CBT Kink: What is Cock and Ball Play?

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CBT Kink: What is Cock and Ball Play?


Kinky play comes with so many opportunities to explore new things you haven’t tried before. For kinky folks with penises (or when playing with partners who have penises), one thing you can explore is Cock and Ball Torture, or Cock and Ball Play. This type of bondage and fetish might be entirely new to you and possibly a little intimidating (the word torture is right there in the name!) but cock and ball torture, aka CBT (not to be confused with cognitive behavioral therapy!) can be both satisfying and fun for all involved. 

CBT is a form of BDSM play, and there are some things you should definitely know before you get started with this type of sex play. So, let’s talk about what CBT is, how to do it, what playful supplies you might need, and how to keep things safe and your  pleasure maximized!

What is CBT Kink?

The term ‘cock and ball torture’ refers to a whole variety of restraint and sensation play techniques that involve the penis and testicles.  Essentially, it involves applying pain to the penis and/or testicles in ways that are ultimately pleasurable. 

As we’ve already touched on, the word “torture” can make CBT sound scary, but please know that it doesn’t need to literally hurt. Some folks refer to cock and ball torture by the far more mellow name of “cock and ball play.” Use whatever works for you! 

There are several reasons why folks enjoy CBT. For penis-owners on the receiving end, the pain can be a big turn-on. Alternately, it can be the humiliation aspect of cock and ball torture or cock and ball play that excites them. For folks who practice CBT on partners, there is often an element of sadism involved, meaning that inflicting pain through genital flogging or causing humiliation via whipping  might be what brings them pleasure. 


How Do You Do It? What Accessories Do You Need?

So how do you actually engage in CBT? So. Many. Ways. Seriously! It can include all types of direct genital play that might be (consensually) painful or uncomfortable. Sensation play like electrostimulation and wax play, as well as impact play like spanking and flogging, are both used for CBT. Additionally, sounding (aka urethral play), bondage, cock cages, ball stretching or crushing, as well as clamping are all forms of CBT. 

As for accessories, there’s tons of fun stuff you can buy to enhance your CBT play, but you can also get started without buying anything at all! Spanking, biting, and squeezing of the penis and/or testicles are all forms of CBT. Using no-props options like those as a starting point is a great way to safely try out cock and ball torture. 

What Should You Know Before Engaging in CBT?

You or your partner may have some questions or concerns about cock and ball play, and that’s okay! It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into with any new type of sexual activity. Take some time to do some kink research. You might also want to look into some more kink info, like, the difference between kink vs fetish, kink for beginners or looking into a list of kinks for more inspiration. 

Remember, with any BDSM activity, you are going to want to be 100% present. This means that everyone involved should be not only focused, but also sober. Drugs and alcohol can raise our pain tolerance and slow down our reaction times, and that’s a recipe for someone to get hurt. 

Before you get down to cock and ball action, take some time to talk about the role each of you will play, your boundaries and limits, and what safe word you will use to signal when you want to stop (pick a safe word  that you wouldn’t normally say during sex play, like “Saskatchewan”,  or use stoplight language like “red”). For safe, enjoyable consent-based sex play, it’s important that everyone knows exactly what they agree to engage in, and that play can stop at any point. Taking some time to negotiate beforehand will make sure everyone is on the same page, and it’ll keep your play both safe and enjoyable. 


Tips And Tricks For Safe, Enjoyable CBT Play

To ease into safe, enjoyable CBT, you’ll definitely want to start slowly and gently. You can always get more intense later, but starting slow and communicating with your partner will ensure that you get to that point safely.

Additionally, you’ll want to research the specific CBT activities you are interested in trying, and be aware of all risks and cautions. For some of the more advanced cock and ball play acts, like piercing or sounding, the top (or dominant partner) will want to learn about anatomy, and be very aware of sanitary practices.

For any bondage-type CBT, you want to be sure the bottom is never left alone in case they need help removing any ropes, clamps, weights, etc. If you are using rope, be sure to have safety scissors on hand. If you’re playing with pressure or restriction around the genitals, always watch out for swelling, loss of color, redness, bruising, and loss of sensation. If you notice any of those symptoms, stop what you’re doing immediately. 

Finally, remember that testicles should not be yanked or squeezed abruptly. Gentle pulling or squeezing with slowly increased pressure and lots of communication, including listening for safe words, are much safer ways to go. 

Any Potential Risks?

A reasonable amount of pain and discomfort often plays a big part in (or is the whole point of) CBT play. But remember that pain is also an important factor when something is wrong. Always listen to your body (and your partner) when gauging discomfort, and stop if anything ever feels not quite right. 

Also, keep in mind that healthy blood flow into the penis is what makes erections happen. Unsafe CBT play could cause trauma that compromises blood flow, which could potentially lead to erectile dysfunction. No one wants that. When exploring impact play, don’t use hard objects like canes or hard paddles that could damage the internal structures of the penis and also injure the testicles. 

Like all kinks, CBT can be fun and fulfilling for all partners, but it definitely requires knowledge, awareness, and communication to do it safely. So do your research, always play safe, and communicate openly to keep cock and ball torture pleasurable. 

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Written By: JoEllen Notte

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