Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing

4.57 Based On 21 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing

Based On 21 Reviews

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Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing (Tom)

Easy to set up The swing is good quality

Great swing (Anonymous)

Loved it both me and my hubbie

Mr (Shane)

Love it

Product description

A fantastic sex swing from Fetish Fantasy, the Deluxe version of this great set lets you get into some creatively compromising positions easily and very excitingly. Especially considering all the pleasure you'll get from this sexy system, it's breathtakingly easy to use and requires only a doorway to set up .Overtop of the door, simply place the stopper-ended section of the main straps and close and lock the door. That's it, you're done! A soft padded seat can be adjusted to the ideal height quickly, it pivots perfectly, letting your partner lift and position your hips just right; you can provide leverage to almost any position by utilizing the foot support straps at the bottom and sturdy hand grips up top. This exciting Swing is meant to help your partner support your weight during sexy-time and provide some exciting positioning control- it's not meant to be used as a suspension device, and shouldn't be used alone, nor should you attempt to fully support more than one person. The max supportable weight is 300lbs (136kg). Please be sure to follow the safety instructions included on the box for the safest and most pleasurable experience with the Swing.

SKU: PD-2185-01 | UPC: 603912307924 | MPN: PD218501 (0)

SKU: PD-2185-01 | UPC: 603912307924 | MPN: PD218501 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Amazing product (Anonymous)

Product is made well, priced great I used this with my partner 2 days after it arrived. Very sturdy and definitely brings excitement in the bedroom. I am forever a pinkcherry customer.

Awesome (Anonymous)

Wife love it, you will be glad you bought it.

Kinky but Sexy!!! (Anonymous)

It was everything I needed it to be, the ultimate sex tool.

great (Anonymous)


Add back some spice (Mike)

Great product ... we had a blast with this after our second child was born. Easy quick set up once you get the straps adjusted the first time.

Fun for beginners (Anonymous)

Very fun and easy to set up!

good for the price (Martin)

we wanted to try a swing and this works well simple to set up but you might want a pillow behind your back great for travel but would prefer to get a free standing or hanging one for more variety

Lovely (Show)

Easy to set up n perfect for quick movement to higher or lower levels for different positions front n back was a good pick. At first was nervous about holding me but after trying it out I loved it and really comfortable

works well (Anonymous)

I bought this swing to see how well I liked it. I now want to upgrade to one with a back support as well that does not require a door behind me. A pillow is needed behind your shoulder blades since you do need to lean back to be at the right angle for the support and access. I will prefer one that my partner can actually move me more freely in. It holds you up, is comfortable and works well.

Love it! (Theresa)

Easy to use, and such a great price! We are really happy with the swing!

First time trier (Anonymous)

This swing works awesome! Very easy to use/install. This was our first time using something like this and we loved it! Great quality! The seat it super comfortable and it spices things up very nicely ;)

Great quity (Anonymous)

This handy little door swing is more compact then our ceiling swing. Can't wait to try it out!

Good buy (Anonymous)

I bought this as a surprise for my gf, it was a great buy. i would say a free standing or ceiling mounted swing would be better, but this is a great first step for anyone interested in swings

Loving the door swing (Anonymous)

Bought this for a trip with a lovely lady, having zero experience with this sort of thing. Easy to set up even through there were no instructions, and it was put to great use. Our only complaint was that due to the positioning, we were able to get extremely vigorous and as such it didn't provide any padding for her back against the door. So we jerry-rigged a pillow in behind and we were off to the races. She loved it and I loved making her crazy.

awsome (steve)

We love this thing lots of extra playtime in the sling

Really good (Anonymous)

This product is super good! My honey and I just love it!

Acceptable alternative swing (Anonymous)

My wife and I wanted to try a sex swing, but we didn't want to have a ceiling or stand mounted one. We had read reviews online that recommended a door swing, so we ended up trying this one. The swing is good quality, and it won't ever break due to either of our weights (it supports up to 300lbs and we are both thin people). However, the main complaint we both have with the swing is the seat/cushion part gets in the way of just about everything we've tried (I'm average sized). We've tried different sitting/restrained position with the swing, but we couldn't find good ones.

Amazing! (Tom & Lisa)

My wife and I absolutley love this new toy. It allows several different angles for both oral and penetration. Highly recommended by both of us!