Fingering Sex Tips: Finger Banging with Finesse

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Finger Banging with Finesse


When it comes to keeping things fun in the bedroom, foreplay is one of the most important ways to satisfy everyone involved. Unfortunately, because some people look at sex as the "main event," foreplay often gets overlooked in the moment. That's why it's time that we talk about one of the best parts of any great, steamy hookup — fingering. Sex is great and all, but penetrating a partner with something we generally have handy - finger banging, for the uninitiated - is an art that can intensify, and even take control of, passionate love-making. And, unfortunately, there are many people out there who simply do not know how to finger bang properly, meaning they (and their partner) are missing out on some extra stimulating action. But, don't stress — PinkCherry is here to help! In this article, we'll go over some excellent tips for finger banging your partner to absolute bliss. 


What Is Fingering?

Fingering is the act of stimulating your partner vaginally or anally using at least one finger. Typically, this act is performed in the moments leading up to vaginal or anal sex as a way to tease a partner. But, is fingering sex in and of itself? Well, that depends on your definition of "sex," but it can absolutely be a full sex act, complete with explosive orgasms — hence the term "fingering sex." At the very least, finger banging can significantly amplify the overall experience of sex.


Regardless of when and to what extent you're fingering a woman, a man or anyone across the gender spectrum, it's crucial that you understand the critical things you can do to help your partner achieve the utmost pleasure. It's also greatly important that you know what to avoid to prevent any sort of dissatisfaction.


How to Finger Bang with The Right Touch

As we mentioned, fingering sex is an art, and there's always room to practice and improve. Whether you're using your fingers to pleasure your partner vaginally or anally, there are a few ways to do it just right. The following are three of the best finger banging tips.


1. Understand Your Partner's Needs

The best way to your partner's heart is to know what turns them on, and this especially includes foreplay, like finger banging. Sometimes you need to take a step back and ask for directions. Find out more about your partner by asking:

  • Should I go fast or slow?
  • How many fingers do you like?
  • What area(s) feels best to touch?

Don't forget — no sex is ever the same and sensations change. Always double-check with your partner to ensure that what you're doing is pleasurable at the time. 


2. Caress Other Parts of the Body

Finger banging isn't just about touching your partner's vagina or anus. To get the most out of the excitement, make sure you're using your fingers and hands to feel around other arousing areas of the body. This can include massaging your lady's breasts, thighs or face with one hand while using the other for fingering. Or, if you're going to finger a man, you can play with his penis using your unoccupied hand. 


3. Use Some Toys!



Yes, fingering sex is all about the hands. But, you can also be creative by spicing things up with finger vibrators! These unique toys come in various shapes and sizes, and they can all be used to drastically enhance your partner's sensation. In fact, some toys can access the G-spot more easily. Ultimately, these fun devices offer many different ways to meet your partner's specific needs. Just don't forget to spread plenty of lube on your vibrators to keep things wet and wild. 


Three Tips to Avoid Finger Banging Disasters

Just like other areas of intercourse, there are plenty of ways to mess up fingering sex and upset your partner. Nobody wins in this situation, so heed the following advice to keep yourself out of the doghouse. 


1. Make Sure Your Hands Are Clean

We cannot stress this enough. Whether you're fingering a woman or fingering a man, using dirty fingers, especially ones with uncut fingernails, can instantly disgust and potentially harm your partner. If you know that you're about to have sex, hit the bathroom and clean yourself up real quick. Even if time is of the essence, make time to express to your partner that you need to wash your hands first. They'll greatly appreciate your courtesy and respect.


2. Slow Down and Take It Easy

You may be enticed to use your fingers to mimic intense thrusting. While this feels great some of the time, finger banging doesn't mean you have to pound away. The best fingering sex comes from knowing when to go really fast and when to slowly play with your partner's clit or anus.


3. Don't Disrespect Any Boundaries

This goes along with understanding what your partner wants. There are some things that your partner absolutely does not like, and this may include certain aspects of finger banging. For example, if you've never fingered your boyfriend or husband's butt before, make sure you ask before going for it. The same goes for your girlfriend or wife — some simply do not like anal play, so do not ignore this without asking permission.


Reach for More Orgasms With Fingering Sex Products from PinkCherry

With enough practice and time, we hope that these tips will help you navigate your way to better finger banging. If you're looking to take things a step further, we carry some of the best sex toys and products on the market to help liven up the bedroom and achieve the satisfaction that you and your partner deserve. From lingerie to set the mood to anal sex toys that will heighten the experience of fingering sex, we have our finger on the pulse of your pleasure. Browse our fine inventory or contact us today and we'll be happy to assist you with any of your questions!


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