nipple play Non-Piercing Nipple Rings in Silver

Based On 21 Reviews

nipple play Non-Piercing Nipple Rings in Silver

Based On 21 Reviews


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Sexy (Anonymous)

These are really sexy. The quality is better than I thought they would be for the price. They actually have a nice weight, and don't look or feel cheap. I have sensitive skin and these don't bother me. You can also adjust them to get the level of sensation you want. Overall, a good buy.

Master  piece (Nanna)

Great piece to have -easy to fix and remove- quality material and I like it

Awesome!!! (B)

Can't commit to the real thing? Try these! Increases sensitivity drastically. A bit tight at first but you can open the gap a bit more. Love these rings!!!

Product description

A captivating set of silvery loops, these lightweight adornments slip easily over the peaks of the nipples (or other bit of sensual flesh). 

Simple tension holds tight, providing a pleasurable pinch and a stimulating tug. In non tarnishing material, nipple play Nipple Jewelry is body friendly and safe for long term wear.

SKU: CE-2630-05-2 | UPC: 716770012913 | MPN: SE-2630-05-2 (15)

SKU: CE-2630-05-2 | UPC: 716770012913 | MPN: SE-2630-05-2 (15)

Ratings / Reviews

Very cute (Jojo)

These nipple rings are really cute and I wish I could wear them. They pinch really hard especially for a beginner like me. I got these hoping I could wear them for the looks of piercings but they hurt too much. Hopefully they can come up with a design that doesn’t pinch so hard.

worth it (Anonymous)

these are fantastic. great pressure- really holds on even with moderate play. With large nipples a tad tight. but can be adjusted. Try it !

YESSS (Beatrice)

Looks very nice, can be used in other spots. I sometimes add a chain between them. They're not easy to adjust, but it's ok because that way they stay tight and dont break. My boyfriend likes pulling on them gently and that drives me crazy ! Have fun ! Xx

Nipple Rings (Anonymous)

We tried these for our first time they were really tight but guess they have to be. I think it may take a bit if time to get use to them but seen fun

Nice product (MJ)

Ouch was my first response when using these ... even though they can be adjusted, they are still pretty intense. They weren't that easy for me to adjust. Will have to play with them some more to get accustomed to them.

like the real thing (Anonymous)

these fit nice and you can adjust them for how much pinch you want to feel .they look like the real piercing Hubby thought they were really cute and liked how they looked
i would recommend

These are awesome (Anonymous)

These are great but really tight i have to work up to it haha they have a nice weight to it and they look so sexy!

Love them (Anonymous)

They look great and they feel great for sure buying another :D

OMG!!! (Anonymous)

I have never worn any sort of nipple rings or clips... but I was intrigued by the idea... these ones seemed perfect... and they are... they had to be loosened slightly, which is super easy to do. I started by wearing them a little around the house, then I actually wore them out on a date, which was very arousing just knowing that I had them on and he didn't yet know about them. By the time any sort of actual foreplay started he was able to bring me to the brink of orgasm just by playing with them. Needless to say I love them...

Really hot (Anon)

Good quality all around and super hot

Nipple Bling! (Cathy)

Maybe not for your first foray into nipple clamps as they are pretty intense the first time. Can be adjusted by pulling apart but not adjustable throughout play time. As your nipples get harder they get tighter...but if you love nipple clamps these are great. Lots of pressure but because they are small still room for manipulation...and they look great. Perfect alternative to piercings. Don't reccommend to leave on for too long.

A great purchase (Jayne)

I wanted some type of nipple clamp that didn't look like a clamp and this fit the bill. The quality is a lot better than I expected and they do give a really good pinch (that can be easily adjusted by bending the wire a bit). Hubby doesn't like the look of them so I use them when I masturbate and the sensation really adds to the pleasure.

Great nipple rings (McHale7)

If you enjoy nipple stimulation but don't want piercings, you can't go wrong with these. Very adjustable as well.

Nice Sensations (LuvDevil)

The intensity is going to vary depending on your nipple size and pain threshold. I found these to be quite snug the first time I used them, and my partner found them to be enjoyable on her. You can open them up a bit if they are too tight at first.

non permanent fun (Anonymous)

non permanent fun

In a pinch (Anonymous)

This is my first nipple toy. I found it too tight, but it was easily widened. Good quality lots of fun

All I can say is OMG (Anonymous)

These little things are heaven!!! They are nice to have pulled on and flicked. My husband found them super sexy. Taking them off is also a thrill ! Highly recommend!!

Supercharge her nipples (Milo)

Wow what a great toy. We were dubious at first and the first application to her nipples was a bit surprising, a sharp sting. But then with soft rubbing, rotating and twisting of the rings on her nipples supercharged them. She can climax from this alone, but even better with sex, mild bondage, or whatever. So much for so little.