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Hit the Sweet Spot With Wand Vibrators & Massagers

Though the original Magic Wand began as a body massager, intended for relief of achy muscles and stiff joints, we're pretty sure it took someone all of three seconds to see (and feel) the potential for relief of a different sort! Wand and Massager vibes are renowned for extreme power and no-nonsense, very reliable stimulation. Whether you are just getting started with your first sex toy or you’re a seasoned pro, a wand massager belongs in every womens collection. After just one time of using it, we know you’ll be absolutely hooked to your rechargeable wand vibrator! Trust us, we are sex toy experts after all!

Wands have been historically electric, but more and more we're seeing rechargeable versions. Some mini wand sex toy versions even take batteries. Most personal massager wands are built along the same lines - a soft rounded head sits above a firmer handle. Beloved for their clitoral-stimulating magic, many women who have trouble climaxing (or just really love a quickie) adore the power of a wand massager sex toy.

The Magic Wand is still a favorite, but it's a bit lacking in vibration variety. The revamped rechargeable version of the Magic features silicone construction and some unique vibe patterns, but many other wands (ours included) now offer the same and more.

Choosing the Right Wand Massager

Looking to add a massage wand to your pleasure toolkit? This toy adds all the vibration you need to achieve an orgasm like no other. Its powerful vibration delivers clitoral stimulation, producing a body-shaking orgasm that will keep you coming back for more. Today, there are many different wand vibrator options to choose from. Whether you go for a rechargeable wand vibrator or a silicone vibrating wand with a flexible neck, we offer a wide selection of wands to choose from. When selecting your perfect vibrating wand, make sure to consider its vibration pattern options for added stimulation. Plus, you can even add a wand attachment for added external stimulation.

If you’re looking for an adult sex toy that provides strong vibration for superior clitoral stimulation, the vibrating massage wand is your best call. Get all the good vibrations you need by shopping our online selection of wands today.