How to Keep Long Distance Relationships Fun & Sexy

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Surviving A Long Distance Relationship


Long distance relationships come with their own unique set of challenges that you and your partner need to navigate in order to remain happy together. And to make sure that you're both getting your rocks off as regularly as all those lucky cohabitors. In spite of these challenges (and the fact that you can't actually touch your lover's smokin' hot bod), being in a long distance relationship is its own kind of special: the fact that you're willing to endure geographical and time zone differences means you already care deeply for one another! Use these long distance relationship tips to keep the flame of love and attraction burning.

General Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Before getting into the sexy stuff, you should have a strong understanding of how to survive a long distance relationship in a more general sense. Many of these tips can and should be applied to close-range types of relationships as well because of how much they hinge on communication and mutual respect. Let's get started!

1. Find Ways to Spend Time Together

In long distance relationships, the time you spend together is even more precious than in other, close-range relationships. But spending time together doesn't just mean driving or flying out to see each other in real life — in our ultra-connected world, there are countless ways you can have meaningful experiences together, even if you aren't in the same room. Using video calls, you can:

  • Take walks together.
  • Have movie nights.
  • Share meals.
  • Go shopping, either online or in real life.
  • Give your SO a tour of your favorite places in town.

Getting creative with the ways you use video and phone calls is a great way to forge a long distance relationship that grows stronger with each conversation.

2. But Don't Spend ALL Your Time Together

It can be easy to overdo together time in a long distance relationship. Since you don't get to physically see each other every day, you might feel the need to spend every possible moment talking with your partner over video or phone calls and texts. But that's quickly going to get excessive for one or both of you, and might lead to unnecessary tension. Instead, be open about the amount of communication you both need to feel loved and supported while giving each other room to be your own people. From there, you can set times each day (or every other day, etc.) when you devote your attention to each other through any of the activities mentioned above or something a bit spicier (but we'll get to that later).

3. Communicate Clearly and Openly

Do long distance relationships work? Yes, when both parties are open and honest about things like their commitment levels and future plans. Throughout any relationship, it's very important that both (or all) partners are on the same page. In other words, if it's a monogamous, closed relationship, it should stay that way. If it's an open relationship that allows for outside dating or sexy adventures, both sides should take advantage! Either way, all parties involved should be totally honest with one another about their activities to maintain trust — an even more important bond to have in a long distance relationship.

You and your partner should also discuss how you would like to see the relationship grow as time goes on. Do you want to set up more frequent in-person visits? Do you want to find a way to get married and move in together as soon as possible? Or is your current long distance situation best for other aspects of both of your lives, like careers and proximity to family and friends? No matter what you decide, talking about your future together is a wonderful way to become closer to each other as a couple.

Tips for Keeping Your Long Distance Relationship Spicy

Distance can make the heart grow fonder...but can it have desirable effects on other organs, too? Oh, yes it can — especially if you use these tips to get sexy through cyberspace. One of the biggest factors in learning how to survive a long distance relationship is finding a way to keep your sex life exciting. We'll help you do it right!


What better way to get your SO's attention than with a saucy selfie? Sexting is a great introduction to long distance sex, and some folks even prefer to send pictures and steamy texts rather than use video. It also gives you the opportunity to be creative with your words. Those typing ellipses have never had so much anticipation riding on them! Pro Tip: Always, always, ALWAYS check the recipient before pressing send.

Save Those Selfies

If you're sexting often, you'll quickly have a stockpile of steamy selfies saved up to use if your partner is busy when you want to get busy. Set the mood for yourself and enjoy your partner's body and impeccable taste in filters on your own time. Just make sure they're okay with you saving their pictures first!

Video Calls

Embrace your inner cam girl and get sexy for the camera! Having a mutual masturbation session with your partner over a video chat can feel just as amazing as the sex you have when you're together. You can also play around with dominant and submissive scenarios, only allowing your partner to pleasure themself when you give permission. Have a new set of lingerie you want to show off? A video call is the perfect time to do it. Just like sex IRL, anything that you both consent to goes!

Send Romantic Letters

Using the mail. Like, the real mail, with the box and the stamps. Receiving a physical package is a great way to surprise your partner and keep their passion burning. Whether it's a heartfelt letter or a care package, occasional gifts in the mail are a must for long distance relationships

Connect with Sex Toys

Include a little something extra in the next care package you send to your partner. Send some sex toys that you know they would enjoy, like vibrators or male masturbators. Just make sure to take advantage of the amazing technology available for long distance relationships! We Vibe Sync Vibrators are designed to connect couples across any distance with Bluetooth technology — just sync it up to your smart phones and fly high to Cloud 9 together. Or, if you want a fun couples activity to do the next time you're both together, make a clone of your partner's penis using the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Kit from Empire Labs. Use our Clone-A-Willy Instructions to mold the magic in just a few simple steps!

The Best Sex Toys for Long Distance Relationships


We-Vibe Moxie+ Wearable Clitoral Vibe


We know that last one had to sound tantalizing for you. Here are a few extra sex toy suggestions to help reignite the passion in your long distance relationship!


  • The We-Vibe We-Vibe Vibrator: This silkily streamlined g-spot vibrator connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing your partner to control any of the ten pulsing rhythms of vibration and send you over the edge.
  • We-Vibe Tease Us Bond And Moxie Couple's Set : Enjoy ten modes of vibration in the hands of your partner with this silky, rumbling cock ring! Your partner can even create custom patterns to always keep you guessing.

Find the Perfect Sex Toy for Your Long Distance Relationship at PinkCherry

The toys we touted here are only the tip of the iceberg! Check out the rest of our sex toys for couples to come up with even juicier ideas for making the most of your long distance relationship. And when your partner comes to visit, you better make sure they bring their special gift along with them!


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