9 Creative Masturbation Positions for Men & People With Penises

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9 Creative Masturbation Positions for Men | PinkCherry


There’s no need to beat around the bush about it (yes, we had to); for most of us, masturbation is a regular part of our days and/or nights. Some of us like to make a sexy ritual of it, and others like to get in and get out using their favorite sex toy. For other penis-havers, stroke sessions fall somewhere in between. Whatever flies your kite, as we like to say. Maybe, though, you’ve been feeling a bit ho-hum about your masturbation routine lately and are looking for one or more ways to pleasure-ize your alone time? If so, read on.


Today, we’re looking into nine masturbation positions and techniques for men and people with penises. Some may be familiar, while others may be totally new to you. Some are great for beginners (we all have to start somewhere!), some are expert level, and some are right in the middle. Grab some lube (we’ve got a great guide on how to choose the best masturbation lube) and try one, try three, or try ‘em all.


Easy Masturbation Techniques

Worried that you’ll need to be as flexible as a gymnast or a Cirque du Soleil acrobat to experiment with masturbation positions? Don’t be. These simple stroking techniques don’t require a ton of core strength, flexibility, or even energy. In short, you’ll be able to fully focus on the task at hand, whether you’re using your literal hand, or a favorite male masturbator/penis stroker.  If you’re a true beginner, you might want to brush up on how to masturbate before you get going.


1. Lying on your Back

We’ll start with a favorite, and one of the most common male masturbation and general penis stroking positions. Whether you lie down flat on your back or rest your lower back and head on pillows, a wall, or a headboard, you’ll be comfortable and ready to go with this classic position.


When lying down, your body is relaxed and supported. Plus, you’ll have full, unobstructed access to your penis, balls, and butt.


As a bonus, you’ll usually have a good line of sight to your tv, computer, or phone screen, which may or may not be playing your favorite porno or flashing erotic pics.


For a variation on this classic position, try bending your knees, and placing a pillow under your hips to elevate your pelvis. Then, lean back against more pillows so your head and shoulders are elevated, too. This position will help you reach your butt and perineum (‘taint) better. If you’re a fan of adding anal sex toys like butt plugs, prostate massager, or anal beads to your stroke session, this is a great position to be in.


2. Standing Supported

We started with a favorite horizontal masturbation position, and now we’re flipping over to vertical. Standing is another favorite masturbation technique, and one that you’ll be very familiar with if you like to masturbate in the shower. 


The one issue with this position relates to balance. If you don’t have a ton of core strength, or are dealing with some mobility challenges, it can be difficult to hold the standing position while climaxing. Actually, anyone could potentially tip over if their orgasm is powerful enough! 

A quick and easy solution is to lean against something solid as you masturbate. A wall works well, or a closed (ideally locked) door.


While standing, you’ll have full access to your penis and testicles. If you like a little anal play as you stroke, just spread your legs a bit. Like the lying down position, you’ll have a great line of vision to your screen or chosen masturbation inspiration when you’re stand-up stroking.


Intermediate Masturbation Techniques

Mastered the basics? Great! Let’s stroke on to some intermediate masturbation options. Fair warning: some of these require a little bit more core strength, so if you’ve been looking for a good reason to get back into those crunches, here it is.


3. Seated Stroking

This one might not seem like it belongs in an intermediate category, but bear with us. Yes, sitting is easy, and stroking is, for the most part, easy, but sitting while stroking requires some finesse. Specifically, it involves some strategic testicle placement.

The trick to masturbating sitting down comes down to choosing your chair wisely. As comfy as your favorite armchair might be, it’s probably not the best option. Why? Well, you need to make sure that your balls don’t end up uncomfortably squished. In a deep, plushy chair, you’ll be sitting too low for maximum ball clearance. If you have a recliner, on the other hand, you may be able to use the footrest to help elevate your hips.

In most other cases, you’ll need to sit on the edge of your chair, letting your scrotum hang free. A stool could also work, but you might appreciate the optional back support of a standard chair.

Seated stroking gives you the full-body access of both lying down and standing, plus a fantastic view of your screen, if you’re using one. It’s also a perfect position for some of your more long-drawn-out sessions, and since you’re already sitting, you won’t have to worry about your knees buckling when orgasm hits.


4. Standing Unsupported, ie. “The Stand-Up Guy”

We’ve already covered some of the benefits of masturbating while standing (easy penis access, great line of sight to your chosen sexy visuals, etc.) while supported, but now we’re going to remove the wall/door or other solid object and go freestyle.


Again, if your core strength is a little lacking, you do run the risk of toppling over when orgasm hits, so keep those muscles engaged!


Now, ‘unsupported’ doesn’t mean that you have to stand in the middle of the room - although you can do that, if you want. You can definitely have a supportive piece of furniture, or a wall nearby to help balance, if necessary. If you’re stand-up stroking around a bed or couch, you can even use that piece of furniture to your pleasure advantage.


For instance, if your penis lines up with the height of your mattress or the top of the couch (or table, or counter etc.), you could position or hold a pocket pussy or vibrating masturbator against that surface and thrust into it. If you like to fantasize that you’re having sex, try using a super realistic mastubrator or even a sex doll. Bonus: the surface you’re stroking on or near can help catch you if you experience an over-the-top-intense orgasm.


