H2O Personal Lubricant in 16 fl. oz/480ml

Based On 41 Reviews

H2O Personal Lubricant in 16 fl. oz/480ml

Based On 41 Reviews

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It just works! (Anonymous)

Great feel, not too thick or thin. The best we have tried.

Slip & Glide! (Anonymous)

Have tried many different lubricants but always comeback to Jo-H2O. Simply the best for masturbating and vaginal penetration. Not so good for anal. Water based is the way to go. Long lasting doesn't dry out fast or become sticky.
Rock-hard Jo! Love this lubricant

Won't use anything else... (Anonymous)

... And I recommend you don't either! Easy to access with pump, and easy to clean.

Product description

A super-slick, crystal clear water based lube with a feel that rivals silicone in terms of silkiness and overall longevity, System Jo's H20 is must have for sex, foreplay, masturbation and self-love with or without toys.

Thin and slippery, the texture perfectly mimics natural lubrication, and never gets sticky or tacky like some water based formulas can. The fact that H20 is water based is precisely what makes it so versatile, this lube is compatible with all toy materials including silicone and all varieties of rubber, it's also condom safe and great for skin-to-skin contact. Clean up is easy and mess-free, as H20 won't stain or discolor clothing, sheets and other fabrics, plus, it washes off skin and toys with plain water.

  • Long lasting
  • Mess-free
  • Latex safe
  • Water soluble

  • Size: 16 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Unscented

SKU: SJ-400371 | UPC: 796494400371 | MPN: 19440 (37)

SKU: SJ-400371 | UPC: 796494400371 | MPN: 19440 (37)

Ratings / Reviews

Excellent!! (Jay)

Great lube. I’ve always loved this brand, as it maintains great lubrication and doesn’t start to feel sticky. A TINY drop goes a long way.

Bruised my damn chin..... (Jerry)

Stuff is nice and slippery. Problem I have is my penis is smaller than what I think it is and I hit my chin on the upstroke.

Slick sex (Anonymous)

Jo h20 is THE BEST water based lube I have found on the market . Provides long lasting lubrication .
Safe for all toys . Perfect

Best lube ever. (Ken)

I've tried dozens of different personal lubricants, and I always keep coming back to this one. It stays slick for much longer than the other ones, it's much smoother (doesn't get tacky/sticky), and it washes off with warm water immediately (unlike most where I've found you need to vigorously scrub with soap to get the residue off).

Best (Andrew)

The best lube out there, I actually tastes better than any of the flavoured lubes I’ve used.

Best lube (Anonymous)

if you're sensitive or have allergies, this is the best lube. It's one of the only lubes I've ever used, that doesn't give me a reaction. I love that it's available in a pump bottle as well. Makes it super easy for use. It's also safe for use with polyurethane condoms as well, which is great!

10 outta 10! (Anonymous)

Absolutely the best lube I have ever used! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a lube that is safe for condom and toy use.

A little goes a long way! (Anonymous)

This lube is fantastic! It's incredibly slick and stays wet much longer than other water based lubes that I've tried. My only recommendation is to use a little - it goes a long way! I found using too much to actually completely take away from any sensation.

BEST. LUBE. EVER. (Anonymous)

Do yourself a favour and stock up on this lube! Excellent lube, excellent price and so much fun! cleans up easily, great for any toys! Can't say enough good things!

Fantastic Lube (Anonymous)

The best personal lubricant I've used. Very slippery, you don't need much. Other lubes I've used get sticky after a bit, this one doesn't. Also, the bottle is discreet. Very happy with this product, better than another brand I was using. I will buy this one again.

slippy (Anonymous)

I love this lube and the size is just what we needed.

Great stuff (Anonymous)

This stuff is quite good and I don't have to constantly reapply more. Great for penetration (vaginal and anal) and masturbation.

Overall Review (Charles)

It works great. Would recommend buying.

verry good (harry)

second bottle i order from them so its verry good wife like s it ..

H2O (jim)

feels good. does the job.

Best ever (Becky)

This is the only stuff i will ever use. A little goes a very long way. It is very surprising just how long the bottle really does last. Has never stained anything, always been easy to wash out of clothes, bedding etc. I never have any reactions to this. LOVE THIS !!!

This stuff rocks! (Andrew)

I've tried a few other lubricants and this one takes the cake. My partner found other silicon products caused discomfort but had no problems with H2O. We never "need" lube, but it's always awesome to have and super convenient to pop out of the bedside drawer. The squirt bottle is quick and easy however don't try travelling with it - go for the smaller snap cap bottle to avoid a slippery suitcase on arrival!

Great stuff! (Kevin)

I go through enough lube that I buy the bigger bottles and have tried a couple of brands. This isn't the cheapest one, but it's on par with the top names. I use it with my fleshlights and buttplugs and it feels great! The pump is also very cool, makes for easy application. Like any other water-based lube though, you do need to reapply once in a while, but once you're going you only need a little to freshen up. Washes up really good too. A must!

Yes and no (Kevin)

Honestly, this thing is bigger than it seems, and is awkward for anal use. I have some experience with plugs and this is doesn't fit into that category. I never got it in far enough for it to stay in place. That being said, if you're willing to hold it in one hand and play with it, the shape really does hit the spot and it feels great! If you're willing to use it more as a dildo, then I'd say give it a go, but definitely don't buy this as a plug.

Slippery (Anonymous)

Best lube on the market, I have tried other lubes but always come back to this one.
Works great, lasts long, doesn’t get sticky and is easy to clean up.
Definitely a winner..

Great Lube (CJ)

First choice!

Great stuff (Rick)

Great lube. Long lasting & easy clean up/off with water. Does not leave stains. Pump in 16 oz size is convenient as well.

Best (Anonymous)

Best lube ever.

Go To (C)

This is our go to lube.

Water lube the way 2 go (Lucky)

By far the cleanest n best lube I ever tried. If you want proper. This is the way to go

love it (vv)

the best lube I've ever purchased!

GREAT!! (Anonymous)

The only down side to this great product is that the pump leaks.

jadore (stephane)

Sais un superbe lube j'adore et avec pinkcherry sais hot comander ici sécuritaire et envoie très prive

Seriously good lube (girlie_bell)

I'll admit, I already knew this is fantastic lube when I bought it. It was the value-sized pump bottle that really knocked my socks off. Not pretty on the bedside table, but so, so, worth it - a quick reach across (around, behind) and you have lube - no muss, no fuss. Plus you can easily fill little bottles for play-time on the go. If you only buy one bottle of lube, buy this one.

Excellent product (Anonymous)

Some water-based lubes can become sticky very quickly exposed to air. This stuff doesn't. It stays slick for an extended time for extended use. Being water-based, it also doesn't leave lasting stains like oil-based products. The bottle size is excellent value, and will last for weeks. The pump is a must, and dispenses the right amount with the right squeeze. One of the best lubes you can get!