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Nipple Stimulation And Orgasm Guide


There's a common misconception that women can only achieve orgasm through clitoral or G-spot stimulation. But did you know that plenty of folks can climax without any genital contact? Erogenous zones, like the nipples, can make sex hotter and way more intense. With the right amount of nipple stimulation, you can even reach the big "O" and find pleasure you never thought possible. Let's explore the world of nipple play so you can make your next solo playtime or partnered adventure something you'll never forget.

Why is Nipple Stimulation Pleasurable?

Nipple stimulation feels amazing. But why, exactly? A 2011 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine explains how nipple play triggers a pleasure response in the brain. Participants were asked to touch various parts of their bodies while being observed under functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) — sounds like a study we'd like to take part in. The findings suggested that the sensations experienced from nipple stimulation travel to the brain in a similar fashion to those from the clitoris, vagina and cervix. It's no wonder many women achieve nipple orgasms! They also found that erotic contact with the breasts and nipples released oxytocin, the "happy hormone." The coveted nipplegasm is just one of many types of orgasms that are possible, but it might be the most...titillating. 

Misconceptions About Nipple Stimulation

Due to the historically taboo nature of nipple play, there are some common myths and misconceptions surrounding it. For example, while some individuals thrive on erotic nipple stimulation, others may discover it's not for them at all. The only way to find out if you or your partner like nipple play is to experiment. Bedroom research is part of the fun! Furthermore, nipple stimulation doesn't just work for women. Theoretically, everyone can have a nipple orgasm – yes, even men! 

Titillating Facts About Nipple Stimulation in Men and Women

These findings from a 2006 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shed a little more light on nipple stimulation — and just how arousing it can be for everyone. The research questionnaire was given to 301 sexually experienced participants (148 men and 153 women).

Of the female participants:

  • 81.5% reported that nipple stimulation caused or enhanced sexual arousal.
  • 78.2% stated that nipple play increased their arousal if they were already turned on sexually.
  • 59.1% said that they routinely ask for their nipples to be touched during sex.
  • Only 7.2% reported that nipple stimulation actually decreased their sexual arousal.

Of the male participants:

  • 51.7% reported that nipple play led to or enhanced sexual arousal.
  • 39% stated that nipple stimulation increased pleasure if they were already aroused.
  • Only 17% had ever asked a partner to stimulate their nipples during sex.
  • Just 7.5% found that nipple play actually decreased their sexual arousal.

There you have it — scientific proof that your nipples deserve love. If you haven't explored the world of nipple play yet, you owe it to yourself (and your partner) to find out if it's right for you!

Nipple Stimulation: Tits and Tricks

Every body – and every nipple – is unique. What turns one person on may have the opposite effect for someone else. But if you're just stepping into the world of nipple play, there are tons of fun things to try! Here are some pointers to get you started — and maybe on your way to a glorious nipple orgasm.

Start Slow

No need to go hot and heavy right out of the gate. Slow, sensual nipple play can bring your partner to the edge and make them beg for more. In fact, many people enjoy the sensation of warm breath on their nipples before anything even touches them physically. The giver should slowly build in intensity until finding what's right for the receiver.

Try Circles

Start by circling the areola – the pigmented portion of the breast around the nipple. This draws blood to the area and can initiate arousal. You can try this with your fingers, your mouth or a vibrating sex toy (more on those later!).

Increase Intensity as Necessary

When the nipples harden, that's a surefire sign of arousal. While some individuals may not need any further encouragement, many find that increased intensity works well at this stage. Try gently pinching, twisting or flicking the nipples. If your partner responds positively, try going even harder.

Use Your Mouth

For lots of people, mouth-to-nipple contact is an instant turn-on. Take your partner's nipple into your mouth and slowly circle it with your tongue. If the receiver's breathing becomes heavier, try sucking – or even biting – the nipples. Just take note of your partner's cues, and make sure he or she has safe words to communicate should the pain or pressure become too intense.

Try Flying Solo

If you've never incorporated nipple stimulation into masturbation, give it a go! Spending time with your body is the best way to understand what you enjoy. First, take some long, deep breaths to relax. Tease yourself by stroking other erogenous zones, like your thighs or stomach, and then slowly work your way to your nipples. Try different things to see what feels best to you. Then, bring yourself to the brink of an orgasm, back off and repeat. When you just can't take it anymore, let go and enjoy the rush!

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

The world of nipple play is vast. Take time and try lots of things. If slow and sensual is your thing, incorporate massage oil into your sexy time. Do you like things a little rougher? Try some nipple clamps or suckers that are sure to maximize your pleasure. Do you and your partner both thrive on nipple play? Try mutual nipple stimulation by experimenting with different positions, like a nipple 69.

Toys to Help You Achieve a Nipple Orgasm

When it comes to nipple stimulation, there's nothing wrong with using your fingers, lips or tongue to tease, flick or pinch. But if you're ready to broaden your sexual horizons, there are plenty of toys that can make your sexcapades even more thrilling.

Finger Vibrators


Nea Bullet Finger Vibe


Finger vibrators are a fun, naughty way to stimulate the nipples. At PinkCherry, we carry a wide selection of finger vibes in dozens of styles, materials and colors. Whether you enjoy focused or generalized stimulation, there's a toy for everyone. Check out the Slay #ArouseMe Rechargeable Vibe , which delivers deep vibrational pleasure to any erogenous zone. Made from silky smooth silicone, this finger vibe slides on seamlessly. Best of all, the Teaser features twelve tingly patterns of throbbing vibration, so you're sure to find that perfect sweet spot for your sweet spot.  

Nipple Stimulators

nipple play Advanced Nipple Suckers in Pink 


If you or your partner like things a little (or a lot) more intense, there's a whole world of nipple stimulators for nipple play. From clamps to pumps and suckers, you're sure to find something to titillate your senses. Try the Nipple Play Mini Nipple Suckers In Purple . These delightful suckers provide intense suction and stimulation wherever they're placed, making them perfect for your next naughty nipple play session. Simply press the Sucker against the skin to create a seal and gently squeeze. You can even use them on other parts of the body. Let your imagination run wild!

Explore Nipple Stimulation with Toys from PinkCherry

Don't let your sex life go tits-up! Whether you're just now dipping your toes in the nipple play pool or are looking for creative ways to enjoy what you already love, PinkCherry can help. Browse our collection of sex toys to find the perfect combo for your next romp.

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