Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Open Mouth Gag

Based On 20 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Open Mouth Gag

Based On 20 Reviews


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fun!! (jensen)

it does its job, and fits real nice!! very fun

Love it (Anonymous)

I’d been wanting an open mouth gag for a while, and I really like this. It’s comfortable and does the job.

Amazing (Hailey)

Great product , exactly as pictured. Really added a new element of fun to our bedroom experience

Product description

Created specifically for newcomers to the bondage play scene, the exciting, classic Beginner's Open Mouth Gag from Fetish Fantasy, effortlessly keeps the submissive partner perfectly and pleasurably under control, while the smaller ring size and easily adjusted fit make for (comparatively) more comfortable enjoyment.

Made to play hard, the leather-look PVC strapped gag is firm and unyielding in a classic O-ring style, an ultra firm, ribbon-wrapped 1 3/4 inch (4.4cm) metal circle keeps the mouth open and ready while impeding speech. Softly lined, the straps wrap securely around the head with lots of room for adjustment, sturdy metal hardware and riveted construction definitely defies escape. Fits most.

SKU: PD-2132-23 | UPC: 603912329599 | MPN: PD213223 (0)

SKU: PD-2132-23 | UPC: 603912329599 | MPN: PD213223 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Comfy (Anonymous)

Easy to put on. Not too big. Not too small :) would recommend

Ring gag (Jason)

It is good quality and my partner finds it very comfortable. We wish it was bigger but other than that it is good.

Great product for the price (Michael)

This is a very fun gag. Super sexy. Only down fall is the opening size but its still a lot of fun!

Nice (Anonymous)

Well made and open mouth is fun! However, slightly hard to wear (slips off)

Fun but wish it was a little bigger. (Anonymous)

Little too small, but great fun.

Lots of fun but wish it was a little bigger. (David)

Great for my girlfriend to use on me with a skinnier strap on but I am too thick for this. Great toy though, just wish it was a little bigger.

Great Go-Toy Gag (Anonymous)

Played around with a few different gags and this one is definitely near the top of
my list. My partner often has trouble adjusting the other gags to fit well around my head.This one is adjustable and even fits petite people like me.

My only wish is that the gag was a bit larger, but it a great size for someone new to using gags.

Long lasting, great fun (L)

Way more durable than I'd expect for the price. One of the first pieces I bought and still use it all the time!

Great for the money (Bob)

Being a cheap gag I assumed it would be cheap and poor quality but it's actually great and a great beginner gag for sure. For the money you won't be disappointed to get the missus into wearing them during a good hard session.

A tad to small (Anonymous)

Just a tad too small for me to enter, but my wife prefers this over her ball gag that she has.

only just too small (Anonymous)

I purchased one of these and a ball gag in the hope that i would be able to enter through the hole, unfortunately the ring is too small to fit. still a good product and a must buy for slightly less girthy men

Nice (Anonymous)

Fits very nice adjustable wraps are perfect and ring is perfect size!

Adjustable. (Anonymous)

I have a very small head so finding gags that can adjust to me is very difficult. This one is perfect it fits me great and it is very comfortable to wear. The ring is a great size and my jaw doesn't get sore or tired from using it for a length of time! The straps are in great condition, over all it's amazing!

Lots of fun (Anonymous)

Enjoy every minute. For sure a good buy.

Worth it! (Anonymous)

Comfortable and affordable! Comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Can tire the jaw, but not excessively or too quickly. Adjusts to a nice snug fit, or can wear more relaxed for extra comfort.
Definitely worth it!

Comfortable (Big J)

Very comfortable mouth gag. The ring doesn't tire the jaw and holds the mouth open nicely.

Comfortable (Big J)

This product is comfortable to wear and doesn't tire the jaw too quickly. The straps are durable and easy to adjust.