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This is it, folks: the ultimate guide to all of the magic wands and golden eggs that make the peaks of your pleasure multiply like rabbits. You guessed it — we're talking about the vibrator. Once you've finished, you'll know everything there is to know about vibrators, including which types are best for the many kinds of sensual stimulation and how to care for your vibrators so they last for many sexy solo and partnered playtimes to come. 

What are Vibrators & How Can You Use Them? 

The vibrator had humble beginnings as a therapeutic tool, relieving certain feminine tensions through blissful, buzzing massages. In fact, certain vibrators, like the Magic Wand Rechargeable, look exactly like regular massage tools and can be used to relieve pretty much any body part that ails you. Neat!

But we're pretty sure you're not going to bust out the bullet vibrator just to work out the stiff neck from your office job. Not when there are so many higher planes of pleasure to be reached! 


Vibrators can do a lot to give you pleasure:  

  • Stimulate your clitoris
  • Penetrate your vagina or anus
  • Target your G-spot (or P-spot!)
  • Mimic oral sex
  • Pleasure you internally and externally — at the same time!


What you do with your vibrator is totally based on your preferences and, in part, the type of vibrator you're using (because unfortunately there's no wonder tool that can do all of the above at the same time...but some of them get pretty darn close). If you want tips on how to use a vibrator for the first time, or how to use all of the different types, just check out our resource on the subject! 

Without further ado, let's check out the entire vibrator family tree and examine their areas of sex-pertise. 


The Wonderful World of Vibrators

Vibrators come in so many different shapes and sizes that we'd be hard-pressed to give each one the spotlight here. But there are a few key categories they can be grouped into which will make choosing the best vibrator for your desires as easy as American Pie.

The Many Types of Vibrators | PinkCherry


The Basic Vibrator

Sometimes the simplest pleasures have the biggest rewards. That much can definitely be said of even the most basic vibrators. The classic style we're referring to has a smooth, tapered shaft with a simple control function at the base — a stripped down look and streamlined interface made for your pleasure. It's a great option for beginners since it's so easy to control (usually with either a button or a twisting base) and can be used in so many different ways: for vaginal or anal penetration, for clitoral stimulation or for targeting other erogenous zones as part of foreplay, to name a few. 

One of our most popular basic vibrators is the PinkCherry Bullet Vibe , a powerful tapered vibrator in a beautifully discreet, silky smooth package. We daresay it could be the poster child of the classic vibrator category! It's made of velvety, body-safe ABS plastic that vibrates evenly throughout the entire shaft to help target and pleasure your inner and outer sweet spots. One 5-star reviewer described it as:  



Triple speed, triple the fun!”

Miss M.


Basic, classic vibrators work best for:

  • Sex toy novices
  • People looking to enhance solo play
  • Partners looking for a little something extra
  • Vaginal and anal penetration
  • Sweet-spot stimulation (such as the clitoris and erogenous zones)


The Egg/Bullet Vibrator

What came first, the bullet or the egg? Maybe you can tell us after you take one for a spin. The bullet vibrator, also commonly known as an egg or mini vibrator, is a tinier version of the basic style we just talked about. But that doesn't mean it's any less powerful. 

A bullet vibrator is perfect for when you're on the go and on the hunt for some fun outside your own bedroom. Since they're generally between 3 and 5 inches long, they fit comfortably in a purse, bag or pocket without standing out — some even have clever disguises, like lipstick tubes, that make them extra stealthy. Because of their shape, size and quietness, these vibrators can be worn in public for a kinky night out or used discreetly in a hotel room where no one else can hear. If you're a sexual risk-taker, or someone who just wants to take pleasure wherever they go, a bullet vibrator is ideal for you. 

A perfect example of this vibrator style is Teardrop Bullet Vibe in Purple. At just over 3 inches long, this bullet vibrator is an unobtrusive shape that slips easily between you and your lover for electrifying clitoral stimulation. You can use it for some toe-curling solo play as well! Like most other vibrators, the Silicone Remote Bullet Vibrator is made of nonporous ABS plastic and silicone that's compatible with any good quality water-based lube (side note: the best vibrators will always be made of materials that are 100% body safe, like ABS and silicone). One 5-star review, simply titled "Amazing!!" says: 



This thing is the best! It's small and fun and the different settings make this feel soooo good! Highly recommend!



