Dr. Berman Universal Toy Cleaner 6.2 oz.

5 Based On 19 Reviews

Dr. Berman Universal Toy Cleaner 6.2 oz.

Based On 19 Reviews

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Good Cleaner (Mark)

Works great. Cleans well

Works great!! (Lexi)

The spray makes it easy to apply to your toys, which makes it easily used anywhere! No walks to the bathroom to clean all the things you decide to play with, just a quick spray and wipe down with a clean cloth and your good to go.
No sticky residue after, just nice clean toys! Best product I've gotten yet!

It Squeaks When Its Clean (Graendil)

There is only so much you can say about a toy cleaner.  This particular product comes from the sex doctors Berman and Berman.  It has the classic purple spray top Ive come to associate with this line of products, and a clear decal clearly stating its intended purpose.  The cleaner has no noticeable smell, doesn't leave your toys feeling sticky and in need of another wash, and it can be used in the privacy of your own bedroom, so you don't have to make a run to the bathroom to clean your toys before playing with them.  In the past I've had that issue, being excited and wanting to play only to realize that my play-things didn't get washed after the last use.  Problem solved!  This product makes it easy to give the toy a few squirts, and voila!  After wiping with a clean cloth, your toy is good as new, and squeaky clean.  Whats not to love?

Product description

Keeping favorite toys clean and sanitary, this ultra effective Universal Toy Cleaner contains safe, effective cleansers that work to eliminate any bacteria, germs and other nasties that may be lurking on toy surfaces. Simply spray down vibes, dildos, plugs and otherwise and let sit a few moments before wiping dry with a clean cloth. Bottle contains 6.28 fL. oz (185.7 mL).

SKU: CE-9770-00-1 | UPC: 716770038548 | MPN: SE-9770-00-1 (78)

SKU: CE-9770-00-1 | UPC: 716770038548 | MPN: SE-9770-00-1 (78)

Ratings / Reviews

Excellent (Anonymous)

As advertised, cleans well with no residual smell

Yay! Clean sex toys! (Genevka)

as a few of the previous reviewers put it, this is great, before I got this I would make that mad dash to the bathroom and use sensitive skin soap and still would worry, after I got this I was able to clean in the privacy of mine/my boyfriend's room. It works great with no odd smell or feeling when using the toys after. Yay, will recommend

Works great (Thomas)

Works great!

Awesome (Annabel)

Nice cleaner, gentle on the skin

Good cleaner (Anonymous)


Works great (Anonymous)

Everything is clean now!

Great toy cleaner (Jeff)

Smells and feels fresh and clean, good value for the price

Super good (M)

It does the job in a very efficient way and it doesn't irritate!

Great product (Anonymous)

no smell good cleaner

Good (Anonymous)

Good cleaner, doesn't leave a bad residue.

Like new! (Anonymous)

Tried this out on my toys before putting them away and they looked better then new and went back to having that new toy smell, havent tried other cleaners but I am going to be sticking with this one for sure.

Great quality for a great price !! (Amber)

This is the first toy cleaner I've ever used so I can't really compare to others, but it really does the job. It's easy to spray on, and your toys will squeak when you wipe it off. I did compare the product-to-price ratio, and this is definitely your best buy. It'll last you quite some time, even if you're an avid toy-user. Highly recommend.

Love this cleaner (Anonymous)

A must-have in our house and works well on all of our toys.

Excellent (N)

Excellent cleaner. Doesn't smell or irritate my skin like another cleaner I've used. Excellent price for the amount you get as well. Can't go wrong with this one =) Perfect for cleaning all the toys I have

Clean Freak (t)

Works great, no strange smell, not greasy, no film, good price. Can't go wrong with this product

cleans great (Anonymous)

I find this product works the best I have yet tried. It doesn't have a strange smell or leave a weird residue. It gives the same effect as washing with soap and water, squeaky clean. It works pretty good with water based lube (I have yet to try with silicone)