Shane's World Rock Star Cock Ring in Black

Based On 11 Reviews

Shane's World Rock Star Cock Ring in Black

Based On 11 Reviews

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world rock cock ring (Kevin)

I find this product superior to all others because of the bulk. It makes it much easier to manipulate.

Great fit (Anonymous)

Fantastic fit and design. Made me nice and extra hard.

Spectacular (Anonymous)

My husband uses cockrings on a regular basis. We've tried so many different kinds but none of them have been able to get the job done for more than a couple uses before it breaks.
Until we tried this one last year. It's sturdy, durable, and lasts months before we have to replace it.
We have ordered more since, and will continue to do so!

Product description

Plushy soft and super-versatile, perfect for just about any level of cock ring experience, Shane's World Rock Star Ring fits snugly and securely, very effectively enhancing erection while helping with stamina and support. To use, loop the stretchy circle over the base of the penis once erect- it can be stretched over the testicles too for even more pleasurable constriction.

In a supple and skin safe elastomer material, the Rock Star Ring cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with water based lubes. The .75 inch (2.75cm) diameter fits most men.

SKU: CE-2980-10-3 | UPC: 716770068477 | MPN: SE-2980-10-3 (24)

SKU: CE-2980-10-3 | UPC: 716770068477 | MPN: SE-2980-10-3 (24)

Ratings / Reviews

It rolls but, should B flat (gomo2)

This is a thick somewhat comfortable ring that will migrate due to it's round design. if it were flatter the effectiveness would increase and the comfort as well. It has the power to keep the erection but not the comfort there are better rings for less money. Works great with enhancement potions and penis pre-pumps.

Simplicity (Anonymous)

Simple and effective, fit well

Tight but good (Anonymous)

Fit it over both my shaft and my balls and it was perfect. Maybe a bit tight but that's fine.
Quality seems really good, not worried about snapping it. It's pretty stretchy too.

Too Fragile (Anonymous)

Any type of non-water-based lube simply destroys this product. It cracks and then breaks right through after only a few uses. Will not work with Grizzly Bear Paw Cream, which is oil-based.

O Ring (Anonymous)

This is worth adding to the collection

Awesome ring! (Anonymous)

Tight fit if you just use it for your cock, even tighter if you use it for cock and balls. Has held up to some rough play, Def recommend!

love it (Anonymous)

Excellent fit, felt great while using

perfect. first ring (Anonymous)

-loved it for my first ring. really lengthens how long i can stay hard. even when im just masturbating it'll keep in afterglow for a very extended time unless i take it off.
i think even for more experienced cock ring users this should be a great addition.