Best Sex Toys for Trans Men

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Best Sex Toys for Trans Men


If you’re looking for somebody to love, and today YOU are that somebody, you’ve come to the right place. 

First off, we recognize that the trans sex toy shopping experience can be a challenge. And, it can be even more anxiety-inducing for those with dysphoria. The bottom line is this:  you need to be able to comfortably shop for toys that do the trick for you and your body.

For more on this, I say all praise be to Buck Angel, an FTM trans activist, sex toy creator, speaker, and innovator. Angel explains that some trans folx have a disconnect with their genitals, which can translate into a disconnect with sex. When taking hormones, genitals change, and Angel’s clitoris grew to about the size of a thumb, making finding toys that fit the trans experience a challenge. “A trans man may choose not to take hormones, so they do not have growth, and some [Gender Non-Conforming] people can go either way,” Angel noted in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

With that in mind, let’s see what we have that can help anybody achieve that “I love myself”  kind of self-love they write songs about. 

PinkCherry has what you need for trans-affirming, self-love, and playmate toys that will make you and your partner feel sexy and seen. Whether you are pre-op, post-op, taking hormones, or not, you’ll find something here to take you to the limit. 

Let’s start this off right: with two big caveats. First: I am a cisgender, queer woman, and I’ve done the research, have an active imagination, and a love of sex toys. Second: historically, the sex toy industry has used (and still sometimes uses) binary and cisgender language. Some brands have seen the light, but until all do, let’s not let wording stop us from using these gadgets and gizmos to our erotic advantage, shall we?

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a sundry of scintillating suggestions that we hope will tickle your fancy, and help you live out that fantasy with your favorite lover, or with you, yourself. If nothing else, let’s help you help yourself to some mind-bending orgasms.  

A Sexy smorgasborgasm 

Multi-use vibrators with double-ended action and plenty of flexibility can take hold of your parts in some very inventive ways and offer a joy for all in one toy. With vibrating stems, and supple designs, think of using the more pliable parts to wrap around you like a phallus ring. With vibrating action on two ends, you can give yourself or your lover(s) a little anal play, clitoral stimulation, rumble for your frenulum, perineum, prostate — use your imagination. Some models offer enough resistance to clamp on to you or your partner in play’s nipples, scrotum, perineum, or clitoris. There are models with separately controlled motors — stem and both ends — offering you and your partner(s) and all your parts varying degrees of vibrations. Other multi-vibrators are designed with more than fourteen ways to please; we invite you to challenge yourself and find numbers fifteen, sixteen, and three hundred.

Damn, vibrating stroker, you’re a genius

Certain strokers (otherwise known as masturbators) have the vibes to get you going no matter where, when, why, with whom, or with what parts.

Long hailed as one of the best sex toys for men and people with penises, vibrating strokers come in many play-ready forms that can work for any body.

One of the first you’ll see here is the Guybrator. Yes, the name may have you rolling your eyes in disapproval, but please don’t discount this multifaceted, multi-orgasm inducing piece of equipment that will have you rolling your eyes in sublime self-loving bliss. 

New York-based sex educator, Lisa Finn told the DailyDot, stroker-style toys can rely on vibration, and some, like the Guybrator, also use an oscillating ‘PulsePlate’ to target hot spots, and can be used while being held in place or while stroking with the toy. As an added bonus, the Guybrator vibrates on the outside, so it can provide external stimulation to someone who may want to sit on it solo or while it’s being used on a shaft.

Did you say put a ring on it?

Cock rings have come a long way, and with an adjustable ring to fit any thing-a-ling, you’re in for some fun. According to Angel, if you’re working with some bottom growth, a ring that will adjust for your thrust is just the thing. You can wrap an adjustable strap around just about any piece of genitalia. Any design that’s easily adjustable is perfect for loving yourself or having a friend join in. 

Then, there are rings made for so many occasions, you just want to celebrate yourself and your partner. All. The. Time. 

Hands-free is always an option

If you’re looking for a piece that fits you and your partner, then the strapless strap-on dildo could be just right. These designs are delicious and offer the wearer good vibrations and pulsations that go with your natural rhythm and flow, all the while being held in place with pelvic floor muscles. Tips that tilt up will have your partner screaming, “that’s the spot!” as you target their g-spot or prostate. All shapes and sizes are represented in our inventory, including some with textured bases for some grinding fun.

Stim-you-late yourself

If you’re looking for the good kind of suck, you’ll find what you seek in the sleek designs of air pulse stimulators. Don’t let the technical name turn you away, these pocket-portable pulse stimulators replicate throbbing and undulating sucking motion. 

These types of toys are somewhat new to the sex toy game, but they’ve already racked up quite the reputation as a versatile way to stimulate external erogenous zones of all sorts. Bottom line: these spectacular suction-eque devices can seriously hit the spot. 

What’s that up your sleeve?

For those with an abundance of healthy trans masculinity, may we introduce the masturbation sleeve. Some of these fun cock socks come with bullet vibes to help you  play with any pleasure centre, offer additional inches, with a textured stimulator sheath, and some that cinch in around yours or your partner’s shaft. After HRT or post-op for a neo-penis, there are ch-ch-ch changes. You’ll want to experiment. Why not cozy up with a piece for your piece and find some mind-melting post-orgasmic peace.

Lube me up, buttercup

Whatever you’re working with, playing Han Solo or with the entire Rebellion, you will want something to keep things running smoothly. Angel explains that FTM trans folks taking hormones often experience dryness, while can kill the mood if penetration is in play. In either case, we recommend finding a trusty high quality lubricant, or even a lube and injector set so you’ll be well prepared.

BUTT wait, there’s more

The great thing about butts is that everyone has one. This makes anal play the kind of inclusive act that we can all join in on. Let’s look at some butt plugs for some funsies between your bunsies. Whether you’re looking for some stretch to get you there or just something to stretch your imagination, we have what you need. From a medical grade stainless steel butt plug that’s anatomically designed, to a more colorful My Little Pony or Brony inspired experience, you will find the perfect toy to bring you anal joy here.

Well folks, that winds up our look at some of the best sex toys for trans men. Once again, we want to emphasize ‘some of’! There’s no pleasure magic bullet (we do love our bullet vibes, though) that’ll feel good for everyone, so when it comes to sex toys, be open to experimentation and exploration. You never know what might be just around the corner, orgasm-wise.

Looking for some great info about the best sex toys for trans women? Or maybe the best discreet sex toys for men and people with penises? Check out our linked blogs on those very topics! 


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