Hug Your Curves & Love Yourself: Plus-Size Lingerie

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Sexy Lingerie To Hug Your Curves and Boost Confidence


There's no time like the present to treat yourself to a present! In other words, we think it's finally time you got yourself that gorgeous lingerie set you've been eyeing up online or at your favorite boutique. You might think they don't have a size that can fit your bodacious bod, but chances are you're dead wrong! Keep in mind that no lingerie set will live up to your expectations if you don't choose the sizes and styles that work best for you. Make sure you give your curves the love they deserve with these tips for choosing plus-size lingerie...and check out some of our favorite style recommendations as well.


Know Your Sizes

This is the most important part of finding the perfect set of full-figured lingerie, so whether you're buying for yourself or hoping to surprise your partner, take note! Rather than taking a guess and winding up with something that sags, constricts or doesn't support you, take the time to get your sizing info straight. You should know your:

  • Bra size
  • Panty size
  • Pant and blouse size
  • Optional: specific measurements of your waist, bust, hips, etc.

    Getting into the nitty-gritty of your measurements is really only necessary if you want to find a corset or other form-fitting top style. Knowing the specifics will help you get the optimal fit for your figure, but if you only know your bra and blouse size, you can probably still find a style that works well. Having at least a few of your measurements straight is key to finding a perfect, comfortable fit — because being comfortable lets your confidence shine!


    Choose Comfortable Materials

    On top of finding a great fit, you should also consider the material of the plus-size lingerie set you're looking at. It can be a real turn-off to pick up or try on a piece and realize it's a major itch-fest, no matter how cute it is. But even the laciest, most embellished pieces can be light, soft and luxurious if they're made of the right materials. 

    The best fabrics for cute and comfortable full-figured lingerie include:

    • Satin: Shimmery elegance that's also lightweight and soft.
    • Silk: Lightweight, smooth and cool, with plenty of satin-y shimmer.
    • Cotton: Soft and breathable, with a nice matte finish.
    • Muslin: Semi-transparent, soft and so light it's barely there.
    • Organza: Sheer and transparent for an ethereal aesthetic.


      Don't Bend to Trends

      It can be easy to follow the crowd on new plus-size lingerie trends — after all, a lot of them are super hot! However, just because brands are pushing a style's popularity doesn't mean it'll be the right fit for you, which can leave you feeling down. So forget about it! Get to know the hundreds of other great styles out there and you'll discover so many that do work for you that you'll have to devote an entire drawer to sexy lingerie. And you get the added bonus of standing out from the crowd and wowing your partner with your one-of-a-kind look. Suck it, mainstream!


      Our Fave Full-Figured Lingerie Pieces

      We obviously love all the plus-size lingerie we have in stock, but there are a few that wow us every time we sneak a peek. We bet you'll have a similar reaction, too.


      Le Désir Black Strapless Mini Dress

      Sheer Curvy Plus Size Dress

      Wanna make some magic in the bedroom? Easy! Do just that with the Le Désir Black Strapless Mini Dress set to bring out your inner vixen and set your partner's heart aflame. The strapless dress and net and floral patterns put all your best assets on display while still leaving plenty to the imagination. 


      Tongue in Peek Red Babydoll & Thong


      Invite your partner to explore your secret garden with this gorgeous set. The lace patterning of the Tongue in Peek Red Babydoll & Thong is romantic and seductive, which features a high neck, a-symmetrical halter fit in a sheer mesh comes down naturally to a band of floral mesh that abruptly stops right above the bottom, leaving a teasing pop of under-boob. This teddy is sure to have you looking extra scandalously


      Black Lace Overlay Bustier and G-String 

      Black Lace Overlay Bustier and G-String

      Everyone loves a sneak preview, and that's exactly what you'll deliver when you walk out in this smokin' hot number. The Black Lace Overlay Bustier and G-String is a lace-style bustier that combines a geometric pattern with a tuxedo inspired bow. The remaining bustier details attractively frame your curves — a key component of all plus-size lingerie. Below that is a g-string with attached garters so you can pair it with a sexy pair of thigh-highs. It's a knock-out combination!


      Feral! Red Halter Neck Chemise with Satin Bow

      Feral! Red Halter Neck Chemise with Satin Bow 

      There's nothing quite like lingerie to have you feeling festive...and maybe a little experimental. The Feral! Red Halter Neck Chemise with Satin Bow helps you fulfill your desire to get a little wild. The tantalizing sheer animal patterned stretch lace will accentuate your beautiful hourglass shape and inspire all kinds of bedroom play. The red animal lace is designed to excite the imagination and stimulate the senses! 


      Find Your New Favorite Plus-Size Lingerie Set at PinkCherry

      With these tips in mind, you're ready to choose the perfect curvy lingerie set for you or your partner. And we're here to help. Our full-figured lingerie comes in a fantastic variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors that are sure to have you feeling like the absolute knock-out you are. 

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