10 Types of Butt Plugs for Great Backdoor Play

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10 Types of Butt Plugs for Backdoor Play | PinkCherry


If you or your partner have been thinking about adding something new to the ol’ bedroom routine, you’ll want to know a thing or two about the different types of butt plugs on the market. From a tail butt plug to a glass butt plug, or even a hollow butt plug, there are tons of choices out there, so we know it can be overwhelming when you first start looking around for that perfect butt plug/anal plug. Luckily, we can help!


Wondering how to choose when there are so many great options that all provide incredible butt plug benefits. Here at PinkCherry, we’re big believers in the power of information (and the pleasures of anal play!), so we’re going to break it all down in our guide to 10 types of butt plugs for backdoor fun. We’ll share one of the most important tips right away - use lots and lots and lots of lube!


1. Classic Butt Plugs for Casual Anal Fun

It’s called a classic for a reason: sometimes simple really is better. You really don’t need all the bells and whistles of more expensive toys to enjoy a little fun around back. A classic butt plug is a relatively cheap sex toy option if you are still trying to figure out how butt plugs work for you and your sex life. 


There are butt plugs of all kinds, and they can be made from metal, glass, silicone, rubber, and other materials. If you like a firmer feel, pick a butt plug made from a firmer material. If you’re a fan of softness and flexibility, go with a soft silicone or a body-safe rubber like TPE or high quality TPR.


Generally speaking, butt plugs come in a few different sizes: small, medium, large, and Extra Large. We talk more about XL below, but for reference, a small butt plug is around 2.5 - 3 inches in girth. A medium plug is around four to five inches, and a large plug is around five to seven inches. Anything wider than seven inches is generally considered XL.


2. Vibrating Butt Plugs for Extra Sensation

Looking for something that will not only provide sexual pleasure but prostate stimulation as well? A vibrating plug toy may be for you. Vibration and butt plugs go hand in hand. The best vibrating butt plugs offer various modes of vibration, so you can choose between a little movement and some serious commotion in the caboose. Some people might need a bit of practice to find that sweet spot, but hey, that’s half the fun!  


Many vibrating butt plugs these days are rechargeable, and will come with a USB charge cable cord to replenish power once the fun is done. Once you’ve washed your vibrating butt plug well using warm, soapy water, a good toy care fluid/foam, or other cleansing method as per the manufacturer's instructions, let your plug dry completely before recharging.  


If your butt plug vibe takes batteries, there’s no need to worry about charge cables or USB ports, but you will need to remove the batteries before cleaning and storage.


3. Tailed Butt Plugs for Whimsical Play

When it comes to roleplay, there’s no better way to set the mood than adding a great accessory or two! A tailed butt plug might just be the magical accessory you’ve been searching for. 


Tail butt plugs are pretty self-explanatory - they’re butt plugs with tails! When the plug portion is in place inside your or your partner’s butt, the tail extension will flow down playfully, swishing and flicking as you play. Whether you’re in the mood to play pony, bunny, unicorn or fox, tail butt plugs let you rock whatever looks best in your booty.


4. Expanding Butt Plugs for Leveling Up

Expanding butt plugs aren’t for everyone, but they can really help you stretch out when you’re in the right mood.  


As the name implies, an expanding butt plug expands outward once it’s been inserted. Usually, an expanding plug will be tapered and smooth for easy penetration. Once in place, an expanding mechanism or widening design feature gently opens or expands the plug, which in turn widens and expands your butt. 


The sensation does take some getting used to, and expanding butt plugs are generally better in partnered situations, so someone can keep an eye on what’s happening back there. There’s nothing less sexy than an injury, so then playing with an expanding butt plug (and any anal sex toy) use LOTS of lube, and make sure your communication game is on point. If you feel any discomfort or pain, say so! 


5. Hollow and Tunnel Butt Plugs for Anal Sex Prep 

At first, it might seem strange to put something similar to a spacer into your caboose, but that’s pretty much what hollow butt plugs are. While it’s true that some people simply enjoy the sensation of having their butt open wide, hollow butt plugs (also known as tunnel butt plugs) have a practical component, too. We all know how important it is to properly prep for anal sex or penetration, and hollow plugs can help. 


