Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag

Based On 29 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag

Based On 29 Reviews

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Love Love Love (L)

This is by far my favorite item to date. It is super easy to use and looks absolutely amazing!!! I am super happy with the quality and I totally recommend to anyone looking at it.

I love this product (Dylan)

My girlfriend loves this product also , definitely a must buy if you're looking to try something new and spice up your sex life

Too fun (Tina)

Excellent quality, durable, surprisingly comfortable, and it fit well. Some of these can types of gags can be too large which makes them not only uncomfortable but they strain the jaw.This one fit my mouth perfectly and remained comfortable even after wearing for a rather long time. Alot of fun!!

Product description

A gag for the more serious of bondage connoisseurs, the Spider Gag keeps the moth wide open with a steel ring inside the mouth and four arms that stretch out on either side. The gag is connected a sturdy leather strap that keeps it perfectly in place, it closes with a hardy metal buckle, and adjusts to fit most sizes.

SKU: PD-3630-00 | UPC: 603912289299 | MPN: PD363000 (22)

SKU: PD-3630-00 | UPC: 603912289299 | MPN: PD363000 (22)

Ratings / Reviews

great gag (Anonymous)

It was just what i was looking for. Had bought one before and had worn it out. so this one was great.

Effective (Roy)

Really works with out restricting access to the mouth! Breathing is no problem and it effectively keeps the mouth OPEN.

Good Quality/Price (Robert)

You get what you pay for, these are really great to test out, if your looking to add some fun in your sex life. I would recommend these before dropping $60+ on some top high quality made ones. If your trying to save and looking to add more fun, these will get the job done.


Oh I love this thing. My girl was scared of oral at first, going too deep. She would bite down and it was horrible. So....I got this. Tied her up, put it in her mouth and all good. Now she completely loves oral! But I still enjoy using this ;)

Phenomenal (Eric Monahan)

Great Product, very enjoyable, run into an issue on ring size when I'm rock hard and erect with my cock fitting inside.

one problem (Laura)

The metal pinches the bottom of my mouth under my tongue to the point of a lot of blood makes it hard to enjoy it sometimes maybe sell a plastic dipped one

You get what you pay for. (Anonymous)

Just got this in the mail and haven't used it yet. In a nut shell I wanted something to hold her mouth open to assist deep throat and domination. This will do the job. But know, you get what you pay for. Straps are cheaply made. It looks weird. It's awkward to wear.

Troublesome but well built (Anonymous)

Wife had issues with the fit. For men with some serious girth, you likely won’t fit through as I didn’t.

Comfortable (Anonymous)

This looks great and feels great! My bf loves it on me i just wish it was a little bigger as i have a pretty big mouth haha but perfect for medium and bigger mouths :)

good, but not the best (Anonymous)

The ring doesn't let my cock go through unless I'm soft. If the ring was bigger then I would definitely give it a five start. It feels good and looks like it will last but didn't get to utilize it for how we wanted to.

Price is what it's worth. (Buddy)

Nothing special but works. sits well and solid and fairly adjustable. Ring is very small, so mostly for the look, or whatever. It it will def keep the mouth open.

Oh my... (LS)

This gag is really nice. The only fault we had with it, is the metal barbs have nothing over the tips, so they can scratch your face if you're not careful. I used a bit of warm wax and some quick setting silicon and made my own tips for it, and I can't complain a bit about using it on myself, or on my girlfriend. We both love the feeling of this, though it can be a bit intimidating to a beginner.

Fun for many uses (Shawn)

Great tool, definitely should be used with care. Have hand gestures to substitute safe words as you can't say anything with this one in your mouth. Great for holding someones mouth open for various fluids, not for oral sex as the side spikes are too sharp.

Decent (Jen)

It does pinch the mouth if you aren't careful when adjusting before use, but other than that it's quite the effective gag!

Fun but doesn't allow for much (D.m)

Great fun but the ring doesn't allow for the same size to go through as a mouth alone, it actually won't fit a lot through, we had to use our smallest dildo. so if you/your partner intend to put anything decently thick through it you will have a bad time. Other than that it's comfortable and great for a variety of scenes.

Fun (Anonymous)

Prefect size. Can catch lips if not set in properly. . Fun addition to toys.

good but small (DW)

my biggest problem is that the ring is only 1.5 inch diameter. and for me that does not do it.

it needed a little touch up (Anonymous)

The gag was great but the buckle was installed backwards. I was able to fix and use it.

Fits well. (Anonymous)

Fairly comfortable. Perfect for when the sub is talking too much ;)

Good! (Anonymous)

Wouldn't recommend for long term use, but otherwise a good product.

Superb product (Leona)

This gag is made really well and has lots of holes for adjusting the size. The mouthpiece is large but surprisingly comfortable, would recommend to beginners like myself.

Fun! (Smallest)

This is a mainly visual product so there's not a lot to add to the photos, but I am very pleased with it. Unlike many gags, the straps adjust very comfortably and easily and tighten enough for me.

not bad at all (Anonymous)

I do like this gag. Me and my master used it the second it showed up at my front door, my only issue is with the straps, there not real leather and they ripped. We replaces the straps with some basic leather and were back using it. But it was disappointing that the straps broke after less than a month

Great But.... (Princess)

we loved this Gag.. I would love to give it 5 stars BUT I think it could be improved if on the spider ends there was a small rubber end... it can be quite sharp if pushed against his pelvis.... other then that its the perfect size for my mouth and his.....Well you know

Great gag! (Paul)

Fantastic quality and for a great price! Leather straps are durable and has lots of holes for size adjusting.

hot! (katherine)

love it, it can be pinchy on the lips at times and you have to quickly adjust....but looks good and works well other than this