How to Masturbate: Tips for Men & People with Penises

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How to Masturbate: Tips for Men & People with Penises


Generally speaking, masturbation is something that (probably) comes naturally to you. It’s not something you need to spend a lot of time thinking about or pondering the meaning of. You just - do it. 

Obviously, masturbating feels really good, whether you’re using a male masturbator or not, and that’s all the reason you need, really. It can also help you de-stress, sleep better, and even help with stamina. Yeah, the benefits of regular or frequent masturbation are very well documented. 

You probably have your go-to masturbation or stroking routine down, and it may or may not include one or more of the best male adult toys. When you really want to master the art of something, though, it never hurts to brush up on the basics. So, let’s get right into some of the top tips and tricks for a super-fantastic, dependably orgasmic stroke session. 

Oh, and in case you missed the title, this one’s for all you folks with penises!


Don’t Skip the Prep 

There are almost definitely times when all you want or need is a quickie stroke session to clear the proverbial cobwebs. For those times, all you’ll need is a closed door, a surface, if you like to masturbate lying down, something to catch the aftermath (tissue, sock, a nearby glass, a close-ended male masturbator sex toy), and maybe a phone. 

Other times, you might be craving more of an experience. You’ll still want to have some sort of receptacle handy, but you can also spend some time setting up your space. If you’re into candles, light ‘em up. If you’re like to stroke it to the beat of a specific song, cue up Spotify or your stereo. Lock the door, get your favorite porn or video set up, and settle into a comfortable position that may or may not include one of our 9 creative masturbation positions for men and people with penises. However, you like to get in the mood, do it! 


Know Your Erogenous Zones

Sometimes, you’ll just want to head straight to your penis and set up shop, but focusing on your entire body can get you in touch with deeper sexual pleasure. Start by simply running your hands over your skin. Touch your chest, your upper arms, your thighs. Use your fingernails to lightly scratch your skin, or try gently tugging on your hair. Touching yourself all over not only activates pleasure receptors and speeds up sexual arousal, but also helps you tune in to how your whole body feels as you’re masturbating.  

What feels good for you will be unique to you and your own individual body. The thighs and testicles/scrotum are better-known male erogenous zones, but many men and AMAB folks find their nipples to be extremely sensitive, too. The perineum and anus are positively packed with nerve endings and are often extra sensitive, so try giving those areas a little or a lot of attention while masturbating.  

Not only can stimulating all your erogenous zones make your climax a sheets-twisting, headboard-banging, hope-the-neighbors-didn't-hear experience, but you’ll be able to tell a sexual partner exactly how you like to be touched.


Try Edging 

Edging is a masturbation technique. It involves bringing yourself riiiiiight up to the point of orgasm and then stopping. Usually, you’ll do this a few times before finally letting yourself go. Many penis-owning people find that not only are their orgasms extremely intense after an edging session, but they’re able to last longer during partnered sex.   

There are plenty of sex toys that you can use to assist with your edging sessions, but when it comes right down to it, you really don’t need anything more than your hand, and one of the best lubes for male masturbation. 

Pay Some Attention to Your Prostate

Wait! Before you dismiss prostate play as a masturbation option, it might help to know that you don’t necessarily have to put anything in your butt to enjoy prostate stimulation. It’s completely possible to stimulate your p-spot from outside your body, although more direct prostate stimulation is the preferred method for many prostate massage practitioners. 

To target the super-sensitive prostate while masturbating, and maybe even experience an orgasm that’s been dubbed ‘the Super O’, you’ll need to a) be comfortable penetrating your butt with a well-lubed finger or a prostate massage toy, or b) get familiar with your perineum.

If you’re using a toy or a finger to stimulate your p-spot internally, you’ll want to angle your finger or toy upward once you’re approximately 3-4 inches inside your butt. That said, most prostate massage toys are already curved or angled, so they’ll target your prostate with minimal effort.

If you’d like to try stimulating your prostate from the outside, experiment with pressure on your perineum, which is the area between your anus and your balls. Press upward, try firm circles, or even taps. 

Both methods can send jolts of sexual pleasure through your entire body. Combine prostate stimulation with stroking, and you’ve got a masturbation session you won’t forget about anytime soon.


Throw in a Toy or Two

We talked a bit about prostate massagers, but anal toys are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential masturbation sex toys. 

There are literally thousands of strokers, sleeves, and other male masturbator sex toys available, from super-lifelike porn star inspired models, and automatic blowjob machines, to full-sized butts and classic self-contained masturbators. If you’re feeling a little bored with your routine, there’s no time like the present to give your hand a break and try one.


Mix Up Your Media 

Chances are, you have a go-to adult site or some specific video(s) that do the trick when you want a quick in-out stroke session. Great! If you’re looking for some erotic inspiration for your sexual fantasy that’s a little off the beaten path, so to speak, try some classic nudie magazines or even written erotica. Yes, many humans, and men, stereotypically, are very visual creatures, but that doesn't mean that words can’t turn you on! Ever had a sexual partner whisper something ridiculously sexy in your ear? Enough said.


Clean Up 

If you live alone, and don’t need to worry about visitors popping in with no notice, you might not technically need to be vigilant about certain types of post-stroking clean up. Still, it doesn’t take much to toss that sock into the hamper instead of the floor, or to gather up the tissues piling up around the TV. If nothing else, it’s one less thing you’ll need to do later!

If, on the other hand, you like to use a pocket pussy, mouth masturbator, or any other type of sex toy when you masturbate, clean up is not something you can skip. After each and every use, please properly clean your toys. A dirty sex toy can and will harbor bacteria, germs, dust, and other nasties, so if you don’t already, get into the habit of immediately cleaning your toys. Seriously. You can nap later.


Wrapping It All Up

Masturbation is a normal, healthy part of life. Sometimes, it might be how you start and end your days, sometimes you may let a partner watch, and other times, it’s just for you. However you choose to spend your alone time, the main goal is always sexual satisfaction and pleasure. So, whether you’re a brand-new stroker looking for tips, you came here for some male masturbation inspiration, or you’re in the market for a mind-blowing new masturbator sex toy, we wish you health, happiness, and plenty of orgasms!


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