7 Sex Myths & Tips Debunked

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7 Sex Myths Busted By PinkCherry


"Size matters.


"Men only have one thing on their mind.


"No erection, no pleasure." 


If any of these sex tips sound familiar, you're not alone. What if we told you none of them were true? 


Everyone encounters myths about sex at some point in their lives, especially during their teenage years. But those myths are just that — myths. And, unfortunately, some sex myths continue on well into adulthood. When this happens, it can affect your sexual experiences and inhibit your chances of experiencing pleasure. 


We're exploring some of the most popular myths about sex and debunking these widespread misconceptions. Knowing the truth will help you have more quality time in the bedroom — and we don't mean sleep. Continue reading to once and for all learn fact from fiction once and for all when it comes to these common sex myths.

Myth 1: Intercourse Alone Can Bring a Woman to Orgasm

According to a recent study, this sex myth is quite false. On average, only 20 to 30% of women experience orgasms via sexual intercourse alone. While it's possible to orgasm from penetration, women can commonly have orgasms from non-penetration practices like foreplay or through the use of various sex toys for women


Keep in mind, not all orgasms are the same, and a woman's orgasm may be different each time she has sex. For example, sometimes a woman may experience climax multiple times from penetration, and, other times, she may not. It's important to remember that this type of intercourse isn't required to have fantastic, mind-blowing sex. 

Myth 2: Men Must Ejaculate to Experience Sexual Pleasure

It's time we share a little secret: Whether solo or with a partner, men can experience immense sexual pleasure without ejaculating. In fact, having ejaculation as your endgame can make sex significantly less fun and even more challenging. 


Think of it this way — If you work feverishly to cause ejaculation, you lose sight of the whole point to having sex. Rather than focusing on "release," think about the act and the pleasure that comes with it. If you have a partner, spend some time and energy learning each other's sensual areas and forming both a sexual and emotional connection. You can even try using some sex toys for couples to get intimate on a new level. Putting this myth about sex to rest can really boost your experience and help you take it over the edge. 

Myth 3: Women are Less Interested in Sex than Men

This is another sex myth that's far from accurate. Men typically don't think about or have sex nearly as much as they claim. Some men exaggerate about how often sex crosses their minds and how much they have it each month. Why? They feel pressured to abide by a sexual stereotype that suggests they're more interested in sex than women. In reality, women and men have an equal amount of interest in sexual activity. This myth centers around social pressure and can often lead to stalled sex lives and damaged relationships. 

Myth 4: A Man Must Have an Erection to Enjoy Sexual Pleasure

While managing sex with erectile dysfunction may feel like a major block in your sex life, it doesn't have to be. And it certainly doesn't mean a man can't enjoy sexual pleasure. You and your partner can still have an intense sexual and sensual experience by touching and exploring each other's bodies with your hands or through the use of sex toys for men. The key is to have fun and embrace the chance to connect and get in tune with what brings you pleasure. 

Myth 5: If the Woman Doesn't Orgasm Multiple Times, It is a Sign of Sexual Inhibition

In order to address this myth about sex, we need to point out the importance of closeness and physical intimacy. Many women say their most satisfying sexual encounters have more to do with connection than orgasm. Even without climaxing, it's possible to feel intense pleasure and have a gratifying sexual experience. 

Myth 6: The Bigger, The Better

Let's put this sex myth to bed once and for all (pun intended): Size doesn't matter. Men often worry their penises aren't large enough, while women may feel their vaginas are too big or too small. During sexual arousal, however, both the penis and vagina lengthen and stretch to accommodate and eventually revert to their normal sizes afterwards. Keep in mind, worrying about the size of your genitals will only distract you from enjoying the pleasures of sex. Stay calm and be proud of what you've got! 

Myth 7: Sex Isn't the Real Deal Without Penetration 

Great, toe-curling sex doesn't need to include penetration. In fact, you'd be surprised at how aroused you and your partner can get when you try alternative techniques. Studies show few people born with vaginas can reliably orgasm solely through penetration. Everyone else with a vagina requires clitoral stimulation to really get things going. We recommend getting adventurous and sensual with your hands, mouth and more. Get creative, think outside the box and, most of all, have fun with it! 

Forget About Sex Myths with a Little Help from PinkCherry

When you buy into myths about sex, you can miss out on all the fun and passion that comes with exploring your body and forming a connection with your partner. PinkCherry is here to remind you that everyone is different and there's always a way to get the most out of any sexual experience. Our sex toys for couples, women and men are the perfect tools to help you get in the mood and keep things exciting. Get ready to be your authentic self in and out of the bedroom with our top-quality products. Shop our selection today! 



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