Oh, Oh, Oh! The Top 9 Sexy Christmas Gifts For A Not-So-Silent Night

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The Best Sexy Christmas Gifts 


Oh, snap! Christmas is around the corner and you still have to shop for the flirty folks in your life. You know. The BFF who likes to dish about their kinky sensual encounters. The partner who’s always DTHF - Down to Have Fun with a toy...or ten. Or the friend who’s  into erotic literature and self-care, aka, pleasure parties for one. These special people have delightfully unique tastes. So when it comes to Christmas shopping for them, a gas card or holiday sweater just won’t do. With ​sexy Christmas gifts​ from PinkCherry, you can rev up their engines and keep them happy and warm - in their beds. You’ll also show them that you truly do care in a more intimate way.

Now, we know what you’re thinking:

“How the heck do I buy ​erotic gifts ​for someone else?”

The answer is pretty simple.

You sit back, relax and get inspired with our list of ​sexy Christmas gift ideas ​for women, men and couples. Then once you’re done, hop on over to our ​web store ​and start putting some sultry Christmas spirit in your cart. The best part about doing this is while you’re playing babe or boy in Toyland, you’ll get to discover products that you probably never  considered before. So shop with a wide-open mind and think about what will get people’s sensual slay bells jingle-ing and ring-ting tingle-ing!

Sexy Christmas Gifts For Her

When shopping for your favorite ladies, remember G.V.A. - Good Vibes Always. Give your gal pals the gift of never-ending pleasure with a vibrator that’s become a pretty iconic bedside necessity - the ​rabbit vibrator​. It’s easy to see why ladies everywhere have loved this toy since the 90s. Rabbit vibrators are designed to give more intense sensations by providing vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time. In a nutshell, they make great ​erotic gifts​ because they offer more bang for your buck. They come in different shapes and girths, different materials like silicone or jelly rubber, and are available in more than one speed.

If you’re not sure where to start, this Natural Realskin 8 Inch Hot Cock #3 ​is a great option for newbies or seasoned sensual sirens. It’s easy to use and clean, and it’s made of an ultra-safe, seamless and virtually odor-free ABS Plastic material. And because this vibe is waterproof, it can make showers or tub time extra steamy.

Another option to consider is a ​suction vibrator​. This sex toy is great for people who love a lot of sensation with their sensual experiences. These modern pleasure tools are more subtle than vibrators and are designed to produce gentle, yet mind-blowing clitoral sucks and pulses. PinkCherry carries a lot of top-rated suction vibrator models, so you’re sure to find an option for every carnal need.

If you are looking for a sexy Christmas gift that’s been called a “gamechanger”. It’s the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 2 Air Pulse Stimulator. Satisfyer's signature Air Pulse sensation is completely unique and practically guarantees an orgasm or three. Ranging from gentle to greedy, a unique internal mechanism creates waves and pulses of pressure that throb and subtly suck at your or their sensitive areas. In hypoallergenic body safe silicone and velvety ABS plastic, the Pro 2 is easy to clean with warm water and antibacterial soap, or a good toy care fluid/foam. Gently remove the circular treatment tip to cleanse thoroughly. If you want to gift yourself or your partner with 365 nights of five-star erotic experiences, you know what to pick up now.



Sexy Christmas Gift ​Ideas For Him  

As we all know, boys love their toys. Doesn’t matter if it comes on four wheels - or  makes him cum four times. If that toy is fun, exhilarating and producing body-quaking orgasms, we know that he’ll love it. When buying ​erotic gifts ​for the special guys in your life, be adventurous and get them something that they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. Now, we’re not advising you to buy something they’ve objected to before. What we are saying is if you’re buying for someone who’s always in search of new bedroom thrills, no option is off the table.