An egg or bullet vibrator is best for:

  • People on the go
  • Discreet solo play
  • Secret stimulation in public
  • Enhanced partner play
  • Clitoral stimulation 


The Wand Vibrator

If you're looking for a full-size vibrator with a bit more oomph than a basic model, your search is about to lead you to new heights of pleasure that are nothing short of magical. We're talking about some of the best vibrators around: wand vibrators

Wand vibrators all tend to have the same components: a uniform rod with control functions and a large, soft vibrating head. It's an iconic design that's impossible to miss! The big plush head is perfect for clitoral stimulation and works great as a foreplay toy when used to tickle and tease other erogenous zones. They can be a bit bulky and noisy, so it's probably best to keep them in the bedroom. Waiting until you're home to use your wand in your room will just make the magic that much more intoxicating. 

Our favorite wand? The Rechargeable Magic Wand, which has gotten so much attention and praise that we're honestly kind of jealous. It's often called the best-loved vibrator in history, and once you use it, it's easy to see why. The Magic Wand has four speeds (2700, 3800, 5400 and 6300 vibrations per minute), all of which are made to turn you on faster than you can say "abracadabra." You'll achieve so many orgasms, you won't be needing pixie dust to feel over the moon. One 5-star review says it all in the title, "Best Purchase Ever," but elaborates further: 



“Bought this for some added fun with the wife. It was worth every penny and then some.”



Wand vibrators are great for:

  • Clitoral stimulation
  • At-home solo and partnered play
  • Targeting erogenous zones
  • Achieving multiple powerful orgasms
  • Near-instant arousal


The Rabbit Vibrator

We already quipped about orgasms multiplying like rabbits in this article, so we'll just hop right into talking about what rabbit vibrators are and why they're awesome. A rabbit vibrator is essentially any two-pronged vibrator consisting of a longer main shaft and a shorter extension sticking out of the front. These two sections work simultaneously, giving you the earth-shattering experience of vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time. With a rabbit vibrator, achieving maximum pleasure is effortless.

As for our favorite rabbit, it has to be our very own Jack Rabbit Vibe. This vibe is packed with features, including a smooth head that relentlessly circles and thrusts as it penetrates, and, of course, a pair of tickling bunny ears to give your clit all the attention it deserves. Simply use the up and down toggle buttons to find your perfect intensity and rotational direction, and you're on your way to an orgasm (or two or three) unlike any other. One of our favorite 5-star reviews says: 



Out of all the toys I bought, and I have purchased several, this one is my favorite!”



A rabbit vibrator is fantastic for:

  • Simultaneous vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation
  • Easily achieving multiple orgasms
  • Freeing up a hand to pleasure yourself other ways
  • Near-instant arousal
  • Solo play


Rabbit vibrators are usually smaller than a wand but larger than a classic vibrator or dildo. They can be on the noisy side, so it might be tricky to stay on the down-low if you're traveling and trying to be discreet. Keep that bad boy in the bedroom for sexy at-home adventures.


The Clit Vibrator

The clitoris, located just beneath the hood where the inner labia meet, is a small, super-sensitive bundle of nerves just dying to be dazzled by...pretty much anything! Even just blowing air on the clitoris can get you feeling tingly. 

That's where clitoral stimulators come in. They aren't exactly vibrators, but that just makes the sensations they deliver that much more unique. A clit vibrator works its magic with a small, open-ended tip that seals around your clitoris and pulses away, giving you the sensation of receiving oral sex. Hubba hubba!

One of the best clitoral stimulators in the history of everything ever is the Womanizer Premium 2. This clit vibrator is thoughtfully molded to be as body-conscious as possible, comes with two silicone contact points to accommodate the size and shape of your clitoris and features twelve modes of suction that range from delicate, tickling foreplay to a full-on sucking throb. But even at the most intense setting, it treats your sweet spots sweetly to avoid causing discomfort to the sensitive tissue. And it's so quiet that secret sexy time is a breeze. One 5-star reviewer wrote:



“This is F***ing AMAZING. Seriously, every woman needs it!!!!”



