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When it comes to sex toys, it seems that many are designed with the vaginal or anal anatomy in mind. Some are made specifically for women, while others can be used by any sex for absolute pleasure. But what about toys made just for the penis? Enter male masturbators, the best sex toys around for giving your penis the attention it craves. Learn more about these unique sex toys and check out some of the best male masturbators we have on hand — and that you'll be eager to have in yours.


What Makes Male Masturbators So Special?

What Makes Male Masturbators Special? | PinkCherry


While other sex toys can serve multiple purposes or even do multiple things at once (like rabbit vibrators), male masturbators are designed specifically for penises. In other words, they're made to not only accommodate a penis, but to stimulate every inch of sensitive skin in the most spine-tinglingly pleasurable ways possible. If you get a particularly large amount of enjoyment from penis glans, frenulum and shaft stimulation, a male masturbator will rock your world.  

Like other sex toys, male masturbators also come with a variety of features to give you the maximum amount of pleasure. These could include different speeds, vibrations, heating elements and internal textures — anywhere from ribs and nubs to "tongues" and "teeth." So, whether you want the ultra-realistic sensation of receiving a blowjob or just some extra stimulation, male masturbators are perfectly suited to get you where you want to go. 

It's also becoming increasingly common to find male masturbators designed for differently-abled folks. Even if you have erectile dysfunction (ED) or a severely curved penis due to Peyronie's Disease, you can find quite a few products designed to meet your needs without causing discomfort — because that's the exact opposite of what masturbators are supposed to do! The bottom line here is that male masturbators are made solely to give pleasure to penises. And that's precisely what they do.


Benefits of Male Masturbators

Male masturbators have all sorts of benefits that you won't get from other sex toys.

Benefits of Masturbators | PinkCherry


Go Long, Go Strong

Whether you want to train yourself to last longer in bed or you just enjoy a nice, leisurely solo session, male masturbators can help you prolong your pleasure and boost your stamina. Many masturbators come with different settings that can be cycled through in order to keep you close to the brink, but going hard. Using a masturbator in this way can give you more endurance and confidence when you're in bed with a partner, and can even offer an effective way to combat ED. If you're on your own, using a masturbator to keep your penis stimulated can also free you up for all sorts of self-exploration (like prostate massage).


More Orgasms, More Intensity

Because masturbators are specifically designed for the penis, they take your pleasure from 0 to 100 by targeting all your most sensitive zones. The result: more powerful orgasms and the potential to experience multiple climaxes in a single session. The best part is that you can access these heights of sexual stimulation whenever you want, consistently achieving the same results for the most satisfying masturbation you've ever experienced.


Long-Distance Lovin'

While some male masturbators are simple, textured sleeves for your penis, others are loaded with some pretty serious tech. This not only makes for greater customization for solo sessions, but also for some steamy couples experiences as well. For example, if your partner is away on a trip or you're in a long-distance relationship, you can use a masturbator to enhance a sexy phone or Skype call while they use a toy on their end simultaneously.


How to Choose the Best Male Masturbators

Just like with any sex toy, you should consider the kinds of features you want your male masturbator to have before buying one for yourself. This is important not just because it will give you the best experience once you receive the device, but also because you don't want to wind up with a low-quality toy that irritates your skin — or worse.

How to Choose Masturbators | PinkCherry


High Tech or Low?

Masturbators come at a variety of different tech levels, with some being simple thermoplastic rubber (TPR) sleeves and others being decked out with heating elements, vibrations, bluetooth connections and more. Some also come with adjustable speeds and other intensity levels for a more customizable experience. And others can connect via bluetooth to a remote or smartphone, where the actions of the toy can be controlled by whoever holds the device. The capabilities of masturbators are only going to keep evolving as things like virtual reality, motion sense and A.I. technology become more advanced. 

Go with whatever level of technology seems most comfortable for you when choosing your masturbator. If you're a beginner, we recommend trying simpler models to get started. Then, work your way up as you discover where you want your fantasies to take you.


Realistic or No?

Another awesome thing about masturbators is that they have such incredible design variety. Want to feel like you're getting it on with your favorite porn star? There are strokers out there modeled after certain actresses' nether regions. Just looking to add more pizzazz to your usual routine? Pick a textured sleeve to better target your most sensitive areas. The options are almost limitless!


Charging Type

If you choose a masturbator with features like heat or vibration, you need to consider how it keeps a charge. Some may need batteries, while many modern models can be plugged in to charge. Remember that many masturbators can take hours to fully recharge, so try to plug them in for a little while after each use.


Sleeve Dimensions

Most masturbators are made of materials that can stretch to accommodate penises of many shapes and sizes. However, you should always check the sleeve dimensions of the masturbator you're buying to ensure that it will be comfortable and effective for your body.



Probably the most important thing to look for in a masturbator is that it's made of body-safe materials. As long as you're shopping with a reputable sex toy dealer, this shouldn't be a problem, but certain stores may still carry toys made with latex, phthalates and parabens, which can irritate your skin or cause other nasty reactions. The best masturbators will be made of silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), TPR and other hypoallergenic materials.



If you plan on taking your masturbator on the road, or simply want a toy that's easy to hide, you should choose models that are on the more discreet side. Pocket pussies and Fleshlight-style strokers tend to be the most compact male masturbators, and they usually come in containers that can be sealed up for both storage and stealth. If being discreet isn't as much of a concern, go crazy!


