H2O Personal Anal Lubricant in 2oz/60ml

Based On 12 Reviews

H2O Personal Anal Lubricant in 2oz/60ml

Based On 12 Reviews

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Great product (Anonymous)

I've been missing out using other products for anal never going to play with out it again

Best Lube I've Bought (Anonymous)

I've heard about System Jo Lubes from this sex positive podcast I listen to and this was my first time trying it out. It's better than any water-based lube I've ever bought, lasts longer than them and I don't feel gross or slimy after using it! Would highly recommend.

I didn't know what I was missing! (Alex)

Like the title says, I really didn't know what I was missing out on until I tried out this awesome anal lube. I'll definitely be buying it again.

Product description

Formulated specifically to enhance with anal play, this super-slick, crystal clear water based lube offers an amazingly smooth feel that rivals silicone in terms of silkiness and overall longevity. System Jo's H20 Anal  is must have for sex (anal and otherwise), foreplay, masturbation and self-love with or without toys.

Plush and slippery, the texture perfectly mimics natural lubrication, and never gets sticky or tacky like some water based formulas can. The fact that H20 is water based is precisely what makes it so versatile, this lube is compatible with all toy materials including silicone and all varieties of rubber, it's also condom safe and great for skin-to-skin contact. Clean up is easy and mess-free, as H20 won't stain or discolor clothing, sheets and other fabrics, plus, it washes off skin and toys with plain water.

  • Size: 2 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Anal Lube, Unscented

SKU: SJ-401118 | UPC: 796494401118 | MPN: 25871 (24)

SKU: SJ-401118 | UPC: 796494401118 | MPN: 25871 (24)

Ratings / Reviews

madhatter (philip)

Works really Well with my optimale massager

Good stuff (lustbiginner)

Finish to use butter and stuff like that .This anal lub it's all i need to use any dildo and P-stimulator .

Very good lube (Rick)

This lube is amazing and does its job spectacularly well. It slides and doesn't seem to lose any substance at all. I thought the bottle was bigger, for the price, but that's my own fault. The only complaint I have is that it is almost too much like water. It can be difficult to add to a dildo considering it tends to just drip off immediately, as if pouring from a water bottle.

Okay Lube (Anonymous)

No complaints - but I don't find it anything more special than the TOKO Aqua lube that I use regularly.

thought I would try an anal lube that comes recommended and it is fine.

Very watery (Anonymous)

This lube feels very natural and feels a lot like saliva or water. I used it for vaginal play, not anal though. Not slippery at all. It doesn't last very long either, I had to reapply it many times and then gave up and used a different brand.

Meh (Arbi)

Very "natural feeling", not slippery or long lasting at all. It didn't last very long and had to be reapplied a lot. Also, it is quite expensive for such a small size. I wouldn't recommend it.

Great for sensitive vaginas! (Alison)

I've been through a lot of different lubes, even other waterbased ones. Hadn't really found one that was both long lasting and non irritating.

I grabbed this for an anal toy a while ago, ended up using it with a new well endowed male partner for vaginal intercourse and ya know what? No stinging. No stickiness. No slight burning a few hours after use. No surgical smell.

A little goes a long way, and I recommend trying it if you've found other water based vaginal lubes still leave too much friction.

Also prepare for 5 minutes of cleanup cus this stuff doesn't quit in the slippery department. Maybe install rails next to the sink for safety reasons.

Buy it, your bum will love you! (Anonymous)

Really good all around lube, doesn't get sticky like you get from other h2o based lubes. My partner and I are new to anal play and it has made the experience pretty sweet!

Love it (Anonymous)

I love this anal lube, the System Jo line in fact. Love the long lasting it has, and it doesn't get sticky or tacky. It is slick so a little will go a long way. I do recommend it or any of the other System Jo lubricants.