Master Series Erection Enhancer Anal Tower

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holly wow

a little scary to look at but wow what a ride


This took us to places we had never been before. Wow. It may look a little intimidating but it's all amazing. Try it and you will not be disappointed.



Holy shizza!!! This thing is amazing, A little difficult to get on (you might snap your balls once or twice) but once it's on and in..... I'm getting hard just thinking about it. It's a fantastic sensation!!

Product description

Taking the classic cock ring many steps further, this big, filling one-piece ring and anal intruder combo fits securely over the base of the penis and around the testicles, keeping the unit in question contained, firm and supported. 'Erection Enhancer' may actually be a bit of an understated title for this deviously pleasurable, incredibly intense male treat from the fetish-geared Master Series collection.

Along with the obvious benefits, the Tower provides intense anal attention thanks to a big, beaded, prostate-loving probe that effortlessly reaches the male g-spot. Once the rings are in place, the shaft rests against this key male internal erogenous zone, while stimulating the perineum externally thanks to a softly up-curled nub at the  base. The intruder will inexorably massage internally with movement while provide subtle yet relentless pressure externally.

Made of a soft, safe thermoplastic rubber material, this device is nice and flexible, conforming to the contours of the wearer's body. It warms quickly to match body temperature for a natural feel, and can be enjoyed with either a water or silicone based lube. Fits most.

  • Length: 4.5"
  • Insertable Length: 3.5"
  • Girth: 4.5" at largest point
  • Width: 1.4" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: XR-000309 | UPC: 848518000309 | MPN: AC579 (0)

SKU: XR-000309 | UPC: 848518000309 | MPN: AC579 (0)

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Great item

I wasn't sure if I would like this item. I have tried a few and none worked well until I tried this. I recommended it.


Ball Bondage

This was a little tricky to put on at first, you might need a little help, but once I had it on it helped me maintain a rock hard erection so we could experiment with lots of different positions!
The plug gave me a great sensation and added a new kink to our bedroom playtime.


Does a good job

Does a good job of restraining your balls plug is ok not easy to put on but very confining nice orgasm helps hold the blood in your man hood.


Just amazing

I love this thing, lube it well and it's easier to use the penis ring and ball cage. exceptional feeling and she goes wild every time we use it. awesome purchase we added a cock ring near the anal tower and I I can say is oh my fricken god. out of this world absolutely love my new toy.



Perfect snug fit, great results, awesome toy!


Nice toy

The largest knob on the probe looks larger in the photos than it is in reality. I had no trouble getting it in. It's very supple and elastic so it fits comfortably when you use lube to put it on. Fun to play with!


If you like it tight and small

The product is soft supple and sturdy with some decent stretchy-ness. It's build and quality seem top notch, It did do exactly what is stated
I found the ball stretcher too small and the cock ring also, I think I have small balls and it was painful getting just one ball in. Cock ring made my junk go cold and lose circulation this one is for thinner men and i would not consider my member girthy either. The but plug portion I found to small, I prefer medium to large butt plugs though. If your new to anal play you may enjoys this plug alot though ! .


Orgasm Intensification!

This works amazingly and precisely just as you imagined, but you will never really feel it before you put it on! Satisfaction level boost by 100%! I am not sure to have this on for an extended period though as the penis holding part is very tight, and it creates pressure and holds the blood flow there. But definitely use it before you decide to reach the finish line!


fun but hard to put on

Husband thought it made a good cock ring but it was really hard to put on. Enjoyed the anal stimulation but it wasn't strong enough.


Best invention

Had the most intense orgasm ever. When my wife purchased this for us I didn't think it would be as impressive as it is. Not to tight around the shaft and just the right amount of pull between the shaft and the scrotum to rock your world. All I can say is WOW! This baby has been used every chance we get. Totally recommend this for everyone to purchase Definitely at 10/10 in our bedroom


Mastered the master series

This toy I couldn't wait for it to arrive. After having the opportunity to review it online, check out the pictures, I couldn't imagine what this toy was going to do. When it arrived the packaging is amazing.

Unboxing the Master series erection enhancer anal tower this intimidating black device is a firm but soft and rubbery feel. The cock ring is tight, and you will likely need help from your partner to slip your balls into the harness. Give it a good pull to open it up while she slips your balls down into the harness. A bit of lube and you are golden.

The tower requires that your balls are in the harness for it to reach properly. When the tower is fully inside you, then you are good to go. I preferred to have her on top of me riding me, while the tower moved with her motion. Very intense and I loved it!!!!!


once you manage to get into it

This thing is next level. It looks scary, but it is very comfortable. The orgasms are over the top.

It does take some work to fit the junk through, though. For an average guy, I had a tough time fitting my twig and berries through the tiny holes.


Love the plug, but found the ring tight

When I first saw this item on the site, I was so excited to try it. I found it difficult to put on, especially around the balls. I found it to be very tight as well, but the anal probe was amazing. I found the piece connecting the probe and cock ring was a great way to work the probe in and out of my ass. The probe is nice and long too, so it goes deep and feels great. Once its all the way in, a little gentle rocking back and forth provides a nice sensation that had me blasting a huge load.



I was supper excited to receive this in the mail and pretty disappointed when it arrived. There is absolutely no way my cock and balls were staying in this for more than a couple of minutes. I made a couple off modifications, a couple of snips with scissors, and now I love it. Only my balls are wrapped up now but the ass part is awesome.


difficult to put on

was able to use it once as it so difficult to put on. Figured out that you really need to stretch it as much as possible but after a couple of tries it ripped so that was that. Probably a great toy if it was easier to get on and was more durable.



Got this a couple of days ago and finaly managed to get into it tonight. Tight is an understatement but rock hard erection lasted for ages and the probe was just right, stayed in to great toy but be careful putting it on and taking of coz it bites!!!!!


Very Nice

Very nice toy. Feels great when wearing it. Stretches the balls pretty good and is nice and tight around the base of the cock. A bit challenging to get on as it`s not very stretchy. Use lots of lube and be careful not to lose your grip because it`ll smack your balls pretty damn good. LOL . Trust me, I know.


Great Toy but Didn't Last Long

I had a difficult time getting my balls in this unit but found that plenty of lube and stretching the ball ring with 4 fingers were the key to getting them both in. When I finally got it on and the probe in the sensation was great and I got an instant erection that lasted a long time! The sensations of having your balls stretched with this unit is unreal! Unfortunately the ball ring started to tear after only 3 uses. customer service was great on taking it back on return as part of their 30 day policy. Unfortunately they did not have any more in stock at the time but they were great in providing a credit. I probably just got a bad one so I would recommend this as a purchase for a lot of fun!


Definitely need one in every toybox!

I got this a few weeks ago, but tried it for the first time today. Wow! Definitely the best toy i've ever bought, and one every guy needs. The plug is surprisingly comfortable. Even though i'd never taken anything of this size before, once it was in, it felt so natural. And the cock/ball lock is SO much fun. Amazing orgasms!


Incredible sensations

The best toy I ever bought! A must have to spice-up you sex life.



double wow