How Do Butt Plugs Work?

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How Do Butt Plugs Work? | PinkCherry


The term ‘butt plug’, or anal plug, seems to be pretty self-explanatory, right? But if you’ve never experienced the erotic company of one of these super-popular sex toys, you might be wondering why so many people enjoy butt plugs. Maybe you’re curious about how butt plugs work?


Luckily, PinkCherry is here to dive into all things butt plug related with you. Whether you’re interested in metal butts plug, classic plugs, or  even a vibrating anal plugs, there are tons of toys available to help you experience anal pleasure. We’re going to look at butt plugs in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and how you can use them to have more fun when playing around back. By the time we’re done, the only thing that you’ll be wondering is why you never gave butt plugs a try before!


The Purpose of Butt Plugs

Everything else aside, the main purpose of butt plugs is to give you, or your partner, lots of  pleasure. The anal area is very sensitive, and the right kind of stimulation can feel really, really good. Butt plugs can provide that perfect stimuation by gently stretching your anal opening and filling your inner anal canal.


Now, as we all know, everyone’s body is different, and our sexual preferences are different, too. Some people may love the sensation of a big butt plug stretching them out, while other people crave just a little filling pressure during sex or foreplay. Some love the buzz of vibration, and others like the excitement of an expanding plug. Whatever you’re into, there’s a butt plug to fill your needs (and butt). Not to mention, there are some pretty sweet butt plug benefits too!


Picking Your Perfect Plug

Before you start out on your search for the perfect plug, think about what kind of sensation you’re going for. Classic tapered butt plugs are a great choice if you’re craving some simple stretch, a full feeling or pressure. Some people prefer the feeling of something pressing on their perineum, the sensitive patch of skin between the anus and the genitals, and there are plugs that feature built-in perineum stimulators. Many butt plugs vibrate, and others feature suction cup bases for hands-free fun. Some are beaded or textured, which provides some extra sensation when inserting or revving your plug.


Butt plugs come in all shapes, sizes and textures. If you’re a beginner, start with something small and simple. If you enjoy the sensation, you can always move up to something larger or a plug with added features. Some butt plugs even mimic a rim job, while others are inflatable for lots as-you-play size customization.  


How the Shape of a Butt Plug Can Work in Your Favor

When it comes to the shape of a butt plug, there are plenty of options. Like we talked about above, finding the right plug for you depends on what type of stimulation you’re into. So, let’s talk about how the shape of your butt plug can make an anal plug work for you.


Triangle Butt Plugs

One of the most classic butt plugs shapes is the taper, or triangle. These plugs start off sleek and slightly pointed, then widen toward the base. You’ll be able to feel a gradual stretch as you insert your plug and a thick, full feeling as you reach the widest point. There’s usually a slim neck below the widest point, which helps your anal muscles hold the plug in place. Most tapered plug, and any good anal toy, for that matter, feature a base that’s much wider than the plug itself. This prevents the plug from travelling too far inside your butt, which is something you definitely do not want to happen. 


Beaded Butt Plugs

Beaded butt plugs offer you and your butt a happy medium between a classic plug and anal beads. Beaded butt plugs usually start off with a smaller bead or swell up top and larger beads underneath. As you work yourself down, you’ll be gradually stretching and stimulating your sphincter while slowly filling your anal canal. Some people love the sensation of quickly removing their beaded plug as they climax.


P-Spot Plugs

Curvy or dramatically angled to seek out the prostate gland when inserted, these plugs are shaped to automatically or easily target and stimulate the ultra sensitive p-spot. Many p-spot plugs vibrate, which makes stimulation even easier. Just lay back and enjoy!


Rounded Plugs

Butt plugs with a more swollen or rounded shape are similar to the classic triangle plug, but can feel much more intense. These butt plugs usually don’t have much of a taper, or thinner area, up top, which means that you’ll feel the maximum width much more quickly. If you like the drama of a nice big ‘pop’, you’ll love this shape.

Training Kits

Butt plug anal training kits are perfect for beginners, and people looking to up their butt plug game, in general. These handy little kits usually contain a few plugs in varying sizes, which allows you or your partner to start small and eventually work, or train, your way up. Let’s be real, if you’ve never experienced it before, anal penentration can feel a bit weird, but once you get used to the sensation, chances are, you’ll enjoy it.


To Vibrate or Not to Vibrate?

Thinking about using a vibrating plug to increase pleasure during anal intercourse? It goes without saying that vibration can add some amazing sensation to even the most familiar sex toy. If you’ve never tried a vibrating butt plug, there’s no time like the present! 


Vibrating butt plugs, like standard, or non-vibrating plugs, come in all shapes, sizes and textures. Many offer more than one level or rhythm of vibration, so you can customize your anal experience exactly as you like. 


Fancy Anal Accoutrements for the Win

For some people, how a butt plug functions isn’t their only concern. Plenty of folks enjoy showing off a jeweled butt plug or one with a long furry tail attached. No matter what you’re looking for in a butt plug, we can almost guarantee that something exists to help maximize sexual pleasure and make you look great during your next backdoor pleasure session.


Safety Considerations

There are a few very important things to keep in mind when you decide to play with your or your partner’s caboose. 


Don’t Forget the Lube

The first one is the rule of lube. Remember, the anus is not self-lubricating, so you’ll need to use lots and lots of a good quality lubricant. There are plenty of lubes specifically formulated for anal sex play, so grab a good one beforehand. 


Be Gentle

The anal area is extrememly senstive, which is great, but it’s also delicate. You don’t want to be too rough back there, or go too big too fast. Slow and steady wins the anal play race, for sure. If you start to feel any discomfort or your partner tells you something feels off, stop what you’re doing immediately.  


Length of Wear

Wondering how long you can wear a butt plug for? We certainly don’t recommend wearing yours all day. Once you experience the pleasure of anal plugs, you may have a hard time with not keeping your plug in all day, but you’ll definitely want to be cautious of how long you keep it in.


Butt Plugs For Better Anal Play

If you’ve been thinking about adding some anal play to your sexy repertoire, experimenting with a butt plug or two can be a great way to explore new sensations around back. New sensations are always fun!

If you’re curious about anal and want to do some solo exploration, think about trying out a butt plug as you masturbate. Maybe your partner has broached the subject of anal sex and you want to get familair with your butt first. Try a butt plug with them, or on your own.

Bottom line, butt plugs are great! They’re versatile, they’re perfect for alone time or sexy fun with a partner, and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. Not only can a fantastic butt plug make for even more enjoyable anal play, it just might expand the boudaries of your sex life, too! 


Now that you know how butt plugs work, check out these top ten types of butt plugs.


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