How to Use a Penis Pump Properly

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How to Use a Penis Pump Properly


Pump, pump it up, pump the jam — or the cock. If having sweet, sexy erections is your jam, then you’re gonna wanna know more about penis pumps.

At a basic level, a penis pump is a vacuum device that creates a zone of negative pressure, making blood flow into your penis. Sexy, right? Actually it is sexy, given that all that blood flow makes for one big, beautiful erection.

Plus, as long as you know how to properly use a penis pump (and you’re comfortable with the possible mild side effects), you can have an erection practically any time you want! Hard-ons on demand? Yes, please.

So, do penis pumps really work and are penis pumps safe? Let’s take a deep dive and learn what you need to know when using a penis pump!


Can you use a penis pump recreationally?


While penis pumps are great for anyone looking for a low-impact erectile dysfunction treatment, they’re also a great option for those who just want to have fuller erections more of the time. Ever wished to see if you could get more girth going? Try a penis pump. No oral medication, penile implants, or voodoo rituals here.

And for men looking for erectile dysfunction treatment after having a spinal cord injury, prostate surgery, radical prostatectomy, or general sexual dysfunction, a penis pump can be an effective treatment for ensuring the health of your penile tissue. Your penis needs oxygenated blood to heal, and erections are the only natural way that occurs. Penis pumps can thus be used both for sex as well as for penile rehabilitation and tissue health.


What does a penis pump do exactly, and how should you use one?

Penis pumps (aka penile pumps) create a pocket of low pressure that forces blood up into the vacuum chamber. Your penis is the only route that blood can take, and as a result, you get a big, beautiful erection. 

You can safely use a penis pump anytime, anywhere. There are some guidelines you’ll want to follow for safety (which we’ll get to), but one great thing about penis pumps is that they’re flexible — you can use them as frequently as you want. 

The basic idea is that you place the penis pump over your cock (you can have a flaccid penis or be partially erect), press it against the base to make a seal, and then pump it up. Some penis pumps will do the actual pumping for you, while others require you to do it yourself (manual pump). The suction from the device pulls blood into your penis, giving you that satisfying, large, full effect you desire. 

If you want to keep your erection even longer, after using your penis pump, you should consider putting on a cock ring (aka penis ring) or constriction ring/constriction band after pumping. This helps limit the amount of blood flowing back into your penis. Many penis pumps come with cock rings, but you want to make sure yours fits your penis well.

One thing to note is that penis pumps do not result in actual penis enlargement. When you use a penis pump correctly, it will enhance your desired erection (and thus often make sexual intercourse that much more pleasurable), but it won’t make your cock bigger forever. So, if you find yourself asking, “What is the best penis enlargement pump?”or “How to extend penis with a penis pump?” It’s important to note that any change you experience in penile length or penis size, while extremely enjoyable in the moment, won’t last. And that’s OK — your cock is beautiful as is.

You should also be careful in using penis pumps if you’ve got a blood/blood vessel disorder or you’re on blood thinners (or have a history of clotting). This is because putting too much pressure on your penis in the vacuum chamber can lead to bleeding. But even if you don't have a penile condition, you should still be careful when using penis pumps to avoid penile injury.


How to use a penis pump for penis exercise

Contrary to every other muscle in your body, your penis doesn’t get oxygenated when you exercise. In fact, the only way for your penile tissue to get the oxygen it needs is through erections. If you’re not having enough erections, you may have penile issues.

Regardless of the sex you are or aren’t having, if your body is in good health, you’ll get nocturnal erections — boners while you sleep. As men age, sometimes this process starts to fail, and as a result, penile-tissue-saving oxygenated blood doesn’t get to your penis. And unless you find some other way of bringing oxygen to your penis, it can develop hypoxia, preventing you from getting that desired erection.


What is hypoxia, and why does it matter?

Hypoxia is a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. Hypoxia can be classified as either generalized (affecting the whole body), or local, when it affects a specific region of the body. Those who’ve undergone localized radiation therapy can also develop hypoxia in the affected area.


How to increase blood flow to the penis

The penile rehabilitation antidote to hypoxia is blood flow — getting oxygenated blood to the region. If you’ve developed hypoxia in your penis, a penis pump can be a great way of bringing good, oxygen-rich blood back into the region. As long as you use the penis pump as intended, you’ll get that increased blood flow, which is great for your penile health. (Fist pump!) Who says you need a penile implant or oral medication when you can rely on a penile pump?


Steps to using a penis pump

1. Before you use a penis vacuum pump for the first time, it’s a good idea to shave your pubic hair a bit. This will make it easier for the pump to seal against the base of your penis. Pro tip: the seal can be made a little easier or more comfortably by adding lube.

2. Insert your penis into the vacuum constriction device. You can have either a flaccid penis or an erection (or somewhere in between); the pump will do the rest.

3. Once the seal is on and comfortable, it’s time to remove the air from the chamber, lowering the pressure. This is done via either a mechanical pump or hand pump (manual pump), depending on the type of vacuum erection device you’ve got.

4. Once your erection is as big as you want it (great to have that choice, right?), use the quick-release valve to release the pressure. 

5. If you want to, put on a sexy, snug penis ring (cock ring), so your newfangled erection sticks around. Make absolutely sure your cock ring isn’t too tight, though, since this can result in pain, numbness, and other complications.


Pain when using a penis pump for exercises at the beginning

When you’re first getting used to using a vacuum penis pump, the area around the base of your penis may get a bit sore from the additional pressure it’s experiencing (against your pelvis). Don’t worry, though — your body will get used to the penis pump, and this discomfort will go away.

You may also experience pain if you create too much suction with the pump. Be careful here, because you don’t want to damage your beloved cock (no boner is worth that). There are also penis pump devices with vacuum limiters to deal with this.


What should you look for in a penis pump?

When selecting a penis pump, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, not all devices are FDA-approved, so they may not come with necessary safety features like a safety release valve. Don’t buy a penis vacuum pump without a safety release valve! You always want to be able to release pressure immediately if needed. And make sure you understand how to use it. Safety first during penis pumping. :)

Second, you get to explore what you want when it comes to the kind of penis pump you get. One fun choice point will be to water pump or not water pump? Water penis pumps like the Bathmate penis pump get incredible feedback, in part because water penis pumps apply pressure more evenly, making erections from them more uniform. 

You’ve got to be comfortable with getting wet, though — so likely a shower or bathtub activity pre-sex. Advantage: showering or bathing with a partner before sex is hot.

Finally, getting a pump with a vacuum limiter is a good idea. This helps with you not accidentally applying too much suction to your penis, thereby damaging that precious penile tissue.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun, enjoy yourself, and honor your body. Your schlong is sacred, and so are you.

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