If he likes power tools, he’ll enjoy ​Vick Neo Prostate And Perineum Massager ​. This small, yet mighty massager has been said to give “zero discomfort while maximizing pleasure.” As an ultra-pleasurable male G-spot essential, our prostate massager easily targets the sensitive, orgasm-enhancing sweet spot along the anal canal. Once it’s in place, the We-Vibe Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager's slick oval tip angles naturally toward the prostate gland. It’s length allows for perfect depth control, more customizable maneuvers and smoother insertion. And the massager’s multiple speeds of vibration gives the user the opportunity to find the perfect intensity for himself or a partner. The We-Vibe Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager is extremely easy to clean. It is waterproof and compatible with any kind of lube.

Get them a gift that’ll give them a helping hand and them make it through the season. The Precision Penis Pump Male Enhancer is a simple and straightforward enhancement tool designed to perfectly suit beginners and experts alike, the Precision Penis Pump features a classic, effortlessly effective design plus a skin-safe silicone cock ring to help maintain results. Firm and stable, the sleek pump chamber is surrounded at its entry point by a soft, stretchy latex sleeve to cushion and protect during use. Once comfortably in place, simply squeeze the pump ball to activate suction and watch the penis in question swell to full firmness potential.

And for the hands-on men in your life, the ​PDX Elite ViewTube 2 See-Thru Stroker​ ​puts love in every tug. This super-soft and stimulating sex toy will make your or your partner's penis look bigger, thicker, and overall spectacular. This stroker is ready to rock and/or roll with any water-based lube, and is as easy to clean as it is to use!

Erotic Gifts​ For Couples

If you need a ​sexy Christmas gift ​for two, don’t worry. We have you covered with toys made for those who love to double down on pleasure. When shopping for that special pair, consider the desires of both individuals. If you’re not sure about what they like, go for sex toys that can be used simultaneously by both so they can reach new sensual heights together.

For the couple that pegs together, the Fetish Fantasy Elite 8 Inch Strapless Strap-On was created to deliver a fantastic experience whether you're pleasing a partner or being pleased by one.  The Ultimate Strapless Strap-On's long, deeply pleasing shaft is held in place by the wearer's pelvic floor muscles (or a harness. if desired). A big, g-spot targeting bulb fits securely and pleasurably in your or their vaginal canal, offering a sturdy grip point.  At the opposite end of the Strapless Strap-On, the silky silicone probe is nice and long, offering lots of room for deep insertion; an upward tilt to the tip naturally targets a partner's g-spot, prostate, and other inner sweet spots. Any couple that gets this ​sexy Christmas gift ​is in for a good time all-around.

Help the couple you’re buying for to uphold that commitment to having safe and sensuous fun by letting them put a ring on it - a ​cock ring ​that is. Now, cock rings are nice for putting a substantial erection on hold in a pleasurable way. But when you add some good vibes to them, the situation becomes twice as nice. Vibrating cock rings​ have a bullet or mini vibe up top, on the bottom or in both places.  The vibrators are intended to line up with the partner’s clitoris, perineum and other external hot spots. This is why cock rings are a must-have for those long, wanton adult playtime sessions where the ultimate goal is for both people to finish deliriously happy and spent. One vibrating cock ring to consider is PinkCherry Vibrating Cock Ring ​. ​This cock ring is easy to use and simple to clean. It comes with an intense vibe that wiggles its ring and ears for extra stimulation. And with its budget-friendly price, you can grab one of these vibrating cock rings for yourself as well. Score!

When the D is so good, most people probably wish there was a way to have access to it 24/7. Well, now they can. Immortalize those wonder wands right at home with Clone-A-Willy. With the Clone-A-Willy ​clone a cock ​kit, couples can bring more heat to date nights or rainy days. This sensual, interactive kit has everything they need to make a vibrating, glow in the dark copy of that award-worthy willy. This sexy arts and crafts project has been a hit with customers, and we’re certain it’ll make a huge impression on the couple that’s lucky to receive it - even if that couple is you and your holiday honey.

PinkCherry wants to make Christmas hotter for people everywhere. That’s why we carry items that are perfect for gifting. So spread the cheer and get people grinning from ear to ear with ​sex toys for women​, ​male sex toys​ and ​sex toys for couples​ from us. Find the best ​sexy Christmas gifts ​at PinkCherry now.



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