Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Suckers

Based On 20 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Suckers

Based On 20 Reviews


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Amazing suckers (Anonymous)

A must have toy. I love it so much.

Fun (Steph)

Those are really fun. They are a bit hard to put in position at first but once you get them properly installed they are great. Good succion and the vibration is a great addition.

Fantastic (annonymous)

These suckers are just superb! Superior suction that really adhere and stays in place for a full experience. I just love this! Only negative is that all batteries run down fast , just after a few uses and replacements  batteries are hard to find :

Product description

For full coverage stimulation of your most favorite sweet spots, the Vibrating Triple Suckers set is actually 3 mini vibrators positioned on strong suction bases. 2 are for the nipples and one covers the clit, and are firmly fixed to each pleasure point with powerful suction that you control with a few squeezes of the pump ball. The suction stimulates on its own, but also works to bring the mini bullet vibes at the end of each area as close to you as possible; the combination of both sensations can have uniquely thrilling orgasmic results. Vibrators take LR44 cell batteries which are included. Waterproof.


  • 1 clit sucker
  • 2 nipple suckers
  • Pump ball
  • Batteries
  • Moist lube & toy cleaner samples

SKU: PD-3222-00 | UPC: 603912162509 | MPN: PD322200 (22)

SKU: PD-3222-00 | UPC: 603912162509 | MPN: PD322200 (22)

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worked great for us (Anonymous)

product worked as it sould only have 2 complaintsi first is the cups were easily knocked and second is it takes two people to use this device, one to hold cups on nipples and the other to hold cup on clit and use the pump. overall thow the product works as it should and for the price its worth the money.

Does not work (Cat)

Just bought these a couple weeks ago. Tried them out with my bf and these did not stick at all. Even with suction. The suction is very weak as well. I don't recommend this product. Just a waste of money

Triple Pleasure (Reuben)

Wonderful experience for my lady! Suction was terrific; powerful, but not painful; never seen her nipples or clit so enlarged; vibrations added to the joy;
Only small issue was that the batteries had a short life. No problem, for the price of a supply of replacement, this toy is well worth it. Combined with an insertion, she came quickly and multiple times. The triple has become a welcome addition to her morning wake-up routine!

Arousal (Anonymous)

I love this product it really turned me on! The only thing I'd make better is the power of the vibrations. Amazing product

Turn me on! (Anonymous)

The suction was amazing, best foreplay toy ever! Made me wet and ready to go. Only wish the vibrations were stronger.

Hard to use (Anonymous)

It's very hard to use only. Very good succion.

Quality Product (Becky)

Pros... Great quality product, strong suction (excellent clit pump), easy to use, seems like it would last a long time, and each sucker has it's own on/off switch.
Cons...the vibration wasn't as strong as I would like - I would liken to medium strength of a regular bullet vibe. Also, the tubing isn't adjustable (the tube running from nipple to nipple doesn't adjust. So if your boobs are far apart - like mine- then the suckers shift and pop off frequently.)
Note: The pump isn't a gradual thing either, one good pump and it's at full sucking capacity. This might be too intense for some people but my partner and I have played with pumps before and I quite liked the intense feeling.
Overall it's a good product but doesn't work the best for me. We've only played with it a couple of times so maybe with some practice with placement it'll get better. I would recommend it for sure but just be mindful that it doesn't adjust.

tuffstuff (phil)

Is hard to use by urself. Wish there was away to shut them off independently..liked. ...

Tubeing (don)

Tube between suckers is to stiff . they could be a softer more moveable type. otherthan that great

Very exciting (Anonymous)

What a Turner on!

Great sensations (Anonymous)

Great suction and the vibes feel awesome. Just enough added intensity. The only downside is that the nipple cups have a short line between. Great for smaller chested women for positioning but not so good for the ample-breasted as the cups come off...extend the length of tubing from nipple cup to nipple cup for better grip and suction...and I will give it a full 5-stars.

Orgasms at a higher level (Anonymous)

A little tricky to use solo But possible with a bit of practice, if you move too much they will come off HOWEVER helps give stronger orgasms, very erotic toy to add!! Only wish batteries lasted longer. Still a toy we use regularly lots of fun!!!

just plain pleasure (lucky girl)

fun product, suction works well, just wish the vibrators were a little more powerful

Fun (Anonymous)

I really enjoyed this product and my boyfriend loved it too. The strength of suction was great and vibration was nice. My only issue would be is that it was hard to use alone. You have to be able to hold all pieces evenly on your skin to start and if one of the 3 pieces isn't fully placed on your skin you can not get suction at all. Also I found it quite hard to clean properly. I would recommend it more to couples then personal use. Great product though!!

Awesome (Anonymous)

The suction on these is superb! The clit vibe has a significantly better shape than some of those bigger ones out there which don't get precision suction, this one is just a perfect shape and size...for me anyway. The only downfall in my opinion is that the vibrations are not as strong as I would like. It's also a bit awkward to place if you're using it solo because all 3 need to be held in place at the same time when you squeeze the pump and they lose suction if you move a lot.... so much better for your parter to use it on you while you're tied down.

Good for beginners (Anonymous)

This was a good buy for someone who is just starting out but for me it just didn't have enough suction nor the clit vibe strong enough.

Fantastic (annonymous)

These suckers are just superb! Superior suction that really adhere and stays in place for a full experience. I just love this! Only negative is that all batteries run down fast , just after a few uses and replacements  batteries are hard to find :