Thanksgiving Sex: Stuff More Than Just the Turkey

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There are so many delectable items on the table at Thanksgiving: cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, gravy, stuffing and, of course, that sumptuous, perfectly cooked turkey. But you know what else is on the table that just might steal Tom Turkey's thunder? Thanksgiving sex

Some of you may have grimaced at the thought of getting stuffed while you're stuffed. But Thanksgiving sex can be just as sensual and satisfying as Halloween hijinks, Christmas copulation and an explosive New Year's nut. You just need to create the atmosphere and incorporate the right sex toys. Easy as pie!

Pre-Thanksgiving Sex Tips for Maintaining the Mood

For some, being around family members and all sorts of heavy food is the opposite of arousing. But for others, being able to steal private moments, risk under-the-table touches and whisper sweet nothings while the turkey is being carved is a recipe for a good time later on. Just remember to be respectful of your family members and their space if you're staying with them — nothing sours a sweet get-together like overly enthusiastic PDA. Besides, being secretive is all part of the fun. 

Tip #1: Don't Overeat

How dare we suggest this on Thanksgiving of all holidays, right? But for Thanksgiving sex to be comfortable, you can't be full to the brim with Grandma's cooking. You also can't be totally out of it. It's well-known that turkey makes you drowsy thanks to L-tryptophan, a collection of amino acids that help create serotonin, which is the true culprit behind that contented, sleepy feeling. Add carbs to the mix and you'll be falling asleep in front of the TV with the rest of the fam. 

The key to perking up after eating is to not only limit yourself to a reasonable portion or two, but to keep carb consumption to a minimum. That means giving a firm no to seconds or thirds on rolls and noodles. And maybe having a nice cup of joe.

You can also try to incorporate some tried-and-true aphrodisiacs to make sure you're really feeling good. Oysters and chocolate are known for their sex-enhancing properties. Oysters might be a little tricky to incorporate into Thanksgiving dinner, but chocolate should be easy to come by — especially if you're the one contributing a chocolatey treat to the dessert table. The scent of cinnamon can also get people riled up, particularly men, so be sure to really enjoy the apple cinnamon pies and tarts when they're served up.

Tip #2: Foreplay on the Down-Low

In everyday life, you and your partner probably don't have to be sneaky about showing affection to one another — and that's exactly what makes physical affection in stealth mode so enticing. Being mindful of how you touch and speak to one another around family means that every word and brush of the hand bears extra weight and meaning. That could mean playing footsie under the table, wrapping an arm around your partner's shoulders on the couch, or even just verbally expressing thankfulness and love for your partner in true Thanksgiving fashion. Building up to Thanksgiving sex offers endless opportunities for sensuality.  

Tip #3: Thanksgiving Minus Family

Not planning on going to Mom's for Turkey Day? That doesn't mean you can't enjoy Thanksgiving sex! Preparing a meal is a great way for you and your partner to spend time together and give each other a little assistance where needed (help stir from behind, perhaps?). Then, you have a romantic candlelit dinner for two with your favorite holiday music in the background.

Alternatively, you could go out for a special dinner on Thanksgiving. Try out the swanky place you've heard about but haven't had a chance to visit yet. Or, you could see if there are any restaurants that offer erotic dinner specials. Yes, you read that right. Erotic dinners include frisky waiters and waitresses who tease you and your partner as your courses are lavishly served to you. Who knows? On top of finding a new favorite dish, you might discover some new ideas for your next couples night. 

Thanksgiving Sex Positions with Toys on the Side

It's time for the main course: how to serve up some smooth moves for your most sensual Thanksgiving sex yet. With these positions and sex toys, you're sure to be feeling thankful. 

The Turkey Baster

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Even if you do try to limit which dishes you eat (and how much), you might still feel a bit too lazy for full-on sex by Thanksgiving night. Instead, grab some lube and baste each other up for a mutual masturbation sesh. You can get in just about any position you want as you jack yourselves — or each other — off, do some heavy petting, make out or whatever your heart desires. Your pleasure is literally in each other's hands!


If you made it back home on Thanksgiving night, you could create even more ambiance with sensual love toys, games and accessories. Light some candles, bust out a set of erotic dice or take the baste a step further with sensual, edible massage oil. You'll be left feeling so warm, you won't be able to wait until next Thanksgiving to do it again. 

The Gravy Boat

Keep warm inside and out by taking a luxurious shower or bath together. Or, if you're staying in a place with a hot tub (and you get permission to use it), you and your partner can have a romantic nighttime soak. From there, you can try out all sorts of positions and even incorporate waterproof sex toys that are sure to leave you feeling more contented than a bowl of mashed potatoes covered in hot gravy ever could. This is probably the most relaxing form of Thanksgiving sex, and it'll help you drift off to sleep before it's time to hit the streets for Black Friday.

The Butternut Squash

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Is there anything better than squishing in close beside your significant other, feeling warm and secure? There just might be, if you take your spooning to the next level. While you're curled up together, have your partner enter you from behind while holding you tight. Whether they're using their penis or a dildo, this position is simple, comfortable and incredibly pleasurable. You can also do it just about anywhere and keep it under wraps, as long as your moans of pleasure don't get too noisy. And remember to turn around and give your partner the same treatment!


Worried that your favorite sex toys might be too tricky to bring with you overnight to a family member's house? PinkCherry has you covered with discreet vibrators that pack as much power as their larger counterparts in a smaller, easier-to-hide package. Check out the rest of our recommendations for discreet sex toys as well! 

The Stuffing


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There's more than one way to stuff your partner this Thanksgiving. Whether pegging is a regular part of your routine or you're looking for an opportunity to finally figure out how to peg, making it the center of your Thanksgiving sex plans is sure to be a great idea. You can try pegging with an anal plug or a strap-on dildo, and penetrate your partner either vaginally or anally — there are plenty of options to tantalize your imagination in our pegging toys section! Just remember to make sure your partner is totally up for it, use plenty of lube and try to keep it quiet if you're staying with relatives. 

The Pumpkin Roll

Who says you have to stay in one position the whole time? If you're both feeling a little out of it after waking up early for the parade, eating a bunch of turkey and attempting to avoid politically-charged conversations with Uncle Joe, you can take turns being "on top." Rolling your partner over to be on top of them could also change up the usual dynamic and lend some extra spice to you and your pumpkin's sexy routine. 

Stock Up for Thanksgiving Sex at PinkCherry

We've given you some good pointers, but it's time to make your own ideas for Thanksgiving sex flow like delicious turkey gravy. If you're ready to add even more spice to your sensual spread, check out the rest of our sex toys for couples. You'll be thankful to have them long after Turkey Day is done.






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