How to Care for Male Masturbators

Caring for Masturbators | PinkCherry


Caring for male masturbators goes pretty much the same way as caring for any sex toy. If you're uncertain about how to clean or use your masturbator, however, you can always consult the manufacturer's manual that your toy came with (you kept that, right?). Those manuals will give you all the details needed to properly clean, store and charge your toy (if applicable), along with instructions for how the toy can be used. For example, not every masturbator is waterproof, so don't submerge it until you know for sure.

If your masturbator is a sleeve inside of a casing, you will usually need to remove the sleeve in order to clean it properly. You can use a toy care fluid or foam to get the job done, or else just dunk it in some warm, soapy water (if it's waterproof). Make sure it dries completely and doesn't wind up with any dust or fuzz inside that could irritate your skin. Then simply put it back together and it's ready for next time! 

Additionally, if your male masturbator is made of silicone, be sure to only use water-based lubes with it. Silicone will react when in contact with other silicone, which will eat away at your toy over time. To prevent your toy from general wear, see if it's compatible with material renewal products — these will keep it soft and supple for many masturbation sessions to come.


PinkCherry's Favorite Male Masturbators

We carry some pretty awesome male masturbators in our selection of sex toys for men. In fact, we'd dare to say we have some of the best masturbators on the World Wide Web. The ones you see here are some of our favorites — and they've made waves with our customers, too.

Best Masturbators | PinkCherry


Pocket Pussies: The Head Honcho

Pocket pussies are male masturbators that could very easily fit in your pocket — they're super portable! They're designed to look (and, in some cases, feel) like vaginas to give you the sensation of great vaginal sex. In spite of their compact size, they still have loads of texture and other titillating features that will have you feeling fulfilled wherever your sexual adventures take you. 

The Jackpot Masturbator is just about the best pocket pussy we could think of: a simple sleeve with an ultra-pleasurable triple suction design that sucks and massages as you stroke. To create the best suction sensation, keep a finger over the hole on the back side of the masturbator; you can also squeeze the plushy material for a different, but still tantalizing, effect. This bad boy has even been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine for how incredible it is! And plenty of our customers have enjoyed it for themselves, too. One five-star review says:



“Bought for hubby- he really likes it! You can use it alone, but it's more fun to use along with other things!”



Mouth Masturbators: Stroke It Anatomical Mouth Stroker

If the sensation of a blowjob sets you off like no other, you should search for masturbators with oral anatomy. And we don't mean just an entrance shaped like a full set of lips. 

The Stroke It Anatomical Mouth Stroker is a masturbator with all the marvellous makings of a human mouth. Beyond the luscious pink lips is a firm set of teeth and a soft tongue to mimic the feeling of oral sex as closely as possible. The closed back gives this stroker an irresistible suction effect that naturally builds as you thrust it forward and back. The entirety of the stroker is made of PureSkin TPR for a soft and plushy, yet realistic, feel. Plus, it's fairly compact and easy to stow away when you're finished!  

Of the Stroke It, one five-star reviewer said:



“Very realistic feeling. Good design fairly easy to clean longer then usual to dry because of the closed opening.”



Porn Star Strokers: Riley Reid Vagina Stroker

If you've ever fantasized about having a special sexual rendezvous with your favorite porn star, you're in luck (well, almost). Porn star strokers are specially designed masturbators that are molded after a porn star's mouth, vagina or anus to bring your wet dreams to life. These strokers are created based on both male and female porn stars!

A favorite on PinkCherry is the Ana Foxxx Realistic Side Vagina & Ass Stroker , which is lovingly molded with lifelike TPE material. The deep interior of the pocket pussy is loaded with temperature-sensitive, massaging texture nubs and ribs to give you intense pleasure, and the bottom cap can be removed or loosened to help control the stroker's inner suction. The plain black casing is extremely discreet, only recognizable as a masturbator when opened, so you can take Riley Reid wherever you go. One five star review, titled "Feels Great," says:



"The texture is soft and the hole is tight for maximum pleasure it feels like the real thing"



Vibrating Masturbators: The Satisfyer Men Heat & Vibration Stroker

Vibrating masturbators add even more stimulation to ramp up the pleasure further than ever. And when you add a heating element to the mix? Pure euphoria.

The Piper Rechargeable Vibrating Stroker delivers both in a sleek, easy-to-operate package with fourteen signature modes of vibration. The heated vibration of the Satisfyer mimics the sensation of oral sex if the tongue-swelling mode is chosen, and simulates vaginal sex with deep, delicious throbs, shivers and shakes. The warmth, vibration and luxuriously soft silicone give an over-the-top sensation that will curl your toes and leave you feeling utterly sated. One five-star review says:



"Lubed up and the wife twisted this around and played w the different settings while she licked and sucked on my balls and I came pretty hard"



Auto Strokers: Sasha Grey's Girlfriend Experience Auto Stroker

Auto strokers are the best male masturbators for folks who want a "hands-off" experience. Just set your preferences and let the stroker do the rest!

The Zero Tolerance Date Night With Dani Daniels Auto Stroker  is decked out with all sorts of incredible features that'll have you in the palm of its hand — even though it's not in the palm of yours. On top of the twisting and tickling inner pussy chamber that tantalizes all the most sensitive parts of your shaft, the stroker is loaded with filthy phrases, moans and groans thanks to an embedded speaker. It even has a headphone jack so you can plug in for a more discreet experience. The talking feature can also be completely deactivated, along with plenty of other customization options to give you the optimal masturbation session. One five-star review raves:



"My bf and I love this stroker! I love to get him super hard and then watch his dick grow even bigger while using this!! Best toy for him that we have bought so far!”

Thrust Away!


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