Do Women Like Big Dildos? Hey, You Asked!

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Do Women Like Big Dildos by PinkCherry


So, do women like big dildos? It may or may not (probably not!) surprise you to find out that a LOT of people type this particular question into their internet search bar. You’ll be happy to know that we are not hackers, so there’s really no way for us to know who, specifically, is wondering about women and their big dildo preferences. We’d bet that at least a few of those people have penises, though. Hey, we’re feeling lucky!

Okay, let’s get down to business. To answer the question that so many have asked/Googled - sure, some women do like big dildos! Some men, trans folk and non-gender conforming people also like big dildos. Other women prefer small dildos, medium dildos, or would prefer non-penetrative toys designed for women and clitoris owners; and regardless of gender or identity, that same logic holds true for the rest of the human population. On that note, if a dildo isn't your or your partner's thing, you could always try out a vibrating cock ring, a wand vibe for perfect clitoral stimulation, or the always classic bullet vibrator.

Anyway, back to our point. ‘Do women like big dildos?’ is obviously a Very Important Question to quite a few people, so let’s look at some of the reasons women and people-kind, in general, might like their dildo sex toys on the larger side.


What’s To Love About Big Dildos?

Whether you’re a woman or not, being attracted to the look, feel and effect(s) of a large or oversized dildo depends entirely on your personal preference. Full stop. There are all sorts of reasons why you or your partner may love big penetrators, and they’re all valid. Below, we’ll explore a handful of reasons why a huge dildo might just make your day/night/afternoon.


1. Big Dildos Are More Filling

Sure, this one’s pretty obvious, but it’s true! Any dildo (or other penetrative adult sex toy) with larger overall length and girth measurements has the potential to reach deeper and more fully than the average penis or a standard-sized dildo. For some people, this just plain feels good.

If you or your partner is a woman or owns a vagina, an XL dildo could make stimulating deeper-placed erogenous zones, like the G-spot and A-spot, easier. Thanks to a bigger dildo’s thickness, clitoral stimulation during penetration can be easier with a girthier toy, too.

If you’re into more extreme anal sex or penetration, a big dildo could definitely intensify sensation around back. Men and people with male inner anatomy can access the prostate gland via anal penetration, and a bigger, thicker dildo can make targeting the p-spot area easier.


2. You Love A Challenge

There are all sorts of thrill-seekers out there. Some of us climb mountains, some of us jump out of planes, and some of us like to challenge our bodies with extra large dildos. As with any extreme activity, please do your research, take stock of all your equipment (lube, lube, and lube), and always play safe.


3. Great Visuals!

Many of us are turned on by visuals, whether it’s a great smile, a nice round butt, a naked partner,  or a favorite sex toy, like, for instance, a huge dildo! Sprawled across your bed or peeking at you between your trusty clitoral vibrator and your fave plug in the toy drawer, there’s just no ignoring the presence of a big dildo. It’s instantly suggestive of all the erotic things you could do with it, or have your playmate do to you with it. Maybe you love to watch your partner take on a faux penis, or maybe you like to imagine your fantasy man approaching with his tool at the ready. Sexiness is in the eye of the beholder!


4. More To Love - and Hold On To

For some people, the attraction to a great big dildo comes down to simple logistics. When playing solo,  some folks prefer to have more surface area to hold on to, and a larger toy, naturally, will fit that bill.


5. Fantasy Fulfilment & Partner Play

Maybe a giant, seemingly insurmountable penis stars in a few of your fantasies? Great! A big ol’ dildo can definitely play the role of a ridiculously well-endowed partner when you’re playing solo. To play together, you and your partner can explore the pleasure potential of a large strap-on dildo or a model that fits a harness system you love.

Hollow strap-on dildos are also an option if you’d like to temporarily extend a penis-owning partner’s length and girth.


Most Popular Big Dildo Sizes

First off, size is subjective, and popularity can be, too! Think about it. To one person, eight inches might seem enormous, while another might shrug off eleven inches or more as minuscule. That said, in the sex toy world, any penetrator that’s longer than about nine inches is generally considered to be a large dildo. Keep in mind that thickness (girth, circumference, or diameter) also comes into play when discussing larger dildos.

As for popularity, we did a little digging and found a handy monthly comparison of search data for various dildo sizes. The most-searched dildos (by length) are as follows:

  • 10” and 12” dildos tie for first place with 5,400 monthly searches apiece
  • 8” and 6” dildos are tied for second place with 4,400 searches each
  • 9” and 7” dildos tie for third at 3,600 
  • 5” dildos come in at a respectable 2,400 for fourth place
  • 15” dildos bring up the rear at 1,000


If we were judging a dildo popularity contest, we’d have to say that ten and twelve inch sizes win by no small margin. And, since ten and twelve inch dildos are considered big dildos, we’d conclude that  *checks clipboard*  big dildos are definitely popular! 

Of course, those results are solely based on internet searches, so who knows? Does popularity (or internet notoriety) really matter? If you’re in the market for a big dildo of your very own, there may be more important factors to consider.


Choosing the Right Big Dildo For You

Let’s simplify before shopping, shall we? Think about what ‘large’ means for you. For instance, maybe you have a partner with a nine inch penis, or maybe you’ve had some strap-on experience with an eight or ten inch dildo. Chances are, you have a dildo or other sex toy that you love. If so, you might want to add an inch or more of length and thickness to help calculate your definition of ‘big dildo’. Know that a little (an inch or even less) extra can sometimes feel like a lot.

If you’re starting from scratch, keep in mind that six inches is only slightly larger than the average penis, or about the size of a dollar bill. Look into purchasing something in the seven to eight inch neighborhood, see how it feels and/or performs in the sexy scenario you’re going for, and work your way up from there. As you go, you could even learn ways to make a dildo bigger.

If, on the other hand, you’ve aced Big Dildos 101 and want to get right into/onto the really big stuff, you may want to shop around for a ten or twelve inch model, and something with a thick, stretch-inspiring circumference.


So, Is Bigger Really Better?

Way back at the beginning, we stated that personal preference plays a massive (so to speak) role in your liking for a specific dildo size. We stand by that declaration.

If you’re into an extra filling penetration experience with lots of intense stretch, impressive visuals, then yes, a big dildo is the sex toy for you. Please, go forth and indulge in all the big dildo fun that you can handle! Just be sure that you know how to use a big dildo safely to prevent any mishaps.

As to the question that helped kick off all this dildo size introspection, one word. Yes. Some women like big dildos, some women love them, and some women couldn’t care less about big dildos. Now, please replace ‘women’ with absolutely any other category, type, definition, and identification of adult human, and you’ll get the same answer.


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