Really, there’s just something freeing about being able to masturbate standing up without any support. You’ll never be stuck looking for a place to lie down or lean, so sweet release is always within easy, standing reach.


5. Lying Face Down

This is another masturbation that sounds easy enough, but in reality, it requires some stamina and also some creative pillow or prop usage, depending on how you choose to do it.


The simplest option requires nothing more than hip movement. Lying on your front, you’ll be able to rub and grind against the surface of the bed. This would be a great time to bring in a favorite (or brand new) pocket pussy - position or hold it, so you’re thrusting into it as your hips move.


If you want to get your hands in on the action, you may need to grab a pillow or two to help keep your hips elevated and off the bed. The pressure and weight of your body on your hands and penis while lying flat could definitely be a downer after a while.


Speaking of pillows, you’ll need another one to rest your head on. Being able to breathe is important! Plus, it’ll help position your head in the direction of any screen you might be watching.


Advanced Masturbation Techniques

Now, let’s bring it on home for all you pros, and give the newbies some inspiration. These advanced techniques require some flexibility, creativity, and a sense of stroking adventure. As a bonus, they let you access various body parts from unique angles.


6. The Ottoman Assist

When you first read the word ‘ottoman,’ you probably thought, ‘Sitting down again? I thought that was an intermediate masturbation position?’ Let us explain, jeez!


The ottoman assist is actually a version of the lying down position, only you’ll be lying across (surprise!) an ottoman instead of reclining against a flat surface. It’s a bit tricky, and you’ll need some strong neck muscles to maintain this position comfortably.


You’ll also need an ottoman for this one, so if you don’t have one, you’re either going furniture shopping, or adding this position to your bucket list. Sit on the ottoman (make sure it’s sturdy, and in good condition first, please) lengthwise, making sure your body is stretched across the longest point. Once you’re sitting on the edge with your feet flat on the floor, lay back across it, letting your head dangle off the edge.


In this particular position, your body forms an arch, with your hips naturally elevated. You’ll be able to easily reach your penis, balls, and butt, which is an obvious bonus. Plus, if your arm ever needs a break, you can always rest it on the edge of the ottoman.


If you need to be looking at a screen, this position presents a bit of a challenge. You may need to prop your phone up on something, or position your laptop creatively.


There is a downside to the ottoman assist position - it could make you feel a bit lightheaded, since your head will be lower than your torso. You shouldn’t remain in this position for too long, and if you feel uncomfortable or get dizzy, please stop. It’s also not a great choice or anyone with back issues.


7. Upside Down

Yes, you read that right, and no, we don’t mean (and would never recommend) stroking while standing on your head. You’ll be in what is essentially a plank position, with your feet higher than your head.  Obviously, this one requires lots of upper body strength and supreme balance.


Basically, you’ll start by crouching next to a wall, facing away. Then, balance on your hands and walk your feet up the wall until you’re in a diagonal position. You’re going to need one hand free to stroke, so you’ll probably want to rest on your elbows for more support and stability.


Aside from the sexy novelty of masturbating in a totally unique way, you might enjoy the head rush, too. Be sure to stop if you get uncomfortably dizzy, though - passing out is not sexy.


Masturbation Positions for Toys

For some penis-owning folks, there’s just nothing quite like using toys during masturbation. The obvious choice for stroking is a male masturbator or penis masturbation sleeve- and there are many, many styles of these to choose from. That said, plenty of other sex toys can come in very handy during solo masturbation sessions. For example, tons of anal toys, like prostate massagers and anal vibrators, can fit very, very well into your masturbation routine.


If you’re looking for the best male masturbator for you, check out our linked blog!


The following two positions are perfect if you or your penis-having partner is someone who loves toys. Really though, there aren’t a whole lot of masturbation positions for men / penis-owners that you couldn’t use a sex toy in!


8. Get On Your Knees

When a toy is involved, whether it’s a favorite automatic stroker or a combination of a classic pocket pussy and a butt plug for anal stimulation, you’ll want easy access to body parts you’re focussing on. You’ll also want to be able to relax and enjoy without having to concentrate on maintaining a complicated position. Kneeling is a great option for both of those ‘wants.’

To get into this position, kneel on the bed, floor, couch, or another surface with your knees approximately shoulder-width apart. Simple. You’ll be able to lean forward for support if needed, and you’ll have a sturdy surface to collapse onto after you climax.


9. On Your Side

Nice and easy. When a toy’s in play, you’ll probably want to keep it simple. Penis stroking on your side is about as simple as you can get.

In this comfortable masturbation position, your body will be fully supported. You’ll always have a hand free to operate your vibrating masturbation sleeve, or manually move your stroking sleeve. Plus, you can prop yourself up on the opposite elbow for a fantastic view of the pleasure proceedings.


Wrapping It All Up

No matter how you choose to indulge in a little or a lot of self pleasure and sexual stimulation, the important thing is, well, your pleasure! Masturbating is a normal, healthy part of life, and it’s also something that you’re probably going to be doing for a long, long time. So, why not have some fun with it? Today we’ve been over some great masturbation tips and position techniques, from beginner to advanced, and covered plenty of options for when you feel like going the sex toy route, too. Yeah, that should keep you busy for a while. Happy stroking!


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