a key lock them into place (two included), though there's a safety catch on the side, just in case. The soft faux fur cushions the skin comfortably while a short chain connector keeps hands or legs under complete control- the chain also works as a support for any bondage gear you may already own, as most tethers, ropes, bed restrains and otherwise will be able to be attached or knotted through.

*In plastic eco-pack. Box not included.

SKU: SS-000654 | UPC: 646709000653 | MPN: PB0065 (290)

SKU: SS-000654 | UPC: 646709000653 | MPN: PB0065 (290)

Ratings / Reviews

awsome (Anonymous)

they are nice sturdy and comfortable i love having them used on me but they are just a little tight on my partner but he also does have larger wrists than i do so maybe but the werent to the point where he was uncomfortable in them so thats good

more than worth it (Anonymous)

Ordered 2 pairs since they were one sale. Very fun!

Hand cuffs (Anonymous)

So much fun !

cute! (Anonymous)

They're cute and feel quite solid. I don't think they'd break easily.

Spices things up (Anonymous)

Very easy way to spice up the same old routine

Inexpensive but Nice (Anonymous)

These are a great little set of handcuffs. The fur can be removed if you want the regular feel of handcuffs. It comes with keys but does have a safety release. These are a bit small and not made to be extremely strong. Best for beginners or people just testing the waters to see if they are interested.

good intro (Anonymous)

Very good affordable piece for someone just staring out.

Great fun (Amy)

Solid! A bit snug, so we cannot tighten them all the way. But great fun for the bedroom and exploring fantasies.

cuddly! (jensen)

very nice, strong, and comfy!

Good (Anonymous)

Very comfortable and love how you don’t need to worry about losing the keys

Not the best, but not the worst. (Kylie)

While these handcuffs seem to pretty good quality, I found they caused more pain than anything else for me. I knew I wouldn't like just plain metal handcuffs so went for the fury ones in hopes they'd be a little more comfy. They certainly aren't the worst in the world, but they're definitely not something we use often! I have pretty boney wrists so everytime they rubbed the wrong way on my wrist bone I felt a sharp pain. As long as they aren't rubbing on the bone though, they're great!

Ok!!! (Coco)

The handcuffs are on the small size and can hurt at times. Not my favorite, must have small wrists.

Pretty good (Anonymous)

Not a fan of how easy the release is, but my girlfriend likes them and wants to use them again tonight!

Cute (Brie)

They are a fun addition with easy release. The fur is merely decorative & not soft.

Fur handcuffs (Rick)

Added some kink to our sex life

Hot (Anonymous)

Perfect pair of cuffs to spice things up a little.

Great (Chantal)

I have bigger wrist than normal so they're a little snug but other than that they do there job

Awesome (Anonymous)

I love how soft they are, great for starting out

Excellent for the price! (Anonymous)

For the price these handcuffs are great, we have been experimenting with light bondage in the bedroom and these compliment our black satin blindfold perfectly

Love (Anonymous)

Brought all sorts of fun to the bedroom

Pretty good (Mathieu)

The price and the quality of the product make it very awesome

Simple comme il faut (Anonymous)

Ces menottes sont simples mais cela est parfait pour son utilisation

Standard (Anonymous)

Standard and basic. Love These!!

FUN (Anonymous)

fun and cozy.

Great product (Mackenzie)

Super soft and very durable

Adjustable (Anonymous)

Thought seemed pretty small but they're adjustable!

Adorable and Comfortable (Happy Kitty)

Definitely recomended for people who hurt themselves with the metal cuffs, and for beginners. Cute and functional.

Super cute (Anonymous)

These are so cute, comes with little keys. Very comfortable for beginners. The fur sleeve is easily removed if you like to really feel them.

Quality price is good! (Vee)

Good quality price!
Does the job but a little bit toi easy to get uncuffed.

Good (Robyn)

Good product. Keys don't do anything really but not too easy to get out of. Also not impossible. And the fur is super soft