6 Best Sex Positions with Toys

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6 Best Sex Positions With Toys | PinkCherry


Newsflash! Sex and toys are a hot combo! If you recently discovered a new adult toy while browsing online, reading your favorite blog, or even attending a sex toy party, odds are you’re probably wondering what sex positions are best to try it out!

We, here at PinkCherry, know that adult sex toys can be a little intimidating for people who’ve never used them before. Even if the use is, well, very apparent, sometimes it can be challenging to know when to use them. Some of this comes down to personal preference, but you can just consider this as a set of guidelines.

Ready to spice up your sex life and explore some different positions for your next sexual romp? Let’s dive into some of the naughtiest sex positions with toys!



It may be a classic, but there’s no reason that you can’t spice it up with a few toys. Depending on your personal preferences, this sex position could be a great place to use a clitoral vibrator since the vibrations will be pressed between you and your partner’s bodies, allowing both of you to enjoy them.

Another option for some good vibrations is to use a vibrating cock ring. It’ll stop your partner from finishing before the night is over, and it’ll provide some extra stimulation to take the missionary position to the next level. 

Remember, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Missionary gets a bad reputation for being boring or unoriginal, but not everything in sex needs to be revolutionary. Simply put, it only needs to feel good to be good. So, if things feel good with some extra vibrating toys in missionary, we give this sexual position two thumbs up!


Doggy Style

What better way to show off your sexy anal plug than with doggy style? Shake that gemstone-studded booty for your partner to drive them absolutely wild while they’re getting ready for penetration.

This anal plug is made from aluminum alloy with no nickel, so it’s one of the completely hypoallergenic sex toy materials available and works with any type of lubricant. Plus, it’s easy to wash in between your erotic romps. The lovely red heart gem helps you remind your partner you love them as you wiggle around suggestively, enhancing the foreplay and setting the mood to fiery hot!

The plug can be a prelude to anal sex, or you can have vaginal sex from behind. As your partner thrusts into you, the motion of their hips will also move the anal plug, sending sparks shooting throughout your entire body and stimulating nerves you didn’t even know you had! Oh my!


Woman on Top

Girls gotta have fun! Sometimes you need to take charge of your own pleasure and leverage your partner for all they’re worth. We promise that they’ll be plenty aroused watching you take the reins! Just climb aboard, and grab your favorite vibrator while you go to town.

When you’re enjoying some hot, sexy pleasure, use the vibrator to help you climax and loosen up your muscles a bit. Plus, orgasming first will help your vagina produce some extra slickness to ease the way for your partner. Obviously, we recommend using lube in addition to whatever your body naturally provides, but it can feel really nice to slide down while you’re still just this side of too sensitive.

Of course, once you’re up there, you can still use that vibrator to come again and again. If your partner has a penis, they might also like the stimulation from the vibrations traveling through your body too. Depending on how high of a level you set the wand vibrator to, they may become over-sensitive, though, so check frequently. You’re on top, so you’re in charge! Enjoy, again and again!


Spread Eagle

Now we’re starting to get a little kinky. If you and your partner are interested in trying out a little bit of bondage, this sexual position is a good one, to begin with. You’ll need restraints to keep you or your partner in place, but remember that they shouldn’t be too tight.  

Once one of you is tied down, you’re deliciously exposed for the other one to really take their time. At this point, anything goes. Pressing soft kisses all over your body, taking you hard and fast, or whatever else they want to do, you’re completely at their mercy.

Just make sure you and your partner have a clear-headed conversation before things start getting hot and heavy, so you’re both clear on the expectations of what’ll be happening. Some surprises are good, but this is a sexy andS vulnerable situation everyone should be prepared for.



Why only let one partner enjoy the adult toy when you both could use it at the same time? Well, with a double-headed dildo, you can! Both of you can slide down onto your respective sides of the dildo for an experience that is sure to bring you closer as a couple.

One advantage of double-headed dildo is that you both can find the depth that works best, instead of accommodating or compromising. The only caveat? You’ll need to be relatively in sync with your movements and thrusts, so the dildo doesn’t slip out of either person, but you have a little more freedom to see what works best for you. 

If you want an even more enhanced experience, you can try out a double-headed vibrating dildo. The two of you will soon be squirming in each other’s embrace as the vibrations amp up through an external control or even an app on your phone. May the wonders of sexy technology never cease!


Spoon Swoon

If you want to really swoon, give your partner the chance to reach around you with a vibrating toy that can stimulate every nerve in your body. Start out tame and run the bullet vibrator over your arms, legs, inner thighs, and nipples. Anywhere can be an erogenous zone with the right toys.

Once you’re feeling loosened up, let your partner lift your top leg so that they can bring the toy where you really want it. Or you can be in charge of the toy while your partner lifts your leg up, so they can relax and enjoy the lovely view.

Either way, we’re betting that you’ll be wanting them inside you in no time flat. At that point, they’ll likely want to get in on the action too and will be ready to involve themselves somehow or take their turn with the toy. Sharing is caring, after all!


In Summary

Now that you have some great ideas of how to use sex toys in the hottest positions, it isn’t so intimidating to think about incorporating them, right? You can even use long distance sex toys and sex toy furniture in your steamy calls. It’s all a matter of knowing how you want your pleasure served. If we gave you any new ideas, feel free to browse our wide selection of sex toys for couples to make your next pleasure session hot and heavy. We’re sure to have just the thing you’re looking for. After all, you can never have too many sex toys!







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