Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Wartenberg Wheel

Based On 25 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Wartenberg Wheel

Based On 25 Reviews

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sharp (Anonymous)

Its really Sharp. Id say about as Shap as a sewing needle. Putting a light amount of pressure leaves red tracks on the skin. It's quite fun, i love it. If your not hardcore, id recommend dulling it a touch so you can use more force without risking drawing blood

Oh What A Wonderful Feeling! (Anonymous)

Love it, sharp and just makes you tingle.

Superb (Anonymous)

The pinwheel was a great addition to our collection. We used it right away to great effect.

Product description

A deluxe, more intense version of the prickly, teasing Wartenberg Wheel, this sharp, spiky treat is a sensory enhancer for couples who crave a little pain with their pleasure. Perfect for all kinds of bondage, medical and dominance scenarios, the Wheel is meant to be lightly rolled over the skin, creating an exhilarating, endorphin-releasing sensation that's completely unique and entirely unforgettable. Weighty and ergonomically shaped, the spiky metal wheel rolls smoothly on a slim handle that's comfortable and secure in hand, allowing for perfect placement and easy maneuvering.

SKU: PD-3727-01 | UPC: 603912307894 | MPN: PD372701 (5)

SKU: PD-3727-01 | UPC: 603912307894 | MPN: PD372701 (5)

Ratings / Reviews

Prickly pleasures (Anonymous)

Definitely a good choice for our sensory play toy box!

Careful (Anonymous)

Very sharp and kinda scares me, but definitely feels amazing.

New Sensation (Jay)

My GF said the sensation was very intense, esp when blindfolded. Run it gently over sensitive areas. She loved it and was quite surprised

Sends shivers (Anonymous)

What a neat little toy for a great price. The sensations of this send shivers down your spine and make your back arch giving you goosebumps. It can go from a cool tickle feeling to a delicious hurt depending on how much pressure you use while in control. Certainly adds to the fun for everyone.

Awesome toy (Cory)

Wonderful toy, my wife loves it. Little sharper than expected lol

Had a lot of fun (Anonymous)

Was everything I expected and more. Comes with a blindfold for more fun :)

Sensations... (Anonymous)

The picks on this wheel were much sharper than I expected--actually am considering lightly filing them just a touch. Definitely can make both ticklish and more intense sensations.

Great kick (Noemie)

Great for the price. Surprisingly not soft. Can be great for beginers or for harder play.

Oh WOW!! (Brat)

This toy is just ... WOW! The tines are sharper than I had thought they would be, but that just makes it more fun! The sensation is just incredible. Light play leaves me covered in goosebumps but when Daddy presses a little harder, my inner masochistic sings!!

Use with care (Shawn)

This is a great tool for advanced users. You really need to be sensitive to the skin and tenderness level with this one. If you are looking for a tool to get someone to say their safe word this is a good one.

wonderful toys (Marc)

These are great wheels, with lots of tiny and closely spaced teeth. Much finer than most other Wartenbergs, which works well for me and my play partners. Have purchased a few, and will likely buy more in future.

Amazing sensation (Josyane)

Really fun, tickleish and painful toy for people who loves/craves bdsm lifestyle.

I recommend. :)

Wow, sharp and great quality! (Anonymous)

The first time this was used on me I was blind folded and thought a knife was being used on me! The sensations it provides can range from soft pokes to intense almost skin breaking torment. My guy likes to put it in the freezer ahead of play time to make the sensations it provides even more interesting. Best wheel we've owned!

Sensational (Marc)

Great little trick for the toybag. My only gripes are the axle screw protrudes too far on one side, and I wish it were a little heavier.

The points are very sharp though, and the wheel spins freely. At this price, it's definitely worth it.

nice feel (Anonymous)

delighted ;)

Spiky ! (Nasdro)

I like the look (not the highest quality but not bad-quality either). It come with a little enveloppe for you to store it, which is pretty useful since it is VERY spiky.
I am not rating it 5 stars only because when it arrived, it was tighten too much, and the wheel could easily block while trying to roll the wheel on the skin, making you cut the skin instead of just giving it sensations. I simply loose it up just a little bit and then the wheel was rolling perfectly ;)

Great sensation (Anonymous)

My girlfriend loved this, she said she has never felt anything like it. It also comes with a blindfold. Another excellent purchase!

Wow! (Anonymous)

Wow.....it was awesome! Pleasure and pain! Loved it!

Great Sensation (Kris)

This is great for adding to bondage (or at least blindfold) play scenes.

While I wouldn't say it creates pain in any noticeable capacity, but you can use it at different angles and amounts of pressure to change the sensation.

Quite enjoyable.

Nice Sensation (A)

This is a fun toy to play with different pressures to create different sensations form tickling to pain.

Very Interesting and Different Sensation (Anonymous)

This was my first pin-wheel purchase. It's a very different sensation between pain and pleasure which makes for a fun experience.

Definitely a fun piece to add to the collection ;)

A Favourite In My Toy Box (Anonymous)

This little fella is a welcome addition in my toy repitoire. Ticklish and tortureous in exactly the perfect amount. Although this can look a little intimidating at first, the sensation it can provide is absolutely Devine. A fantastic toy for relaxing and gentle stimulation head to toe, or deliciously nippy for a little pleasurefull teasing.