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6 Exciting Benefits of Butt Plugs | PinkCherry


As the years go by, much of the stigma surrounding butt stuff (and the people who enjoy anal play) has been slowly evaporating. We say, it’s about time! Fact is, there are some seriously pleasurable benefits to anal play, and people of all genders, orientations and identifications use butt plugs to reap those sexy benefits. With more and more types of butt plugs and other booty toys appearing on the market, maybe you’re wondering if you should give a butt plug a try? 

Today we’re giving you the low-down on six exciting benefits of an anal plug. Have a read through our list! You might just find yourself yearning for a backdoor adventure of your own.


1. Offers A New Sensation

Okay, the best answer to the question of why use a butt plug? is simple. For many people, it feels really good!  

Anal stimulation feels much different than most types of vaginal and penile stimulation. The sensation, especially if you’re new to it, can feel incredibly intense. There are tons of nerve endings in and around the anus, and for most people, the entire area is very sensitive. Even the lightest touch can cause a toe-curling jolt of pleasure. 

When it comes to anal penetration, things get even more intense. Some anal sweet spots, like the prostate gland, can only be reached through penetration, but often, simply having something in your butt can feel amazing. Enter the butt plug! 

If you’re a butt plug expert already, you can always up the pleasure ante with different types of butt plugs like a vibrating butt plug. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with some good vibrations. There are plenty of vibrating butt plugs on the market if you’re looking for a sweet backdoor sensation.


2. Helps Prepare You for Anal Sex

Let’s face it: the best way to prepare for anything is to start small and work your way up. By using a butt plug, you can get your booty used to the sensation of penetration. Butt plugs are awesome ways to train your caboose as you stretch yourself out. The skin is very delicate, and you need some serious prep before you can start doing anything fancy.

How long can you wear a butt plug and how to prepare for your first time are all important questions. We recommend using lots of lubricant and sliding a finger inside first, then switching to a small butt plug. As you become more experienced with butt plugs or anal sex, you might eventually upgrade to larger plugs or even try your hand at a vibrating one for some really intense pleasure.

Anal sex can be awesome, but it takes a lot of preparation. That can be frustrating when things are getting hot and heavy, and you and your partner don’t have the patience to wait. However, things can be pretty dicey without the right amount of prep, which is where a butt plug can really save the day.

If you’re going out on a date or spending time with your partner and you’ve been talking about trying anal sex, pop in a plug for a while beforehand. You’ll have some time to get used to the sensation of something in your butt, and that can help you relax when/if the real thing happens. This will not only help increase sexual pleasure but also relax your anal muscles. 


3. Multiple Orgasms

We’re not even halfway done listing the anal plug benefits, but you definitely saw that header right? Yep, multiple orgasms!

Did you know that a prostate orgasm and a penile orgasm are actually two different things? You can experience both, assuming you have the right equipment down there. Most people think that only people with vaginas and clitorises can have multiple orgasms in a single session, but men and penis/prostate owning people can, too, along with some extra stimulation from a butt plug.

We talk more about prostate orgasms in a section down below, but to summarize, in a single round of sex, a man/AMAB can have two separate orgasms, originating from the penis and the prostate, one right after the other. Typically, the penile orgasm is easier to achieve and will happen first, followed by the prostate orgasm.

Anal orgasms aren’t just for people with penises, though. We’ve all heard about the G-spot, but did you know there’s another inner erogenous, known as the A-spot? It’s short for anterior fornix and sits about 6 inches deep along the vaginal canal. Indirectly stimulating that spot through anal penetration can trigger an A-spot orgasm, which can feel absolutely amazing.


4. Hands-Free Anal Stimulation

If you’re with a partner or planning to use both hands, you might find yourself in a position where you need an extra hand. Butt plugs may not be hands, but you get the picture. They provide anal stimulation that doesn’t require anything else from you, so you can put your hands wherever you or your partner want them to be.

Maybe that means giving bondage a try. With your hands all tied up and the only way you can receive stimulation is from rocking your hips back and forth, you’ll likely make a pretty picture for whoever is with you. Alternatively, you might want to keep your hands on your partner to make their toes curl while you get a backdoor plug prize.

Most butt plugs have a wide, flared base to hold them steady while you play. Once you’ve inserted the plug completely, it will stay put until you or someone else takes it out. It should just rest there, stretching you open and letting you squeeze down around it for some extra stimulation when you’re aroused.

Some butt plugs feature a base that doubles as a suction cup, which lets you play hands-free, even if a partner isn’t involved. Steady the plug against a smooth flat surface (windows, walls, floor) and play away.


5. Provides A Nice “Full” Feeling

For some people, the feeling of having something in the anal canal during sex can make their orgasms more intense. Being penetrated vaginally and anally stimulates multiple sets of nerve endings and can make your whole body feel like it’s on fire, in a good way.

For others, it is just a nice feeling while they walk around during the day and enjoy other activities unrelated to sex. That sexy full feeling could remind you of a partner waiting at home and sexy things to come. Plenty of couples really get off on the idea that a partner is wearing a butt plug while they’re away at work or sitting opposite them at the restaurant. 


6. Hits The P-Spot

For men or people assigned male at birth, the prostate gland can be (usually is) extremely sensitive and can be stimulated anally or by pressing upward on the perineum. Depending on its size and shape, a butt plug may reach the p-spot and provide lots of pleasurable pressure and massage.   

Orgasms that result from prostate stimulation have been dubbed ‘Super O’s’ because of how intense they can be. Some men can even reach orgasm from prostate stimulation alone.

That’s a big expectation, though, so don’t worry if you can’t. Simply stimulating the prostate gland by wearing a butt plug while simultaneously stroking the penis can feel incredible and can help result in much more intense orgasms.


Getting to the Bottom of It

Butt plugs are a great warm-up for anal play, either solo or with a partner. They provide tons of sexy benefits and new sensations that can take playtime to the next level. With all of the pleasurable benefits to wearing butt plugs being so obvious, the only question you should be asking yourself is: ‘when am I going to start wearing mine?’


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