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PinkCherry Your Body Your Rules

Recently, you may have heard about PinkCherry's "Your Body. Your Rules" campaign. As leaders in the pleasure products industry, we believe it is our responsibility to advocate for our community of customers, creators, manufacturers and countless others who trust and rely on our business and services. Basically, we want to support YOU. Because even though there are some heated debates happening on the topic of sex and bodily autonomy, we believe that anybody with a body deserves to have the rules they set for that body respected.

That's why we've chosen to join the conversation with "Your Body. Your Rules." Too often, the debates we hear and headlines we read focus on the gulf between two opposing sides of an argument — but in reality, the gulf is more like a puddle, because human beings share a lot more similarities than we do differences. We just need a safe space for conversation and a strong message to remind us sometimes.   

So, what's behind "Your Body. Your Rules"? The manifesto below bares it all.


We Believe Bodily Autonomy is a Right All Adults Deserve to Have Honored By Others

It's your body — you're in charge of it. Whether you're in the privacy of your bedroom or at your doctor's office, making intimate decisions about your body is something you have the right to feel good about. Your body is yours, and it deserves respect, pleasure and safety, no matter the situation. So adorn it with lingerie, delight it with sex toys and feed it that ice cream treat you bought two weeks ago and keep saving for a special occasion (like, seriously, it's gonna get freezer-burned). It's yours to enjoy, so enjoy it!


We Believe in Sex Positivity

When it comes to your orgasmic bliss, we're here for it. People love making love — that much is clear from the thousands of happy customer reviews we've accrued over the years. But sometimes those grody old social constructs can interrupt those happy, wonderful feelings of sexual pleasure, or worse, block them from ever blossoming in the first place. Luckily, we as a society can work together to change that. Whether you're on your own or with a partner or two, whether you're using sex toys or just your own bodies and even whether you orgasm or not, we believe you have the right to enjoy the experience.


We Believe in Destigmatizing Sexuality

This goes for individuals and the community at large. Our society still tends to stigmatize the very sensation of sexual pleasure, and it only gets harder (not in a good way) for sexual acts that are considered "atypical." But, as long as you're safe, consensual and not harming others, you should feel comfortable and confident exploring the things that feel good to you. As such, we reserve judgement of O.P.P — other people's preferences. Everyone is on their own journey, with likes and dislikes that may change over time, in different contexts or with different partners.


We Believe in Consensual Sex

This is the big one, and it includes any and every sex act you partake in. We believe consent is defined as a resounding "Yes!" from all parties involved. That means a "yes" given without physical, verbal or psychological force; absolutely no guilt-tripping, coercing, hurting, insisting or manipulating allowed. You have the right to your body and your partner(s) have the right to theirs. Mutual desire is the special ingredient that makes sex so damn good!


We Believe in Safe, Accurate and Accessible Sex Education

Information regarding sex and the science of human sexuality and biological functions deserve understanding. We believe in working to grow that body of knowledge and helping others gain access to information that can help them make sound decisions. A great bonus of knowing how the body works? Better sex than ever before!


You Make the Rules Regarding Your Body and Sexuality

We believe you have the right to decide what you fantasize about, how you talk to your partner(s) about pleasure and procreation and your prerogative to choose what's best when faced with medical need. We believe in YOU. In the spirit of coming together (or on your own, if that's more your speed), know that PinkCherry has your back when it comes to your body and the rules you set for it. If we all work to continue and destigmatize the conversation, we can make society a little bit nicer — and a lot more fun!



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