Butt Plug Large in Black

4.78 Based On 72 Reviews

Butt Plug Large in Black

Based On 72 Reviews

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One of my top 3 toys ever (Tabitha)

Perfect size, texture and price. Buy it now !

Exactly what I was looking for (Anonymous)

I have plugs both smaller and larger than this one, and I was looking for an in-between. This 'fit' perfectly in that category. Despite the size it inserts easily due to the fact that it has some give to it, which makes wearing it a breeze. I've walked around with it in for at least three hours and have had no discomfort. Makes play with my larger toys much more enjoyable. This is my third Doc Johnson plug and the quality is superior.

Pleasure and challenge! (Jonathan)

The quality of the product is execptional. The material is soft and comfortable. The size is something to look here. Perfect for somebody who want to go further in anal . I also think its a good start for a beginer because of the small start.

Product description

Classically styled with a nice thick shape designed for maximum stretch and sensation, the Butt Plug Large offers up a smooth taper plus a big sturdy base designed for a precision grip.

Designed for smooth entry and a nice full stretch, the Large's thick swell naturally targets anal sweet spots inside and out. Nice and wide at the base, the triangular shape protects agasint too-deep penetration.

In Doc's sleek PVC, the Large cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with water and silicone based lubes.

  • Length: 6"
  • Insertable Length: 5"
  • Girth: 7" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: DJ-0244-06-CD | UPC: 782421110802 | MPN: 0244-06-CD (1)

SKU: DJ-0244-06-CD | UPC: 782421110802 | MPN: 0244-06-CD (1)

Ratings / Reviews

Unbelievable sounds (Doug Spencer)

Girlfriend try this and screamed to heaven and she hasn't taken all yet.

Incredible (Anonymous)

Fills me up nicely. Love it!

Awesome (Anonymous)

Its not for beginners but is fantastic. Go slow with it. The wife LOVES it and I love sliding it in her. Its soft and flexible but sturdy at the same time

Best toy I've ordered yet (Bryan)

Very enjoyable size and shape love the feeling of all that pressure when sitting on it and she's sucking me off .i was a beginner when I go this one and it's taken some time to get used to but really worth buying a toy that is strong and durable and can be very intense and pleasurable for years to come .


I had to write a follow up review. I have had this wonderful toy for about three months or so. It was a challenge to get in at first but I never gave up and when it "popped" in it was an instant orgasmic experience.
After three months, and heavy use, I can report to anyone considering this plug that if you've considered a larger plug, from a medium sized plug you may be using, and you like to have the pressure and thrill of fullness larger toys provide, get this plug. I'm now to the point where I came here it out of the house for awhile, depending on my sexual sensitivity and every time I put it in it's as amazing as the first time.

Wanted this and now very happy (DMAN)

I've been using a Glo Thick Large plug up to now. It was a vibrating plug but stopped working so I tore out the wire and just used it as a plug. It was a good size for awhile but I started wanting something bigger. This Plug, the Doc Johnson Large Plug, is a much bigger plug than I thought I could handle. The first day, after receiving via UPS, I planned to play with it. I attempted to get it in but soon just gave up and put it aside, essentially deciding that there's no way that will ever go in my ass and I just accepted that I wasted the money.

With some chemical assistance, today I tried again, not giving up, and it popped in after only a short period of effort.
I am still very surprised I got it in, and with relative ease. I won't play with this big plug all the time but if you can't get past the intimidation factor and just stick with it, you'll love it.

Lubes? (Anonymous)

This toy is great! It's huge and will fill you up unlike any other. Does anyone know if it is safe to use with silicon lubes?

GREAT PRODUCT!!! (Horn Dog!)

This thing is f-ing great! It was my first plug and I am so happy that I ordered. I have left it in for a few hours and it doesn't hurt at all. It take a little getting used to but a great starter. It will leave you gaping... pretty hot if you are into that!

Great plug, GREAT PRICE!! (Crissy Hansen- TV)

For beginners and moderate ass play, I highly recommend this product! It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but after a week I would wear mine ALL day! It was WONDERFUL! I'd take mine EVERYWHERE and it felt great! You'll be very happy you got it, believe me!