Get a clit vibrator for:

  • Focused clitoral stimulation
  • The sensation of oral sex
  • Near-instant arousal
  • Multiple, powerful climaxes
  • Solo play


The G-Spot Vibrator

First of all, what is the G-spot and how can you get your hands (or fingers) on it? The G-spot is about an inch or so inside the vagina, sort of near the belly button, and you'll know you're touching it based on its raised, bumpy texture, which becomes more prominent as you get aroused. What does the "G" stand for? "Give" Me More? "Great" Scott, I'm Squirting? Nope: Grafenberg, after a German scientist. Sexy!

A G-spot vibrator basically makes stimulating your sensitive inner zone super easy. It gives you longer reach than your fingers and delivers ah-mazing vibrations that your "come hither" motions could never achieve. These vibrators are usually angled at the head to apply the perfect amount of pressure with next to no effort. The G-spot isn't as readily stimulated as the clitoris, but with a nice press it can give you just as much pleasure (or more).

The Bdesired Deluxe Curve G-Vibe in Rose is ideal for giving your Grafenberg some love. With a perfectly angled, upturned oval tip, it can easily target the ultra sensitive G-spot and deliver multiple intensities of steady, vibrating ecstasy. Just turn the base left or right to find your ultimate setting and you're on your way to some hair-pulling, toe-curling fun! One 5-star review sums it up nicely:



"This product has even more settings than it says it does!! I'm in love!!”



Use a G-spot vibrator for:

  • Targeting the G-spot
  • Greater internal stimulation
  • Clitoral stimulation, if you don't have a clit vibrator
  • Pleasuring other hard-to-reach erogenous zones (like the prostate)
  • Solo and partnered play 


The Prostate Massager 

Vibrators aren't just pleasurable for folks with vaginas. If you have a prostate, a vibrator can really rock your world. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located in front of the rectum and below the bladder, so, like the G-spot, it's easiest to stimulate internally. Only instead of going into a vagina, you'll be putting a finger or toy up your butt to achieve a P-Spot orgasm. Why, yes, you should use lots of lube! And it's going to be oh-so worth it (especially since stimulation and massage can actually be really good for prostate health on top of feeling incredible). 

Prostate massagers, like the Vick Neo Prostate And Perineum Massager, will generally be angled to help target the sensitive P-spot with pleasant pressure and good vibrations. This Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager sits comfortably in the anal canal while providing one of twelve steady, pulsating speeds to your prostate. A firm handle resting along the perineum provides additional stimulation in tandem with inner vibration. It's sleek and smooth, and with silicone-safe water-based lube added to the mix, you're looking at one luxurious ride to orgasm town. 

The 5-star reviews are in! And one of them says:



Got this toy for my husband. He loves it! Definitely money well spent. His orgasms are so much more intense with it”



Prostate massager vibrators are awesome for:

  • Prostate stimulation
  • Intensifying your orgasms
  • Partnered play
  • Experimenting with anal toys
  • Internal and external stimulation


How to Care for Your Vibrator

Even the best vibrators around will only stay at peak performance if they're cared for properly. Luckily, vibrator upkeep is pretty straightforward.

How to Clean a Vibrator | PinkCherry


Tip #1: Waterproof or Nah?

Can your vibrator handle a little H20? If it can, feel free to submerge it, either during use or when cleaning it, without fear of destroying it. If not, stick to a good toy care fluid or foam to clean and sanitize it. You should clean your toys after each use to get rid of lingering bacteria that could take up residence on them, especially if they're porous. These bacteria could cause infections later — and dealing with those is no fun at all.


Tip #2: Material Thoughts 

The material your vibrator is made of determines how it should be stored and what kinds of lubes you can use. If your vibrator is made of ABS plastic, for example, you can use any lube you like, from water-based to silicone to latex. If it has mostly silicone components, you'll want to stick with water-based lubes since silicone will eat away at other silicone over time. You should store silicone toys safely away from one another for the same reason.


Tip #3: Storage Wars

Like we mentioned above, silicone toys should always be stored away from each other. It's also best to keep your toys in a special bag or case so they aren't rolling around freely or sitting in open air where they could gather dust, lint and other germs. Even if you do keep your vibrators tucked away securely, it's also recommended that you give your toys a quick rinse before using them, just in case. Your nether regions are sensitive and should be treated with respect — if you keep your sex toys happy, your bits will be happy, too.


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