How Often Do and Should Men Masturbate?

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No matter how natural the process, there are some things that people just don’t like to talk about. Most men masturbate, but how often do you hear anyone discuss exactly how often they pleasure themselves? Not much! Whether you use what you were given or have dabbled in masturbation toys for men, it is a question on some people's minds. So, how do you know if your habits match how often the average man masturbates?  And more importantly, how often should men masturbate? What is considered a normal level of sexual activity in terms of solo masturbation?

As per a study performed in 2019, on average, 84% of men between the ages of 18-38 tend to masturbate three times per week. However, that number involves a lot of factors, such as how much time they have in their lives, their age, general stress levels, and whether they have any regular sexual partners. PinkCherry dives into how those numbers stack up against medical recommendations below.


What Is the Recommended Frequency for Masturbation?

Masturbation actually has plenty of great health benefits, both mentally and physically. So, you’re probably wondering how often should a penis-owner masturbate? The recommended frequency for masturbation is as follows: as often as you want! That’s right: there’s no such thing as a medically recommended amount of masturbation for sexual health or overall men’s health


However, a new study by Harvard University might be close to coming up with one. Keep in mind that this study has just been released and the science needs to be verified, but researchers found that men who enjoyed some self-love to the point of ejaculation at least 21 times per month were less likely to develop prostate cancer. Since ejaculation was the goal during the study period, that statistic includes both masturbation and sex with a partner, but however you get there, the results are good. 21 orgasms per month could be something really fun to aim for in the future if you’re not already there!  


How often a male should masturbate depends mostly on his lifestyle. If you have the time and energy to masturbate multiple times per day, that’s awesome. A few times per week, or less, is just fine too.


Masturbating only starts to become unhealthy when you miss out on social activities, work, school, or other important parts of life because you want to spend all of that time pleasuring yourself. As long as your dates with your hands (or toys!) don’t interfere with the rest of your life, you’re doing fine.


How Often Do Men Masturbate on Average?

Okay, so the doctors don’t have a hard and fast number, but if you’re looking for some statistics, you might wonder how often do most men masturbate? Does masturbation increase testosterone? Or even is masturbation healthy for men? Generally, the average frequency of masturbation depends on a few important factors:


  • Time available - When you have more time on your hands, you’re more likely to spend some time exploring everything you can reach. For people leading busy lives without a moment to spare, it can be challenging to make time for yourself. Men who are busy naturally spend less time pleasuring themselves, which leads to less frequent masturbation.

  • Stress levels - Many people masturbate specifically to unwind and lessen their stress, but some people find that they just aren’t in the mood to get up close and personal with their bodies when they’re stressed out.  Stress can affect sexual arousal/sexual desire when it comes to masturbating and sexual intercourse with a partner. 

  • The presence of a partner - Typically, men who have sexual partners are less likely to masturbate when the urge hits them. Masturbation is often a solo activity, although it doesn’t have to be, and most sexual partners want in on the action.

  • Age - During the teenage years and into the early twenties, sex drive tends peak, thanks to an influx of hormones. As men get older, that sex drive and certain sexual behaviours naturally wane, so you might find that you masturbate fewer times per week as the years go by. That is completely normal and healthy, so don’t worry. 


Why Don’t Some Men Masturbate?

While the majority of men do masturbate, some of them choose not to for a variety of reasons. Some religious beliefs prohibit masturbation. Some men feel that men who are in committed sexual relationships shouldn’t masturbate out of respect for their partner.


Masturbation doesn’t actually reflect on your relationship, but it’s easy to see why some people think that way. Just because you need some me-time doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t properly satisfy you. If you or your partner are worried about that, try to include them in your masturbation sessions. You might find that you get a kick out of knowing that someone is watching your every move.


Masturbate Better With PinkCherry

Wondering how often guys masturbate is normal, and there’s nothing wrong with doing a little research on how much time you should be spending having some erotic solo fun. You may even run into some good tips on how to masturbate for men along the way. If you’re looking for a little something special to spice up your sex life, try out one of our male masturbators or even other adult sex toys. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure to have something that strikes your fancy and doubles your pleasure!



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