Fetish Fantasy Beaded Cat-O-Nine Tails

4.67 Based On 18 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Beaded Cat-O-Nine Tails

Based On 18 Reviews

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Fun Whip (Anonymous)

Love using this whip, really fun to use.

Fetich Fantasy Beaded Cat-O-nine Tails review (Anonymous)

Good, solid handle and the leather strips are thick and durable! This is a great product because you can use it for either soft or hard play! (I've used it for both)! It is resilient and really makes your mate (or yourself) do as you're told! I highly recommend it!

First time (Anonymous)

For the first venture into using this - I have to say I'm going to be using it often. Great sensations and a lot of pleasure.

Product description

The Beaded Cat-o-Nine Tails from Pipedream is a dreamy toy for any playful BDSM enthusiast, from the beginner to the connoisseur. This mid sized flogger is sturdy and well balanced, delivering a good amount of sting if handled right, and also providing a teasing, gentle touch for anyone just starting out with this kind of play. A beaded, easy grip handle is has an attached wrist cord for perfect control, and the black fall is made of tons of square cut strands in a firm leather-feeling material. At just over 16 inches long, this whip lets your partner feel the sting from farther away, and it folds up nicely for easy travel.

SKU: PD-3703-00 | UPC: 603912247961 | MPN: PD3703-00 (0)

SKU: PD-3703-00 | UPC: 603912247961 | MPN: PD3703-00 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Good quality (Anonymous)

Purchased for my boyfriend for christmas. Durable and good quality. Likely to recommend.

Amazing (Danielle)

This flogger is amazing, perfect for the price.

Very Fun (Anonymous)

Very Fun, worth the buy!! Husband and I enjoy it, so much pleasure

Sturdy and nice (Vee)

Great product! Nothing bad to say. Its nice and sturdy. Happy whipping!

Flog (Erica)

The handle on this flogger is awesome! Had enough weight to it that it's comfortable to all parties involved

awesome (Anonymous)

This was a great purchase. We are so enjoying it.

Worth it (Jaguar)

It's got a nice light sting to it and if you want to put a bit more force into it makes a nice snap.
Great for beginners. If you're more advanced I'd recommend something a bit longer though so you can get a much better snap.

Good for the befinner (Anonymous)

Decent for the price. A little stiff but gets the job done. Could be more pliable. Invest in the soft leather

Great for the money (Anonymous)

Not as good as the leather one from NBL but it is a 5th of the price and unless you look at it up close you can't tell it's not real leather.

It's a bit lighter than a leather one so I guess better for beginners.

Fun (Dia)

This was my first flogger I've purchased. For a beginner it's awesome. But at the same time the tails just feel weak. But it does leave a nice sting. Tickles the body nicely which I love.
Worth the price, you get what you pay for with this item :)

hmmmmmm~~~ (Anonymous)

Very good product.. to use everywhere on the body... The quality is better then i thought!

Sexy product (Kayla)

I love this whip works great feels great looks great

Great starter whip (Anonymous)

Who doesn't love being whipped? You can't beat the price for a starter flogger, and it works great.

AMAZING (Anonymous)

I LOVED this. It feels so good to be whipped.

fun for all (anonymous)

This is a first for us, but not the last:) I have discovered I love being whipped, this whip is great for beginners -gives a nice sting but doesn't 'hurt' -leaves no marks and feels ....well you'll have to decide for yourself:)