Anal Sex Safety: Everything You Need to Know

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Anal Sex Safety


Besides being somewhat taboo in our society, anal sex does come with its own share of risks. In fact, one of the reasons why people knock butt stuff is that, technically speaking, the anus wasn’t designed for penetration. 


So, what can you do? Now, we’re not saying that means you shouldn’t try it. But it does mean you need to take a little more time to prepare beforehand and be cautious. After all, we are talking about your precious booty, here! Plus, you actually might be surprised by the benefits of anal sex.


If you’ve been wondering if anal sex is safe, check out PinkCherry’s breakdown of necessary anal sex safety precautions, so you can have some pleasurable fun without worry. If you’ve also been wondering about which anal toys are best for backdoor fun, we’ve got that covered here.


Tips to Make Anal Sex Safe

Have you ever wondered out loud, “is anal safe?” That’s totally natural! You’re definitely not alone. Luckily, we’ve got some of the top tips to help you have anal sex in the safest manner possible. That way, you and your partner can just enjoy the sensations and have a good time together between the sheets.


Lube, Lube, and More Lube

Did we mention lube? Lack of lube is a major cause of uncomfortable anal, and it usually inspires the question: Does anal sex hurt? One of the biggest causes of pain during anal sex is skipping the lubricant, or  not using enough. Unlike the mouth or vagina, your anus does not produce its own lubricant, which means you need to add your own. Water-based or silicone-based lubricants are both fine, but remember that water on its own does not count.


Patience is a Virtue

We’ve already mentioned the importance of taking your time beforehand, and this is where that time really comes into play. Your anal sphincter needs to relax to let anything penetrate without hurting. Take the time to use fingers, lips, or a tongue to gently massage the area. You’ll need to be patient and do your best to relax, so stay in communication with your partner and take your time.


We promise this erotic act is way better when both parties are relaxed and having fun!


Trim Your Nails

There’s nothing you want less than long nails scratching over such sensitive skin. Trust us; it’s not a good feeling. Especially when you move on to pushing that finger inside! Your anal canal is just not made to stand up to sharp objects, including human fingernails. Make sure no one is sporting a sharp manicure, no matter how nice it may look.


Add a Pillow

Most people find doggy style to be the most effective position for penetrative anal sex, both because it exposes the area, and it lets you relax on the bed. Some people find it easier to put a pillow or two under their pelvis to elevate the booty. This can help your partner sink in without going so deep as to hurt you.


Additionally, this allows your partner to have more control over their pace, so that if you need them to slow down or stop, they can do so without a problem. Just make sure that you clearly communicate your needs since you’ll be face down the whole time.


Is It Possible to Injure Your Anus?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to injure your anus or anal area. Your anal canal is made of delicately thin membranes, so it’s important to remember that, and trust your instincts. If anything starts to feel weird or painful, communicate it to your partner immediately. If you notice any bleeding after you’ve had anal sex, you should monitor it.


If the bleeding continues for more than a few minutes or you see more than a few tiny drops of blood, you should go to the hospital and get yourself checked out. It might be the most embarrassing moment of your life, but your health is worth so much more than your blushes, and we promise you: doctors have heard it all before.


Can You Get an Infection from Anal?

Now for the not-so-good news. It is very possible to get an infection from unprotected anal sex. Even the cleanest rectum still contains fecal matter, which, as we all know, carries a lot of harmful bacteria in it. We highly recommend using a condom in order to act as a barrier against anything that might potentially cause a problem.


Important note: if you’re switching from penetrative anal sex to vaginal sex, be sure to take off the condom you used for anal and put on a new one before you penetrate the vagina. People can get infections from their own feces, and there’s nothing worse than knowing you could have prevented a vaginal infection for your partner. With anal sex, overly cautious is completely acceptable – in fact, we encourage it!


Are There Any More Serious Long-Term Risks?

Other than the potential for a bacterial infection or (STI) sexually transmitted infection, there aren’t any serious long-term risks to having unprotected anal sex. There’s the old urban legend that says anal sex will permanently stretch out the muscles and make you incontinent, and there’s also a rumour that having anal sex can make your butt bigger. Both of those are false, and have no scientific merit. 


You may have the urge to use the bathroom when you and your partner have finished, but that’s not a sign of anything unusual or wrong. In fact, using the bathroom after sex is an excellent way to flush everything out of your system and is completely natural.


Are There Any Signs I Shouldn’t Have Anal Sex?

The only signs that you shouldn’t have anal sex are pre-existing hemorrhoids, as we discuss in the next section, and emotional reservations. That second one isn’t something to scoff at; you should always trust your gut when it comes to sex (no pun intended). If your heart is telling you that, even after going over all of the safety tips, you still aren’t ready for anal sex, then that’s totally fine!


Again, while anal sex can be pure bliss, you should never feel pressured into it. Even if you’re willing to do some things with your partner, that doesn’t mean you’re eager to do everything. And that’s completely ok! It’s your body, and if something is telling you that you shouldn’t have anal sex, then it’s best to simply listen.


Hemorrhoids- What They Are and How to Avoid Them

Let’s be honest - hemorrhoids are pretty painful, and no one wants to deal with them. But if you have them already, you probably won’t want to have anal sex anytime soon. They’re swollen veins and can happen from any number of things, although sadly, they aren’t uncommon. Many adults experience them as they age, but you should be careful not to cause them with anal sex.


When you strain the muscles around the anus for extended periods of time, veins in and around your anus can swell, protrude, become painful and even bleed. Hemmorrhoids are usually caused by constipation, but anal sex can sometimes trigger them, especially if you have them already. That being said, safe anal sex doesn’t often cause hemorrhoids, although it can definitely irritate them.


How to Avoid STIs

Avoiding STIs with anal sex is pretty much the same as avoiding them with vaginal sex. Condoms are the most effective way to stop the spread of infections and STIs. Additionally, if you’re using a sex toy in the bedroom, then you should always clean them thoroughly after every use. Pretty simple, right?


In Conclusion

For anyone who has ever wondered: is it safe to have anal sex? we can definitively say yes, assuming that you follow some necessary precautions. As long as you and your partner remember to play it safe, there’s no reason why you can’t have pleasure-pumping fun exploring the backdoor and all of the toe-curling orgasms it can bring!



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