Guide to Making Friends With Benefits Work

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PinkCherry Guide to Making Friends With Benefits Work


Let's face it — going through life without having regular sex can be really difficult. Sex feels good, relieves stress and puts us in an all-around better mood. But, when we're single and navigating through the warzone known as the "dating scene," it can be hard to find a significant other who you want to spend time with and enjoy having fun with in the bedroom. Don't get us wrong — some people may meet "the one" right away or start having lots of casual sex with multiple partners. For others, though, both of these scenarios might be out of reach. That's why more people are turning to a friends with benefits relationship to meet their needs.

What Are Friends With Benefits?

Chances are you've likely heard this phrase, but if you haven't, friends with benefits are individuals in a friendship who decide to do sexual things with one another — without forming a serious relationship. There are no strings attached, and everybody who is involved understands that the relationship is nothing more than fooling around without commitment. When friends are intimate with each other in this type of relationship, it doesn't mean that they have to have sex. Instead, it can simply be activities of a sexual nature. 

Can Friends with Benefits Work?

Over the years, all types of media have portrayed these kinds of relationships to the point where individuals often ask, "Can you be friends with benefits and make it work?" They might even have a special buddy in mind! Realistically, many people have probably mulled over the idea of starting a friends with benefits engagement because of what they've seen on TV or online. However, the truth is that being friends with benefits does not bode well for certain individuals, no matter how much they dream about it. It can work, but it requires a lot of care, communication and guidelines for all involved.

Four Rules to Enjoy a Friends With Benefits Relationship

If you are considering starting a friends with benefits relationship, there are four things you must think about to have fun and avoid a messy outcome.

1. Be Clear With Your Intentions

Nothing is worse than dating somebody who is vague about their intentions or whose feelings constantly change without warning. It's even worse when your companion is a friend who toys with your emotions because they simply don't know what they want. Don't be that person! If you decide to have a friends with benefits relationship, you and your partner need to define what you're both looking for. If you want sex and your friend doesn't, it's just not going to work, and at that point it's best that you stay platonic. 

2. Give Your Friend Space

Another reason why somebody might choose to be friends with benefits is because they don't want to be held down by any amount of commitment. Otherwise, they'd just be in a traditional monogamous relationship. When you're fooling around, don't get upset if your partner makes plans with somebody else. Likewise, don't be afraid to go on a date with someone that's not your friend! You and everybody involved in your friends with benefits relationship is allowed to see whoever they please or end the engagement at any time without any reason. 

3. No Feelings, Please!

Additionally, you need to be able to handle the fact that you and your friend are not romantically involved with each other. This is the biggest reason why people cannot successfully have sex with their friends — somebody ends up catching feelings! If you are emotionally mature and able to accept the conditions outlined in a friends with benefits relationship, more power to you. But, if you can't, this deal is not for you, and you should find someone who you can have a committed, more intimate relationship with. 

4. Know When Enough is Enough

As we mentioned before, a friends with benefits relationship can end whenever you or your partner want, and nobody needs to have a reason. That said, you should have an idea of where everything is going and have some sort of timeline for how long the engagement will last. We're not saying that you need to give your friend a cutoff date. Rather, you both need to know how long you would like to do this to allow each other to move on happily — you might even discuss specific parameters for when it must end, like if one of you starts dating someone seriously or it stops being fun. One more thing: friends with benefits relationships can end with the involved parties officially dating each other. But, like we said, it's not meant to happen and you shouldn't start hooking up with your friend if you want it to happen. If you do wind up dating, that's perfectly okay! 

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