Fetish Fantasy First-Time Flogger

Based On 18 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy First-Time Flogger

Based On 18 Reviews

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Very good for beginners (Anonymous)

Me and my whife enjoyed this as our first flogger , we where both very satisfied!

Great for beginners (Anonymous)

Nice gentle smacker

Love this (Anonymous)

This is my first flogger and I find it perfect for start out with. Gentle with a nice sting. Downside is that it comes with a nasty smell.

Product description

A super soft, ultra lightweight Flogger in miniature with classic styling and a forgiving touch (that certainly has the potential for some more serious sting, if desired), this beginner-geared bondage staple is great looking, ultra manageable, and fits into tons of sexy scenarios.

A good handful of leatherette strands are anchored securely to a firm wrapped handle that allows for precision maneuvering, tickling and teasing, or more enthusiastic flicks. A looped cord at the end of the handle helps with control even more, keeping the 20 inch (50.8cm) Flogger close throughout playtime.

SKU: PD-3711-00 | UPC: 603912334289 | MPN: PD371100 (6)

SKU: PD-3711-00 | UPC: 603912334289 | MPN: PD371100 (6)

Ratings / Reviews

kinky (Anonymous)

Great for beginners. Not to hard not to soft great sensation. Fun play toy for exploration.

Kind of a Toy (Dean)

Small and light.

low quality but fun (Anonymous)

the price was alright for the quality, was still expecting a little bit better, the inside of the handle is probably just hard card and the fringes feel cheap. but still a fun toy for the price!

Pretty great (Chelsea)

Very enjoyable. Was looking for a good place to begin my collection and this is it. Very light and has a good hit. Smaller than I expected but that's alright

Small (Anonymous)

Good product just a lil smaller then i expected. Still gets the job done

Awesome (Bessie)

Works as expected

Great starter (Chantal)

Cute n sexy. Feels good.

Great beginner flogger (Natasha)

My partner and I really liked this flogger. It was a great price for me, because I wasn't sure if I'd like it. It gave us a chance to try it out for a good price, and it works great! I didn't notice the chemical smell others have commented on.

Great for getting started (JW)

I would have never tried this product if I didn't push myself to buy and it's great

Mmmmmm (Anonymous)

We love it! Nice to give a little tickle or a nice stinging crack! This has made things very exciting!!! We use this one the most!!!

Gentle (Anonymous)

This flogger is very nice for beginners or those who just want something a little light but exciting at the same time.

Good first time flogger (Aly)

Feels good, smooth and nice length for beginner! Would recommend

Very Nice (Anonymous)

The flogger is, overall, well made. The leather wrapped grip and leather tails are comfortable to hold and pleasant to experience. It would have received a 5* had it not been for the strong chemical odor it arrived with.

mmmmmm! (E.)

Perfect for starting out. Nice long handle on it to get the flick that is needed for any long period of use.

fun (Anonymous)

loved this, gentle touch or little sting good fun! great for exploring new adventures .......