Master Series Intake Anal Suction Device

Based On 12 Reviews

Master Series Intake Anal Suction Device

Based On 12 Reviews

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Distended (joel)

I love this toy! When I crank on the knob, and it pulls my ass parts out into the world ,it feels so great! I like to put my face in the couch and start to crank my ass out into the toy, the best foreplay for all my big toys.....

My god (Cherry pop)

Very very sexy rosebud! And I’m very tight but I leave it on for awhile

Great pull (Bottom Guy)

Wasn't expecting to much from this device. Soon as I tried it, it definitely changed my mind. Creates a good seal and has plenty of pull. Right now it makes for some extremely swollen ass lips but with a bit of experience you can get it directly on your rose and directly suck that out... can get pretty intense at times!!! Worth the money!!!

Product description

A deviously unique anal tool from the innovative, kink-centric Master Series line, the Intake very, very effectively creates a strong, intensely stimulating internal suction, plumping up the anal opening while drawing blood into the area to increase sensation and in turn, pleasure potential.

Engineered for ease of use, the Intake's open need needs only to be placed firmly around the anal opening before several twist of an enjoyably tactile knob up top incites a wonderful inward pressure. With up to two inches of available interior space, the possibilities are pretty impressive, as are the results- you or your partner will be able to control to amount of suction with that simple twist-knob while watching the effect through the Intake's transparent, firm chamber walls.

Made from extra sturdy ABS plastic, this device was designed for longevity, your choice of lubricant can be used in combination, if desired. The Intake is 4 inches long and 2 inches wide at the base.

  • Length: 4"
  • Width: 2" at largest point
  • Color: Clear, White

SKU: XR-006660 | UPC: 848518006660 | MPN: AD229 (12)

SKU: XR-006660 | UPC: 848518006660 | MPN: AD229 (12)

Ratings / Reviews

Must have (Anonymous)

This toy is great, my gf loves the feeling of her anus being sucked out. She loves how sensitive her anus becomes, I enjoy watching her squirm in pleasure

Good product (Steven)

Wks really well

s (Anonymous)

Does everything it is meant to: creates a pretty and heavy walnut to play with. Very nice

Crazy (Anonymous)

The feeling when you twist it is incredible.

a new experience (B)

This was a total impulse buy for me, I saw it and thought I need to try it. As I waited for it to arrive I researched a little bit and was so excited when I got it. It makes a great sensation when you crank the knob and leave it on for about 10 min, and it leaves me nice and swollen for some anal play. A must try for the anal enthusiasts!

Great device!! (Miranda)

This anal suction device works exactly as described. I recommend it for experienced users and beginners alike!

Feels good (Thoth)

Well, I've used this for short periods, but have managed to turn it all the way. From the other reviews, I want to assume I'm not as loose as the rest, maybe? I wish I was, it felt f*cking awesome, but I got no where near the rosebud others claimed to get and I've even used poppers. Haven't left it on for more than 20 minutes, but some directions to avoid permanent injury would give me a better comfort level with its use. I tried googling info on such a thing and the Internet offers little for this, so maybe some guidelines. For example, I thought lube would help, that just destroys the seal, go in without lube on this is the best way.

Hole Suck (anonymous)

Placing device on your hole and start twisting knob gives an incredible sucked-out sensation of your asshole. The object of course is to twist knob to pull your hole to the top of device! Now hold it with your asshole sucked out for as long as you can. Even after device is released it leaves a great sensation!

Pretty good (Frederik)

This thing sucks, and it's really good, make a beautiful rosebutt.