Mini Nipple Suckers in Purple

Based On 36 Reviews

Mini Nipple Suckers in Purple

Based On 36 Reviews

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Definitely recommend, not only on nipples (Niki)

These don't come with instructions. The first time I tried these on, I pinched the sides, they had no suction and inturn just fell off my nipple. It took a couple of minutes to figure it out. You have to pinch the sides and push it into the skin versus just placing them on the nipple. Once they suction you press down again to push out the air completely and then you get a very strong suction. You can control the amount of suction but I would say overall, they are very strong. They made my nipples swell but the sensation was enjoyable and my nipples became very sensitive afterwards. These can also be used on the clitorus.

So sensitive after (H11)

I love these! They leave your nipples so sensitive afterwards!

Mann (Anonymous)

These are great

Product description

Keep your nipples at attention with Mini Nipple Suckers. These petite Suckers use simple suction to draw blood into the nipple area and make them firm and sensitive to touch and stimulation. They're soft and pliable, just squeeze the tip as you position a Sucker over your nipple to activate.

SKU: CE-2644-25-2 | UPC: 716770055651 | MPN: SE-2644-25-2 (7)

SKU: CE-2644-25-2 | UPC: 716770055651 | MPN: SE-2644-25-2 (7)

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Holy yes (Ginger)

These are so cheap and awesome. They are just simple little suckers that you pinch and apply to the nipples. I have small nipples and they stick on quite easily... and they drive me wild. I wish I had bought these years ago!

Good Suction (Anonymous)

Feel great and work well.

AMAZING! (Kylie)

I'm not big on nipple play but these definitely make things more enjoyable. I love them !

OMG Love this (Dominique)

This has been great for nipple play especially when alone. This is an extreme pleasure and the suckers make the pleasure much more intense. Took a few tries to get it right but once figured out was just what I needed.

Love (Anonymous)

Great once you get used to using them.

Definitely Worth It! (Anonymous)

I got these for the wifey after trying nipple clips failed to work well in getting her riled up.
These take some time to get the suction right but when you do, oh man!
It's great to be able to have constant suction while moving on to other fun stuff.
Have lots of fun with these little Purple buddies!

Pretty good (Anonymous)

My nipples are a bit sensitive and these aren't too harsh on them and it didn't take long to get accustomed to them.

Daaa-aaamn! (Megs)

They work exactly as expected, great suction and my boyfriend loves playing with them!

These Little Devices Work!! (Paolo E)

These were purchased to replace wife's old screw-on-type nipple enhancers. They're cute and such a nice colour. May be a tad pricey (for what they are), but they do such a good job---and wife no longer has to "hold still"; she can move around somewhat while they remain sealed in place (she creates the best seal using a bit of spit). Suction effect lasts longer than one might expect, after learning how to really "dial them in". For a gal that's essentially flat-chested, her nipples have become her "go-to" when displaying her sexuality, and the nipple suckers fit the bill. Fun addition to our toy collection. She really enjoys the added sensitivity.... Recommend this size first, not the larger size

For Innies (F)

I got these to see if I could self-treat an inverted nipple and after some time, it seems to have worked. No surgery for me

Wow (Anonymous)

These little things are great! I was a little skeptical with how small they look but they have great suction and feel great.

Fun Little Toy (Keeks)

I love these! They are perfect for when you want to have a little bit of nipple play, but nothing to harsh. They give the perfect amount of sting when taking them off and leave my nipples sensitive!

Small but strong (Anonymous)

I have these in the bigger size and I always wished they were a little smaller so I bought these, but these were a little TOO small. Their smaller size definitely made the suction stronger. It did take me a couple of tries to get them to stay on without falling off. They are good quality.

Extremely satisfying! (Ezra)

Works so well that its one of my favorite! Sucks & fits my nipples feels so so great! Bf loves how good swell my nipple gets and gets him so aroused!

Perfect! (Deanna)

I love these little nipple sucker! Probably one of my favourite things from my most recent order. They provide great stimulating suction and gets more intense with a second or third little squeeze. The design seems fairly simple, yet very effective in making this girls nipples happy

awesome (Anonymous)

works great hubby loves the way the make my nipples pop

Nipple suckers (Anonymous)

Work well, quite powerful for the size. I use only for about half hour at a stretch.

Good product (Anonymous)

Good product. We used it many times since we bought them and they're still working fine. They tend to fall on dry skin so use some water or saliva to make them stay in place. I expected them to be larger and a little stronger, which made the 4 stars rating, but I would recommand it for small or sensitive nipples. I'll check for the other suckers kits next time I place an order.

Parfait (Anonymous)

La taille est la bonne
Belle qualité de produit
Je le recommande

Impressed (Anonymous)

I got these as an alternative to clamps that kept falling off, and they're pretty great. The suction is impressive - they didn't come loose. The mini's fit me perfectly, not sure what the regular size would be like but I personally wouldn't bother going up in size. Great fun!

Easy and intense! (Tasha)

I absolutely love these nipple suckers! I've never used nipple suckers before now, but I decided to give it a shot. They're easy to use, by simply placing them on and squeezing. Comfortable and stimulating, these suckers have a powerful effect considering their size! Durable material, lovely colour. I'm loving them!

Very impressed ;) (Anonymous)

Like many others, I bought these as a "filler" for checkout, and I'm definitely glad I went for them! As a newbie to nipple play, they leave me feeling so sensitive and I was shocked. Two thumbs up!

Nipple Suckers Prevent Surgery (Debbie Allen)

I bought the nipple suckers in an attempt to reverse an inverted nipple that I was considering surgery to correct. By using essential oils of Rose and Neroli 5% in Coconut oil to soften the nipple tissue and then applying the nipple sucker two or three times a day for a minute at a time I have been able to reverse the inverted nipple and now have a nice outwardly sensitive nipple to match the other one. My doctor was impressed and so am I. I have used the nipple sucker daily since it arrived 3 weeks ago and now my nipple is fully outward. Thanks Pink Cherry.

Nice filler (Anonymous)

Nice little toy to fill an order.

Must be me... (Kimmy)

I bought these as a "why not?" addition to my order. I thought they could be a gentler option than nipple clamps.
At first, they kept falling off. The suction wasn't enough. I tried wetting them, and that helped a little, but not much.
Maybe I ordered the wrong size?
For the price, it's definitely worth a try.

Good Suction (Anonymous)

They stay on pretty well and are a good price.

these are fun! (Anonymous)

Strong enough to surprise you a little (with, let's say, a drop of milk almost a year after you've resumed nursing?) I liked the modest size: it's easy to bring them up in the "conversation".

Nipple suckers (Anonymous)

First we have both the regular /larger size and now the minis. My wife loves them both,however the minis have more of a suction in a precis area ,opposed to the larger size ....Also a lititle more intense ,harder suction ..... Good Buy !

Good for beginners! (Crystal)

I use the advanced ones on myself, but bought these to try on the hubby.
They are great for men who enjoy nipple play as well :)
Once our girlfriend tries them I'll do another review with her opinion :)

Fun! (Anonymous)

I purchased these as a "filler" so to say for free shipping, and am I ever glad I did! They stay in place well (if you hit them hard enough they will pop off), and are easily adjustable for more or less suction on your nipples. I never would've thought they would affect me so much but wow! Great product and lots of fun!