Fetish Fantasy Double Trouble

Based On 16 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Double Trouble

Based On 16 Reviews


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Sex crazed (Anonymous)

This kit is much larger than I expected. Larger both in product quantity and product size. Having to buy c batteries was strange though!! The ben wa balls are a perfect size

Review (Celeste)

Oh my I love this toy!

penis pleased (Anonymous)

My husband and i are very satisfied with this dual penetrator. We have tried others and find this one iis both filling and very smoothe with inserting and pulling out. Its perfect tightness around his shaft and balls and he says it helps hold his erection longer as well. Yes please!!

Product description

A fantastic tool for connoisseurs of double penetration, the Double Trouble not only makes this type of sexual scenario effortless and extremely enjoyable, but also aids in stamina and acts as an erection enhancer for him. Once in place around the base of the penis (or dildo) and looped under the balls, the Trouble smoothly enters the butt and thrusts along with vaginal penetration. Many women find the resulting extra-full sensation extremely orgasmic, and the sturdy, secure, simple design of this toy makes doubling the pleasure easy and worry free. As mentioned, the constriction around the penis and testicles acts as a traditional cock ring would, while keeping the Trouble in place, the shaft and ball ring supports and strengthens his erection while keeping it extra firm. Made from safe, phthalate free TPR, the probe is odor free and extra durable, use a good water or silicone based lube to keep it strong and lasting.

  • Length: 6"
  • Insertable Length: 5"
  • Girth: 3.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1" at largest point
  • Materials: Jelly Rubber (TPR)
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

SKU: PD-3740-23 | UPC: 603912312430 | MPN: PD374023 (7)

SKU: PD-3740-23 | UPC: 603912312430 | MPN: PD374023 (7)

Ratings / Reviews

Lots of fun! (Anonymous)

Firm yet manageable. A little difficult to put it since it bends which I thought with it being so firm would help the resistance but once it is in its on!! We have injury tried one position with woman on top and it worked out well. Husband did not have any complaints and said the ring did help make his dick extra stiff (and I agree!!) Definitely a nice addition to kink it up a bit.

double our pleasure (Milton)

The product was just what we had been looking for and at a lot lower price than some other places without sacrificing quality.

A little awkward (Scott)

This little jewel is fun for the mistress but a little awkward for me. It has a bulky base that hits the base of my penis and it is hard to keep both of the straps in place. Good idea but maybe just not built for me.

Thin (Ashley)

A little bit thin for my taste but otherwise a great toy. This is one that will be a part of our line up for some time.

What a blast! (T N)

This is an incredible toy! The Mrs loves this! Pretty versatile, you can strap it on as a cockring or free hand it. DP, or DV... Great anal toy, slender but big enough. Wife and I both came intensively with this! Will be part of our repitiore for sure !

Double Trouble!!! (Meghann)

How much fun was this product!!!!
OMG!!! This was the perfect addition to our toy box!!!!

Double your pleasure (Anonymous)

It's a great idea, but my husband is too girthy and can't fit in the cock ring part. I had fun with it when he used it in his hand to f**k me, just a little disappointed it didn't fit on him.

A little awkward (Hamilton)

It takes a bit to get everything right, it is fairly thin but long enough for good sensation. The cock ring strap and ball strap were hard to get to work just right. But it was a lot of fun!

Fun but.... (Anonymous)

This one was okay, but it took some practice to put on which is recommended before you use it

Bam! (Stykii)

Well, I thought it would of been slightly bigger but no complains, hit the spot. Good purchase.

little more girth (Anonymous)

A little more thickness would have made this a more pleasurable experience for both of us.

fun toy with only slight drawbacks (shane)

my girlfriend was VERY excited when I showed this to her... it's long been a fantasy of ours to double fill her. we tried it both doggy style and her riding me, and we found that the latter was best. she had multiple hard orgasms as I pounded her, and I got nice and extra hard with the cock ring.

the only drawback was having to readjust it occasionally during sex, since the ring around the balls tended to slip off. we found that odd since I have very big balls, but it didn't really hinder our enjoyment.

Me-yes Him-NO (Anonymous)

I loved this toy!! My bf on the other hand said it cut off circulation to his dick and he couldn't feel anything. It was worth the money for me even if we only used that time.