Worth The Work (Mariah)

I've messed around with other toys before, but this was my first real butt plug. I probably shouldn't have gotten this big of one, but whatever. Once you get it in... It almost fills both holes. It's hard to slide it in at first, but once you get it in the way its shaped fills your butt so much it starts pressing against the walls of your cooch. An absolutely amazing feeling. Worth the $ I spent.

A very good basic large plug (NM)

This is a significant jump up from Doc Johnson's medium plug. The construction is the same with an inner core, and an outer rubber shell. The shape will keep it in place once inserted. Once you work up to this size, it is very filling and satisfying.

Yikes! (Anonymous)

Definitly like the other posts say, it is bigger than it looks.

hufknmungous (justme)

Its big It aint going all the way in -Even if she helps with her toungue.Feels intense but WOW.


I love this plug It stretched me to the limit. Once I got it in POP my ass tighten around the neck Stays in great. LOVE IT

big (t)

This plug is big so not something for first timers.

Still working towards taking it all the way in as I've been having trouble getting past the largest bit.

It's a really big jump from the medium size

Big! (Anonymous)

For those who want a bigger challenge your regular buttplug. Its girth pretty huge, it will leave you gaping.

Butt Plug Large in Black (Anonymous)

This is awesome! My first one was thrown out because my partner didn't like it.
I had to order another one and it feels so great inside.
Thinking about it and I'm turning on right now!

OMG This thing is huge (Edward)

I have been using the (what I thought was the large size) for over a year. Turns out to be only the medium size. Well it started to lose shape and had to be replaced. So I ordered the Doc Johnston large size which I thought was the same size that I been using which I liked. OMG when I received it. It was a lot bigger then the medium. The first night I tried to insert it, failed. I even tried other toys to stretch my ass, still failed. I will continue to try but wow this thing is so huge. Definitely geared to the experienced user

awesome (darren gawel)

i love the way it opens the butt.feels gr8

A real pleusure for her butt (John)

My girlfriend really like it hard and this one is now is favorite after punished her with mine... The texture is nice and the cleanig of it is simple et quick. Thank you Pink Cherry!

Quality toy. (Big boy)

Perfect toy. Just dosent fit there yet :)

Patience pays off!!! (M)

Well, like other reviews, it is bigger than expected. But I was hoping for that. This plug definitely took my play time to the next level though. It took three whole weeks of occasional trying but I finally got it in. Now, after 3 days in s row I find myself really enjoying the ease at which I can take it in and out. Love it!!!

It's biggg (Anonymous)

If you're curious about trying big plugs, this is the one. I can't quite fit it yet, which makes it all the more exciting what it will feel like :D

Go easy (Anonymous)

My best advice is go easy and slow. Use lots of a non-numbing lube (you need to feel if it's painful) It's big!

Coming back out perhaps hold it to avoid it causing pain of too quick stretching/pressure.

Amazing (Chris)

This is my biggest toy I have in my collection. Me and my boyfriend loves this makes me feel so full. But please this is not for beginners. Trust me work your way up

Always up my pooper (Anonymous)

I have left this in for entire evenings at a time. So comfortable and leaves me nice and willing for more. A good tool for anal lovers of any degree.

Awesome large plug (Anonymous)

This thing is huge and took a few attempts before I could get it in all the way but damn, once it's in it feels fantastic. I have both this one and the Doc Johnson 'Red Boy' large plug, which is a tiny bit narrower. This one is much more comfortable and since the neck is narrower and longer, you get more of a pop when the plug gets all the way in. If you're trying to pick between the two my vote is for this one.

Excellent stretch (Anonymous)

Found this toy comfortable and could have it in for hours. It gives you a good stretch and helps the bottom to train to take larger toys.

Large butt plug pleasure (Anonymous)

This is awesome! I recommend this to everyone.
Painful at first, but the pain is very pleasing when you like pain.
After the first insertion, it's all pleasure and it makes you miss it.
Worn it to work a couple times and it keeps you horny!

volve (Anonymous)

when I got to try this format, I realized that his was starting to be serious.
this is what we call evolution. ;)