Mood Lube 4oz/113g in Water Based

Based On 71 Reviews

Mood Lube 4oz/113g in Water Based

Based On 71 Reviews

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price for amount is great (Anonymous)

great lube that washes off and wont leave a sticky feel.
always stock up on this while on sale

Good lube, great price (Anonymous)

It was a very good price for the amount of lube you get. I love using it by myself and with my girl.

Good Mood! (Erin)

This is a pretty awesome lube. It’s got a lot of slide without the slime. Not to thick, it doesn’t re-constitute with water as well as glycerin based lubes, but it doesn’t leave residue, If I massage a few drops into my hand it soaks in like moisturizer! It works just fine with my sensitive skin and the pump bottle is always a plus.

Product description

An ultra versatile lubricant from Doc's fantastic Mood collection, Water Based can be used to enhance just about any sexual situation.

Crystal clear and extra slippery, Mood's plush easy-spreading slickness blends with and complements natural lubrication, eliminating unwanted friction during sex, foreplay and toy exploration. The non-staining, paraben free formula is compatible with all toy materials and perfectly safe for use with condoms.

  • Size: 4 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Masturbation Lube, Unscented

SKU: DJ-1362-09-BU | UPC: 782421006778 | MPN: 1362-09-BU (0)

SKU: DJ-1362-09-BU | UPC: 782421006778 | MPN: 1362-09-BU (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Nice lube (K)

I bought this for a toy and for giving my guy some fun playtime. Haven't used it on him yet but works great on my silicone toy. No smell, glides nicely and no staining.

Just right (F)

This lube is really just like the reviews said. Not sticky, doesn't stain or smell weird, and the pump applicator is a must and perfect for getting just the right amount of lube. Also it's super cheap!

Kick ass lube (mike)

This lotion really makes you cum. Best one I have ever used.

Wonderful product (Anonymous)

I have tried lubes before and they always cause pain. This lube lubricates and does not burn. I was very happy with how well it worked.

Nice (Anonymous)

nice glide for the money

Great Lube! (Sarah)

Lasts a long time and it's very gentle on the skin. The price is excellent for the amount you're getting. It cleans up easy and doesn't stain. The pump function is great and it really doesn't stand out as an adult product on your shelf. I've already ordered a second bottle!

Best purchase so far !! (amber)

Ordered this because I only owned silicone lubes, and could not pass up this sale (96% off, what?!) This lube is amazing. It's lasting, it leaves no residue, it's not sticky (like silicone lubes can be), and its completely safe to use with almost all toys!! The amount in the bottle is such a great deal. It'll last me quite some time, even with regular use. The pump is mess-free and gives a generous amount. Even the taste isn't even horrible.. although I don't recommend using this the same way you'd use a flavored lube. haha Once I get through this bottle, I will definitely be buying another !

100% Recommend (K)

Love this stuff, highly recommend. Have not found anything I prefer more

Amazing (Anonymous)

This product works amazingly for me I don't like many lubes but this one is one of the best.

Great for anal (Plug love)

This is my favourite lube. Not watery and stays on toys.

Great (Anonymous)

I always purchase this, it's a staple in my nightstand. Not sticky and lasts a fair while.

Ooou (Anon)

First time user of lube and it worked great with the other purchases i made! Definitely did the trick ;)

wonderful !! (Anonymous)

This Lube is Great !! It doesn't make me sore or irritate me at all. I use it ALL the time. It's the best Lube, if your not looking to use flavor or heat. Works with lots of toys too !! Use it. You'll never regret it !! I think the next time I order it, I'll buy a case !!

Great Product! (Anonymous)

Works great, feels amazing and a very easy clean up!

Great lube (Anonymous)

The lube is very good. The bottle is good for applying a little bit at a time :)

Lube (Anonymous)

Very slippery, not sticky. Does its job right

Very good product (Anonymous)

It was exactly what I needed! Great for toys

Does the job (Jessica)

For the price and conviencr, easy to use bottle this stuff does the job for toys or partners.

Good budget lube. (Anonymous)

Not super sticky; does wear off pretty quickly, but it's cheap so I don't mind reapplying. I'll continue buying this.

Perfect (Anonymous)

Love this product! Not sugary or anything unnecessary just plain old lube :)

merci doc J (majo)

perfect with toys and a partner, innodore and pleasant to the touch ...and more... an interesting price and fun to use bottled What more!!

For all your slip'n'slidin' needs. (Anonymous)

I'd never bought lube before this, never needed to, but upon entering the toy world, I thought it was better to be safe than sorry.
I love it, espeeeecially when it comes to anal play.
It lasts long enough, it doesn't stain, it doesn't smell, it isn't really sticky or greasy or anything like that. It just... works, by doing exactly what it's supposed to.
A little goes a long way, and it's easy to clean up afterwards, too.
It also isn't irritating at all, and I'm sensitive all over, so that's a bonus.
Plus, the bottle is just cool. But the water-based is the reason I bought it. It's great.

Very Good, and Good Price (Kevin)

Good Price, and doesn't lose it's lubrication quick. I will continue to buy as for the price it's better than any other water based lubricant out there

cheap product thats awesome (some guy)

excellent lube that's cheap. needed it for my toy

Nice (Anonymous)

Gets the job done

Great product (Anonymous)

Works great and the fact that you don't have to squeeze it out is awesome.

Not to bad (Anonymous)

Not the best I've ever used but definitely not the worst, you do need to use a lot of it though.

Lube (Anonymous)

Good lube for the price.

Great (Anonymous)

great product.

Great texture and price! (Jane)

This lube is such a good price and the products is wonderful. I enjoy the texture. So far, no issues with staining my sheets, no itching/inflammation, no bladder infections (this was a problem with previous lubes I have used), and also they feel really great. Also, it is compatible with my silicon toys. I have to reapply a few times, but this lube is so cheap I do not mind.

My only issue with it is the container does not pump smoothly. You have to give it one hard push and a lot comes out. There is no way to only get a little bit out. This might have been a defect with my bottle though. The pump is also difficult to push if you hands are not dry.