What is a Sex Toy Party?

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What is a Sex Toy Party?


We’ve all (or, some of us have, at least!) been there before. That awkward moment when someone invites you to a sex toy party, and you’re left, well, surprised and speechless. You didn’t really know how to respond, so you did that half-smile, ambiguous response thing or made an excuse that you needed to check your calendar. Then you ran home or immediately reached for your smartphone and opened up Google, half-fearing what you might find.

Does that sound all too familiar? Well, never fear because PinkCherry is here to answer all your questions about adult sex toys and dispel your worries, so you can accept that sexy invitation and make the most of your party time.

So, what’s a sex toy party? Let’s explore all the possibilities!


What Is a Sex Toy Party?

Let’s start at the beginning. What’s a sex toy party? Contrary to what you might be thinking, a sex toy party is not an orgy. If someone invites you to a sex toy party, you shouldn’t assume they’re trying to put the moves on you. It’s actually a business opportunity for them and a learning opportunity for you. 

Remember when Creative Memories was a big thing, and lots of suburban moms were all selling photo albums and accessories? Or when people would sell Tupperware at a Tupperware party? Or makeup by Avon? Plenty of companies have seen that the best way to find new customers is to have existing customers ply their network of friends and family with information about the products.

Existing customers also benefit since they usually get a discount and can keep some of the money they make when selling products. For adult toy companies, this is an especially good way to sell since sex toys are still something of a taboo subject. Many people are okay with ordering their sex toys online, but others would rather do it in person with people they know and trust.

Basically, it’s a way to educate you and other partygoers about various sex toys for sale. You get the basic info - how to use them, how to clean them, when to clean them, what types of batteries they take, what are the sex toy materials used, etc. Simply put, at these kinds of parties, you get everything you need to know about sex toys but were too afraid to call customer service and ask. 

Usually, these parties pair nicely with some wine and munchies to loosen everyone up, and get them more comfortable talking about what toys they might enjoy (or do already)!


Is It Just for Kinks?

One common misconception is that sex toy parties are only for hardcore kinksters who want to see the latest and greatest in BDSM. We’re not saying those aren’t also cool places to be invited, but most sex toy parties are actually quite tame and are specifically oriented toward people who haven’t experimented much with adult toys.

Education is the name of the game. There will likely be all sorts of sex toys, from basic dildos to vibrators, fancy nipple sex toys, and even long distance sex toys. The point is to have a wide range of toys that are perfect for beginners or seasoned veterans looking to spice up their sex life. Tame (but fun) is usually the theme, as the point is not to scare you away from ever attending another sex toy party in your life!


What to Expect at a Sex Toy Party

Don’t break out your sexy lingerie just yet! You don’t have to dress up or look super sexy for this event, so we recommend keeping it casual. 



Once you arrive, depending on the number of people there, the party host will often start by introducing the sex toy party company representative, unless they are one, and begin with drinks or an icebreaker game to get everyone in a light-hearted, fun mood for the festivities to come.

Pro tip: if you’re feeling uncomfortable, you’re less likely to want to buy something. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep the explanations as clinical or humorous as possible, so no one starts squirming in their seats or wanting to leave.



After a level of comfort is established, the representative will start showing off the catalog to the party guests and a few items for demonstration. Typically, the items will be arranged on a table, so everyone can walk around and hold things, try them out (not anywhere naughty, just testing a vibrator on their arm, for example), and see if any of the toys strike their fancy.

If you find something that you can’t live without, stick around for the end of the party. At that time, the representative will walk into a private room where you can go in, specify what you’d like to order in private, and provide them with your payment information. There’s no shame in doing that since no one else will be able to hear what you’re ordering, and your secret is safe with your rep.

They can also answer any questions you have if you didn’t feel 100% comfortable asking in front of the group. You can then freely ask questions like ‘what are the best sex positions with toys?’ and more. Complete privacy is key here!


Try Everything

Now for our best tip: try everything! Unless you’ve tried something for yourself, it’s hard to know if it’s what you’re looking for. That’s why we try on clothes at the store, right? Well, you can’t grab a bunch of sex toys and lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour, but this is your chance to become familiar with the toys on offer before spending the money.

Use your fingers to see how things feel. Sniff it. Maybe rub it against your skin. Once you’ve had a glass or two of wine, no one is going to judge you for it. We promise! You may even get some laughs or help someone who’s feeling tense loosen up too!


Will There Be Anything Else?

One of the reasons why sex toy parties have been flourishing for the past forty years is that intimate toys aren’t usually the only thing on offer. The experience usually includes bath salts, candles,  a massage oil, or other pampering items as well that you can partake in.

If you decide to wait until after the party to place an order, your friends will have no way of knowing if you just really wanted that sweet-smelling candle or if you and your partner are about to explore your wild side. Either way, it’s all in good fun and should be a complete “no judgement zone.” So, just do – and buy – what feels natural!


In Summary

Now that you know what a sex party is, we say get out there and enjoy one! Or host one! You never know what kinds of cool toys you’ll find. Or if you’ve been to one and have been searching for that next great toy you saw to really get your engine running, check out our selection and see if anything there strikes your fancy. As far as we’re concerned, you don’t have to be at a sex party to expand your toy collection!







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