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Using Sex Toys With Partner By PinkCherry


New Partner, New Sex Toys: Fun Ways to Introduce the Two

Heading to the bedroom with a new partner can be exciting yet intimidating for both parties, no matter how you slice it! Regardless of what age you are or how many times you’ve done the pleasurable deed, sex can be a delicate topic with a new partner. And what’s even more intimidating? Taking things to the next level or trying to spice things up between the sheets by using a sex toy. Even for the most experienced seducer or seductress, trying to playfully bring new toys into the bedroom can be a tricky task to navigate, so it’s always best to start slowly (and it never hurts to use those sultry bedroom eyes.)

Ready to introduce some yummy sex toy options into your next romp between the sheets? Here are some fun and flirty ways to help you start using toys during sex, whether you're in a new relationship or an existing one that needs a little extra spark!


Test the Waters: Gauge Your Partner’s Comfort Level 

Sex toys can really bring out the fire and passion in a relationship, as long as everyone’s comfortable. Remember, everyone’s different, and that’s ok! Some of us have things we are just more comfortable doing in the bedroom than other people are. So, test the waters before jumping in headfirst! You need to have an honest discussion with your new partner about some bedroom options that may be a bit more risqué or playful. For example, you don’t want to just pull out a pair of handcuffs and use them, unless your partner has waived their rights (wink, wink). In a new relationship, in particular, you never really know what someone has experienced (or not ever been exposed to) sexually, and they may not be comfortable with being restrained — or maybe they’ll love it, like Ana Grey! 

Some sex toys may seem safer and more “fun and flirty” than others, but it is always better to stick your toe in first before taking the plunge! 


Explore Together: Try Shopping As A Couple For A Few Options

Shopping together for your next sexy encounter can ramp up the heat and desire between you. So, jump online and explore some sex toy options that seem interesting to the both of you. A glass of wine and a laptop could turn into a pretty erotic evening! This will require you to have the “let’s use sex toys” conversation before you make any purchases. But it will allow you and your partner the opportunity to get on the same page in regard to using sex toys. Have fun exploring various stimulating options. You may just find that your partner is into something you wouldn’t have predicted — we all have our little secrets! 

Find a reputable online sex toy retailer (like PinkCherry) and peruse the different categories to see what really piques your interests. Most websites will have a section that is completely dedicated to sex toys for couples, but don’t be afraid to branch out into some of the other categories for fun or pleasure. Even if you don’t think you’ll be into something like a strap-on, you will at least be able to confirm that or share a good laugh!


Open Up: Be Sure To Communicate While Using The Toy

Silence is golden everywhere except the bedroom! One thing you want to be sure to do while using a toy for the first time (and as many times as you need afterward) is to just talk it out. Using a toy for the first time can be confusing, a little awkward and may require the two of you to put your brains together (especially since the blood is all probably going elsewhere.) 

Explore together, and talk to each other if something doesn’t feel good or right. You will be able to figure it out, you just need to communicate (or consult the manual for technical difficulties.) You should also keep that line of communication open if you are doing something that is a little more extreme — like if that paddle feels a little too sharp or something is going in a little too deep for your comfort level. In terms of using sex toys with a partner, communication is key. It allows you both to stay comfortable while boosting those pleasure levels!


Doesn’t Feel Right? Don’t Use It

Not every sex toy is right for every couple. Don’t be alarmed. There are some things that just seem like a good idea in theory but then when you use them, you aren’t really into them. It happens to the best of us. No worries! In this situation, it’s best to just stop using it and continue on like you had planned without the toy. Don’t try to force yourself into using a sex toy. If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time for it or maybe it just wasn’t the right toy for you. But introducing sex toys should be sexy and erotic for both of you! 


Safety First: Always Be Careful with Your Toys

Have some sexy, playful fun, but always keep it safe! It’s important to be safe with your toys before, during and after your erotic rendezvous.

  • Before: When you are buying toys, quality matters! Remember to buy sex toys that are high quality and won’t fall apart or leave painful burns or rashes. This is particularly true when you are using new lubes or body oils that can cause allergic reactions. If you are buying a toy that has a lot of smaller parts, like a breathable ball gag, you want to ensure that all parts are high quality and won’t break or snap.
  • During: Go for it! Get caught up in the moment, but know your limits. Be sure to have a safe word when you are playing with toys that are a bit more extreme. If your partner won’t be able to speak during the act, you may want to have a safety gesture, so you know to let up or stop. 
  • After: After relishing in your seductive fun, you’ll want to thoroughly clean your toys and allow them to dry — even if you are only using it with the same partner again. Bacteria can grow on sex toys and that can lead to serious and painful infections and/or weakened toys that can cause bodily harm. Use a sex toy cleaner to ensure that you get rid of any residue — this is especially important for “real feel” or soft toys.


Start Using Sex Toys With The Help Of PinkCherry

Sex toys anyone? Yes, please! Bringing sex toys into a new relationship can be super hot and doesn’t need to be something scary or intimidating. You simply need to prepare for it and have conversations before you pull anything out – the element of surprise is usually not your friend here. Unless your partner has specifically mentioned something, you should err on the side of caution. When purchasing adult sex toys for a new relationship, always go with high quality to avoid killing the mood. Nothing is worse than a vibrator that stops working after a few minutes or a blindfold that has a weird chemical smell. Keep it simple, seductive, and sexy – and let the toys do the rest! Shop our incredible selection of vibrators, dildos and more today!


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