PinkCherry Water Based Personal Lubricant in 16oz/473ml

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Would buy again

Only buy the pump version. Good value, also.



Feels very natural we like it


Best lube, best value

This lube never lets me down. It stays un-tacky for longer than other, fancier lubricants, and is easily revived with a little bit of water, saliva or another splash of itself. I got the pump this time, so no more dropping the bottle in the heat of the moment. Mwaha!

Product description

Formulated to be perfectly compatible with toy materials of all types and absolutely ideal for the most intimate of skin to skin situations, PinkCherry Water Based Personal Lubricant provides incredible playtime versatility along with a dreamily smooth glide.

Complementing natural moisture, blending with and supplementing the body's own, PinkCherry's crystal clear slickness spreads easily over desired surfaces, silkily eliminating unwanted friction while enhancing sensation and pleasure. Non-staining and clean-rinsing, PinkCherry Water Based Personal Lubricant washes easily from skin, fabrics and playthings using a little warm water.

Compatible with all toy materials, silicone included, as well as latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms.

  • Size: 16 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Unscented

SKU: ZPC-000320 | UPC: 823259000320 | MPN: 70857 (1196)

SKU: ZPC-000320 | UPC: 823259000320 | MPN: 70857 (1196)

Ratings / Reviews


This is the best lube that I have found yet. I am very sensitive to creams and lotions. And I am also very picky when it comes to lube. This is a long lasting, NON STICKY, non staining product. And a little goes a long way. It is enjoyable for both men and women. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for something WORTH THE MONEY!


Wife and girlfriend loves the lube

This lube is great and works good. A little goes a long way.



He ll of a lube!


Great deal

Awesome product at great price really a great deal with this one


Great for the price

I love that it comes with a pump! The lube itself is runny but it doesn't take much to get the job done. I love that it doesn't have any weird smell and that it's not super thick.





Meilleur lubrifiant qualit /prix

Wow! Aussi peu cher pour de la qualit , c'est super! Le lubrifiant fait un excellent travail, sans odeur, facilement lavable, bref je le rach terai assur ment !!


Very good lube

Very good lube for the toys we both like it


Best value for lube anywhere

We have bought a few of these and they are by far the best value for lube we have ever seen. It doesn't smell bad or more importantly taste bad. It stays wet for a good amount of time.



The lube does not get sticky as soon as KY lybe


love it

makes my toys super slippery and doesn't dry out as fast as others ive used


Pink Cherry ROCKS!

Buy it, try it and you ll love it!! It doesn t get much better than this!


Great Lube!

This is a great value for your money.. not sticky and very smooth for toys!



The wife and I love this product!


Best lube for the $$$

We love this lube, work great, doesn't smell and for the price paid it's amazing.

We buy about 2 to 4L per year (doing lube bath it's amazing!).



Just perfect. Why would you buy some other


Decent lubricant for normal play.

This lubricant does more then enough for normal sex, any toys and its a bit thin.


Great stuff

I like it even more than the fleshlube.


Nice lube

Probably the 2nd best lube I've had. Mild smell and tastes good. Feels amazing and cleans up fairly easy. The only thing with this type of lube is that it does need to be cleaned up, it won't just dry on its own.

Good stuff bought 2 bottles :)


Slippery but leaky

Overall a great lube, bought it for the pump top as fumbling around in the dark with a pour out style top usually ends with a huge puddle of lube on someone of in the bed, the quality of the product is geat but the pump top seems to be a bit leaky, so rather than a huge accidental puddle on the bed we have a occasional puddle on the nightstand.. for the price it's excellent


Lube me up

Great price, not sticky ,no weird smell ..will definitely buy this again in the future



Great product for use with toys, washed up quickly and easily. Doesn't get sticky like other brands. I will buy this again for sure!



we bought this lube with some toys and its really good stuff! dont need much and it really intensifies play... satisfied!!!


an absolute must

This product is very good and essential for any anal play. Lubricates nicely to avoid any pain.


My Go-To Lube

Excellent lube. Ever since using this lube ages ago, it's become the only one I buy.


I wish I had known sooner!

I've been using KY basic for YEARS. Now if only I could go back and fix that mistake. This stuff is great, not sticky, not too messy, and works awesome. I also love the pump style, makes everything really fast and simple in the heat of the moment.


Nice Lube

Nice lube. A little too watery for my liking but its my boyfriends new fav!


A bit sugary?

This lube is pretty decent, it s our dirty-porn-sex-lube because we feel the need to shower after we use this. Anyone with sensitivities should use caution, we found it has a sweet sugary taste, and that s not the greatest for our almighty holes.


Good Product

We bought it for the pump which is very useful and the product itself is great value plus it does its job well.


just right

This lube is amazing!!! you don't need a lot and it keeps you lubricated for a long time. Definitely worth it