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Is Masturbation Healthy For Men? | PinkCherry


Ancient cave paintings, frescoes, and statues show us that men have been masturbating for as long as they have been making art about it, and probably even longer than that. By now, masturbation has become ingrained as part of the male, or penis owner’s experience, sexual activity, and overall sexual behavior. It’s still reflected in our art nowadays, in jokes, movies, TV shows, masturbation toys for men, and everything under the sun. But is it healthy for men to masturbate? And how often should men masturbate?


Luckily for guys who might have been wondering ‘is masturbation good for men?’, the answer is yes. There is plenty of research about the health benefits of masturbation for men. And at PinkCherry, we’re ready to break down the details of the various mental and physical benefits so that the next time you decide you’re ready for a five-finger discount on pleasure, you’ll know you’re really doing right by your body.


What the Research Says

Let’s face it: no matter what science says, men are going to masturbate. It’s fun, it gives you pleasure, and it’s a good way to spend some quality time with yourself. It may not be something that you can discuss in polite society, but there’s nothing wrong with spending part of your evening stimulating your body in new and exciting ways.


All of the research done on the subject unanimously agrees that masturbation is a healthy and normal process for most men and should be experienced without shame or guilt. However, if you decide that masturbation just isn’t your style, there are no issues there either. While there are some health benefits to male masturbation, abstaining is unlikely to cause any harm, and we’ll dive into that below.


But just for fun, here are a few important points to remember the next time you feel like getting frisky with yourself.


No Side Effects

Some religious and societal beliefs discourage the practice of masturbation by spreading misinformation about the potential negative side effects of masturbating. Remember that one about growing hair on the palms of your hands? Yeah, that’s not a thing. 


There are no physically harmful side effects to masturbation. There are plenty of reasons why some men choose not to masturbate, but if you’re only abstaining because you’re worried about something bad happening, you can shrug that worry off.


It Doesn’t Decrease Your Libido

Some men worry that too much self-love will decrease their desire to be with a sexual partner, but this is usually not the case. Your libido may even be stimulated by masturbation. However, if you want to keep your partner involved, invite them for a session of mutual masturbation, Skype with them, or just ask them to watch you.


Watching you pleasure yourself may be enough to get them in the mood for some serious intimacy afterward while you recover and reward them for being such a good audience.


Variety Is the Spice of Life

This isn’t about various masturbation techniques (although we could talk about those for hours!), but rather the amount of pressure you use when stroking yourself. Some men have found that they prefer a tighter grip, but if you spend too much time with a very tight hold, you may decrease the sensitivity of the penis, which may make it more difficult to cum in the future.


Remember to vary the pressure, and try interspersing lighter strokes or brushes along the tip as well to retain your natural sensitivity. It’ll feel good in time, and it’ll also help you if you choose to engage with a partner.


5 Benefits of Masturbation for Men

There are plenty of awesome benefits of masturbation and different techniques on how to masturbate for men to consider. Masturbation can help reduce stress, decrease the risk of prostate cancer, earn some extra income, improve mood, and can help make sex better. Not only does regular masturbation increase sexual satisfaction, but it can also help overall sexual health and sex lives. Check out these benefits in-depth below.


Reduce Stress

Plenty of men take advantage of the influx of endorphins after a good session of playing with themselves to reduce stress. When the world feels like too much, it is always good to take some time alone and enjoy something special.


Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

In the past few years, a study has shown that frequent orgasms and sexual stimulation, approximately one per day, can reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer. This science still needs to be verified and should not be used in place of medical recommendations and regular exams, but it’s a good thing to know that you’re taking care of yourself in more ways than one.


Get Happy

Does masturbation increase testosterone levels? What about endorphins? Endorphins aren’t the only thing that gets released when you have some alone time. Serotonin and dopamine, the pleasure chemicals, are let loose in your brain as well. These can help improve your mood and may leave you feeling happy and relaxed. If you’ve just dealt with a hard day and don’t want to take your frustration out on other people, you should consider getting rid of that tension, and turn it into a positive experience by pleasuring yourself.


Make Some Money

This one is a financial benefit and not directly related to your health, but sperm banks are ready and willing to pay you money if you’re willing to donate your semen. Most sperm banks will pay you around $60 for each collection and will allow you to donate a few times a week. It might be a nice way to earn a little bit of extra money while you have some erotic fun of your own.


Enjoy Better Sex

Who doesn't want a better sex life and everything that comes with it?  The expression ‘know thyself’ is an important one, especially when it comes to your body. When you know what you like and what gets you off, you can tell your partner, which may help them learn to pleasure you in more ways than one. As an added bonus, when you tell your partner what you like, that will make them feel more confident about telling you what they like, so both of you have more  satisfying sexual experiences.


Start Reaping the Benefits

If you’ve ever wondered is masturbation healthy for men, you can rest easy now knowing that it certainly is. Masturbation is completely normal and a fine way to satisfy yourself. Not everyone will choose to participate in it, but if you do and you’re getting tired of just working with your hands, try giving one of our male masturbators a sensual spin. At PinkCherry, we believe the masturbation possibilities are endless!



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