Dr. Joel Kaplan Support Master Triple Ticklers

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Sends her into gas money central!!

All the nibs are placed perfectly. 10 to 15 deep thrusts and back out to the tip and off she goes...great toy for the price and a nice addition to the toy box


Omg!! Must buy!

I was so intimidated by this at first when my guy suggested it but I am sooo glad we got it! It feels fantastic. It hits all the right places and the sensation is phenomenal. Definitely recommend using a lot of lube though, as the added thickness is a bit of a shock to the system. Stays put perfectly and still allows for great male stimulation and keeps you extremely hard! Must buy!



Loved it!!!!

Product description

Adding lots of support and strategic constriction to the penis, Dr. Joel's Triple Ticklers Support Master fits snugly over the shaft, looping securely over the scrotum. Featuring an open design for lots of skin to skin contact, this enhancer naturally adds lots of texture and a little thickness as three bands gently squeeze, assisting with control and stamina.

In hygienic, phthalate free TPR, the Triple Ticklers cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water based lubricant. Fits most.

SKU: CE-5629-30-3 | UPC: 716770065001 | MPN: SE-5629-30-3 (70)

SKU: CE-5629-30-3 | UPC: 716770065001 | MPN: SE-5629-30-3 (70)

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Try something different and I mean different

Product was kinda snug and a little work was required to get it on. Wife wasn't too sure about it at first, but OH so worth it. For him it moves just enough up and down during intercourse to feel like a little extra stocking is going on. For her the ribbed texture and all the little fingers rub and touch all the right places. So worth the money for a little something different and exciting.



It's a little hard to put on at first, recommend a lot of lube. My man was ready to tear me up with this on, it was quite a shock at first made, took my breath away!! Kept him going and he lasted a long time and made me moan like never before because I had never been stretched like that. A total turn on for both of us. A must try if you want some excitement and a great "O" or two.



This toy was alot of fun for me. I could feel everything and still got to experience enhanced girth. She had to get warmed up before it would fit. But when she did we both had a blast


Its alright.

Mostly got it because we were amused by the name and wanted to try something new.
He enjoyed it, but I found it strange. Will have to give it another try.


Win-win for both couples

Gives her awesome sensation while making me harder for a longer time. A must buy for your collection


Girls! You Gotta Try This!!

I'm addicted!


Haven't used this yet

I haven't used this yet but I did try it on. It's not as stretchy as I thought it would be so it's a little difficult to put on. I'm curious to see how it feels for my partner.


Get ready for a goooooood time

I found this a little awkward to put on but once I got it on it was amazing. Normally I feel as these things might just feel good for her however this added to my experience. The rings moved up and down to only add to my experience. Amazing!!!! Especially paired with the James Dean deeper harder longer straps. Oooooo man!


Works Damn fine!

She enjoyed it very much and it was very good fit for me too!


great times

great product hours of fun and pleasure


feels great

Works good. Easy to get on. Comfortable and she really enjoys it.


A great tickler

Fits nice and snug. The ticklers add some extra pleasure for both. Was tricky first time putting in but oh boy it's de me look even bigger.


It's sort of cool!

Seemed scary at first, lol but it worked well!


loads of lube!

Its a great toy to own but she will need loads of lube to keep it going. Made her feel great until it was rubbing her raw.


Tighter !

When excited, I become very wet and even if it's exciting for my spouse, the sensation is less present as it glides too easily. This little gadget is the perfect solution to solve this problem. It's a bit difficult to put on the penis at first because it's tight but once in place, it is very comfortable for my husband. During the penetration, the sensations are better for both the woman and the man! Whatever position one adopts, the gadget remains in place and continues to do it's job! I recommend it to all !!!


triple tickler

what a great pleaser fits snug and is good for keeping a man up all night and her too !!! easy to put on and remove.my wife loves the stimulating nubs a great buy


I love it!

This thing grips tight and keeps me extremely hard. It feels great on me during intercourse, but the verdict is still out on "her". Havnt got a complaint though. For the price... Buy it!