Since a hollow plug is open through the middle, you’ll be able to easily drip or drizzle lube into inner anal areas. Depnding on the diameter of your hollow plug, there might even be room to fit fingers, a small vibrator, or other penetratice sex toy in through the open space. 


6. Jeweled/Princess Butt Plugs for A Royal Experience

If you want to flaunt that derriere with spectacularly dazzling gemstones (faux, of course!), then you should check out jeweled butt plugs. These fancy pleasure tools-meets butt jewelry come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. 


Some jeweled butt plugs are also vibrators, with the jewel cleverly disguising the control button. Whether you want to enjoy the vibrating pleasure or just enjoy feeling full while flaunting some backdoor sparkle, there’s a jeweled butt plug for you. 


7. Inflatable Butt Plugs for Flexible Fullness

Inflatable plugs offer a truly customizable butt play experience. Using a connected or built-in pump mechanism, inflatable plugs expand, widen and/or grow in length. This means that you’ll be able to adjust your plug to a size and thickness that feels best for you. 


If you’re looking for a great bang for your buck, an inflatable butt plug is a great choice. You’ll get lots of size and stimulation options in one great sex toy. Some inflatable plugs vibrate, too, which provides yet another way to customize your or your partner’s butt plug experience.  


8. XL Butt Plugs for The Experienced

Remember what we said in the section above about butt plugs with a girth exceeding seven inches? These are them, and they’re not for the faint of heart! Extra Large butt plugs stretch and stimulate dramatically, and can feel amazing under the right circumstances. If you’re an anal expert up for a challenge, there are lots of big butt plugs to choose from.


Now, if you’re an anal play beginner, do not even think about starting with an XL butt plug! Trust us. You want to have a positive and pleasurable first experience, right? Trying to go too big too fast can be dangerous and will almost definitely be painful. 


It’s a whole new world back there, and we know how excited you are to explore but remember: safety first! Safety is also important to consider when you are wondering, “How long can you wear a butt plug?”


9. Beaded Butt Plugs for Textured Butt Play

Once upon a time, someone got the bright idea to combine two butt play staples, butt plugs and anal beads! These bumpy plugs have one or more beads or swells of texture running down the length. The sebastian of each bead ‘popping’ through your anal opening (using lots of lube, of course!) can be super-pleasurable and uniquely stimulating.  


10. Prostate Massagers Are for the P-Spot

They’re technically not butt plugs, although there are butt plugs specifically shaped to stimulate the prostate, so we’ll let them slide. Prostate massagers anal sex toys shaped to target the prostate gland, an inner erogenous zone that men and AMAB (assigned male at birth) people have. The prostate is located a few inches into the anal canal. You should be able to feel it by inserting a finger and curving it up toward your belly button, it’s firmer than surrounding skin and very sensitive when pressed or massaged.


Prostate massagers and prostate targeting butt plugs are curved, angled or otherwise shaped to stimulate the prostate gland, otherwise known as the P-spot. Some prostate massagers are stationary, needing to be moved manually, while others (more commonly) vibrate, thrust or rotate. Some even mimic the sensation of a rim-job, if you’re into it.


How to Choose the Best Butt Plug for You

Whew! Now that we’ve covered the most popular types of anal plugs, you’ve got to be wondering: how am I supposed to choose between all these pleasurable options? 


  • If you’re a beginner, start simple and small, working your way up. As with any sexy new pursuit, you’ll want to give yourself time to get used to new feelings and sensations. Do some exploring with your fingers, or a partner, to find out what feels good back there. 
  • If you have some butt play experience under your belt, but aren’t quite ready for anything too extreme, a little (or a lot) of vibration might just fill the gap, so to speak. Try a vibrating or beaded butt plug for extra stimulation and some orgasmic anal excitement.
  • If you’re already an anal expert, you can experiment with XL butt plugs, expanding or tunnel butt plugs to dabble in some more intense anal stimulation.


Whatever your anal play level, you can rest assured that there’s a butt plug perfect for you. Just remember to stock up on the lube, beforehand!   


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