First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

Based On 78 Reviews

First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

Based On 78 Reviews

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Nice and cheap (Anonymous)

It's low price and I love the rubber piece at the tip

Beautiful (Anonymous)

I love the adjustability. Nice firm grasp on your nipples. Discrete enough to wear under clothing.

Best ones yet (Anonymous)

These feel so good on me. They're adjustable for lighter teasing or intense play. The tips do come off but that isn't an issue. I love the way they look and feel

Product description

A gentle, extraordinarily user-friendly pair of Nipple Teasers from the First Time collection, these comfortable clamps will absolutely command your object of desire's attention while catering to the nipple-play beginner.

Classically styled and easy as pie to adjust, the First Time Clamps have fully customizable tension for a more gentle or deliciously firm grip, and the rubber coated tips make for a comfortable feel, although you could also remove them for a more intense 'bite.' Attached by a length of sturdy gunmetal chain that adds some weight for even more stimulation, the total stretch of the clamps is just over 14 inches.

SKU: CE-0004-93-3 | UPC: 716770074584 | MPN: SE-0004-93-3 (89)

SKU: CE-0004-93-3 | UPC: 716770074584 | MPN: SE-0004-93-3 (89)

Ratings / Reviews

As expected (Anonymous)

Work well. Adjustable and get pretty tight. Don't fall off easily, even with a little tugging.

Nipple nasty (D)

Intoxicating, erotic and very sensual. A must have for play time.

Perfect! (Brob)

This product is perfect for beginners! The clips really aren't to tight if you are trying them out for the first time.

Kinky (Amy)

The added stimulation during sex is fantastic!

Painfully comfortable. (Anonymous)

The padding on them is nice as they're my first set, I have piercings so that fact that these are adjustable is very convenient.

Great for beginners (Anonymous)

These were tight at first but they stay on very well. I liked how easy they were to put on.

Good to start... (Girlnxdoor)

These are the first and only nipple clamps I’ve purchased so far, they have been a good buy, they has nice plastic coated ends and adjustable clamps. I’m not a fan of the chain (and tugging st it can sometimes make the clamps on the tightest setting come off) and will probably look for something that’s isn’t attached next time. Good starter set though.

Intense (Anonymous)

These clamps are great!! They sure have a good pinch to them

Basic (Anonymous)

These are very basic clamps. Super tight squeeze so start at the softest setting.

Feels good to be squeezed! (David)

Easy to adjust
Comfortable to wear for longer periods
Looks good with other fetish attire.
A definite great addition

Good starter set (Asia)

These work in a pinch and I like that you can tighten and loosen them but they are constantly falling apart and not good quality at all

Great, easy to use, very fun! (Anonymous)

Good quality, easy to use, and are very fun!

Added fun (Anonymous)

This clamps are fun for a beginner.

Perfect grip (Evelyn)

First time using clamps, I actually took the crank right out, I found the lowest setting was just right. The rubber part does stick to your skin, and it when you unclamp them it kind of hurts (not the good way) still trying to find a way around this, powder maybe? But 5 stars for sure.

Worked Great (Anonymous)

Both the wife and I tried them out for the first time. I am more partial to them as she prefers more of a groping sensation. That being said they’re a fun new addition to play time.

Easy to adjust clamps (Anonymous)

Would definitely recommend this product. The adjustable screw makes it very easy to adjust the level of tightness of the clamps and the rubber end help them stay in place.

First but not last (Anonymous)

Wife and I loved ‘em. You will too.

Nipple clamps (Fun product)

Worked well. They were a hit assesory for my outfit. Both myself and husband loved them. Could go tighter though

Should be 10 stars ! (Buy these now !)

Let me tell you, if you are new to this, looking at these and on the fence about trying them then here is my advice. BUY THEM NOW !!! I got these for my wife as a surprise. She loves nipple play. I was worried she would be intimidated and think they were too “hardcore” but with an open mind I put them on her and within 2 mins of them being on she told me to remove the adjustable screws. after a few good tugs on the chain she was having orgasm after orgasm ! She fuckin loved them ! Hell I even threw them on and they were incredible ! The soft tips were comfortable, the price is more than great ! The rubber tips did make them slip off her a few times but once we dried the oil off her they stayed on just fine. She actually told me to write this review as soon as we finished with them she was that satisfied ! We will be ordering another set with a heavier chain soon. Took our foreplay to the next level !!!

Fantastic (Connor)

It is always a relief when you buy a sex toy that is comfortable, sturdy, looks great, and most of all feels great. These clamps nail all of the above.

Great fun (Anonymous)

Really added a little fun to the bedroom

Pleasantly pinching (Anonymous)

The nipple clamps are fantastic, my husband bought them as a surprise and after my initial hesitation (and a glass of wine... or three) I gave them a go. Oh. My. God. Just the weight of the clamps and the chain gave an amazing sensation. Then he gently pulled on the chain as I climaxed, and the sensation went all the way to my toes!

Super fun for the money, seem well constructed, and naughty enough to be mysterious, but not (too) intimidating. If you've been thinking of trying them out (or even if you haven't) you owe yourself to try these.

Perfect for first timers (Anonymous)

I love that these are adjustable for times where I'm a little more sensitive and can't handle too much pressure. Super comfortable, excellent product

Great (Anonymous)

I love these. Very cute. I thought they would fall off easily, but nope! They stay right in place. :)

Easy to Use (Anonymous)

I really like these clamps. I like that you can adjust the amount of pressure easily. The rubber tips are comfortable.

Don't Be Afraid (Princess)

I was always curious about nipple clamps, the price was right so I bought some, I enjoy them they feel neat, I like how you can adjust them depending on how sensitive you are, sometimes I can handle tighter sometimes just very gentle, simple/comfortable, and great for experimenting, I have also found they feel really interesting clamped on my tongue, and a few other places. All in all they don't have to be just for the nipples, explore have fun get some ~__^!

Nipple pinching fun (Peter)

Great product easy to use very adjustable enhances and increases all Sensations love it

Virgin (Anonymous)

We will be getting a set for home and a set for the cottage!

Great product (Ryan)

I bought these for my wife and she absolutely loves them. They work Great and Seeing her enjoyment gets me going

A. Ma. Zing!! (Kara)

Simply put...these are Fantastic! The chain adds the perfect amount of weight for a gentle swing and pull. I love them...boyfriend loves them... win win!!